Capsule fillers are essential in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, ensuring precise and consistent dosages within capsules. On Kitmondo, professionals can discover a wide range of these machines to meet varied production requirements. Prices typically range between €12,000 and €52,000, influenced by factors such as machine age, brand, features, and capacity.

Key parameters to consider on Kitmondo include machine capacity, capsule size compatibility, fill material type, and power consumption. With renowned manufacturers like Bosch, IMA, MG2, and AFS, buyers can expect quality and performance.

These machines serve not only the pharmaceutical sector but also industries like cosmetics, R&D, food, and veterinary medicine. Their main advantages include high production capacity, versatility in handling different materials, cost-efficiency, and consistent quality.

Kitmondo offers a transparent and competitive marketplace for professionals to buy or sell capsule fillers, ensuring the best match for their industrial needs.

Bosch GKF-1500 Capsule filler

Year: 1997

Capacity 90000 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes capsule size range from 00 through 4

CGN 210D Capsule filler Low working hours

Year: 2023

Capsule sizes 000, 00L, 00, 0L, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Type Semi automatic

IMA MATIC 200 Capsule filler

Year: 2001

Capacity 200000 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes 0

Used MG2 Compact Capsule filler

Year: 2021

Capacity 24000 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes 0, 00

Used ZANASI LZ 64 Capsule filler

Year: 1973

Capacity 4500 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes 0 e 4

Bosch GFK 400S Capsule filler

Year: 1999

Capacity 24000 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes

Zanasi 12000/h Capsule filler

Year: 2008

Capacity 12000 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes 3

MG2 G 120 Capsule filler

Year: 2001

Capacity 120000 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes 00, 0, 0el, 1, 2, 4

macofar remaco CD 20 Capsule filler


Capacity 20000 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes

mg2 planeta 100 Capsule filler

Year: 2003

Capacity 100000 u/h
Capsule sizes 2

IMA Zanasi 6E Capsule filler

Year: 1994

Capacity 6000 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes

SEJONG SF-80N Capsule filler

Year: 2017

Capacity 80000 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes 0,00

kwang dah KDF-6 Capsule filler

Year: 2004

Capacity 40000 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes size 0 fitted

MG2 PLANETA Capsule filler

Year: 2001

Capacity 120000 u/h
Capsule sizes 00,0,0L,1,1L,2,3,4,5, SUPRO A, SUPRO B, SUPRO C, SUPRO

Sejong CPT-SF100N Capsule filler


Capacity 100 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes #00˜#4 / #000, #5 (Option)

OPTIMA CFR2-2 Capsule filler

Year: 2019

Capacity 13200 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes 30 mm - 60 mm

IMA 40E Capsule filler

Year: 2004

Capacity 40000 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes 00-5

IMA Zanasi 40F Capsule filler

Year: 1994

Capacity 40000 u/h
Type Automatic
Capsule sizes 00 - 5

Capsule Fillers in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Categories on Kitmondo

The dynamic pharmaceutical and chemical industries require precise and efficient machinery, especially for capsule filling. Capsule fillers are designed to fill capsules with various materials such as powders, granules, or liquids. These machines ensure each capsule contains the correct amount of product, maintaining uniformity and quality in every batch.

If you're in the market for capsule fillers, Kitmondo provides an excellent platform to connect buyers and sellers of used industrial machinery. With an extensive online catalog and a trusted community of professionals, Kitmondo becomes a hub of opportunity, efficiency, and trust.

One key benefit of using Kitmondo for your capsule filling needs is significant cost savings. Instead of investing in brand-new equipment, which often carries a premium price tag, you can find top-quality, used capsule fillers that offer the same performance at a fraction of the cost.

Prices for capsule fillers on Kitmondo vary, typically ranging between €12,000 and €52,000. The lower end of the price spectrum includes older models or those with basic functionalities, while the higher end features machines with advanced capabilities and from top-tier brands. Regardless of your budget, well-maintained machines can still serve your business effectively, offering a great return on investment.

For sellers, Kitmondo provides an opportunity to recoup investments. If you have machinery that's no longer needed or if you're upgrading, you can list your equipment easily and reach a global audience of potential buyers.

Kitmondo is more than just a transaction platform; it's about building relationships. With a community that values transparency and trust, you can be sure that the machinery you're buying or selling is accurately represented, ensuring a smooth transaction process. Kitmondo's expertise in the industry also offers insights and advice to both buyers and sellers, adding value beyond simple machinery listings.

Whether you're scaling up, starting afresh, or selling off surplus machinery, Kitmondo is the marketplace tailored for you. Their unparalleled service, especially in pharmaceutical and chemical equipment like capsule fillers, makes them a choice destination for industry professionals. For precision, efficiency, and quality, look no further than Kitmondo.

Main Advantages of Capsule Fillers:

  1. Precision and Accuracy: Capsule fillers dispense exact amounts of materials into capsules, ensuring consistent dosages critical for the efficacy and safety of medications and supplements.

  2. High Production Capacity: Modern capsule fillers can produce vast numbers of filled capsules quickly, with some machines capable of filling several hundred thousand to over a million capsules per hour.

  3. Versatility: Many capsule fillers handle various materials, from powders and granules to pastes and liquids, allowing manufacturers to produce a wide range of products with a single machine.

  4. Cost-Efficiency: Automation reduces the need for manual labor and minimizes wastage, leading to significant savings over time.

  5. Consistent Quality: Automated capsule fillers produce uniform products, maintaining high quality and meeting regulatory requirements.

  6. Flexibility in Capsule Sizes: Many machines can be adjusted to accommodate different capsule sizes, enabling the production of various products without needing separate machines.

  7. Safety: Features like mechanisms to reject improperly filled or damaged capsules ensure only quality products reach consumers.

  8. Integration with Other Systems: Advanced capsule fillers can integrate with other manufacturing systems, such as quality control mechanisms, packaging lines, and inventory management systems.

  9. Ease of Operation: User-friendly interfaces make modern capsule fillers easier to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain.

  10. Compact Design: Despite high production capacities, many capsule fillers have compact designs, efficiently using space in production facilities.

Main Machine Parameters of Capsule Fillers:

  1. Machine Capacity/Output: Number of capsules filled per hour.
  2. Capsule Size Compatibility: Range of capsule sizes the machine can handle.
  3. Type of Fill Material: Compatibility with powders, granules, pastes, or liquids.
  4. Fill Weight Accuracy: Precision in the amount of fill per capsule.
  5. Machine Size and Footprint: Physical dimensions and space requirements.
  6. Operational Speed Adjustability: Ability to adjust production speed.
  7. Power Consumption: Energy requirements and operational costs.
  8. Automation Level: Degree of automation, from manual to fully automatic.
  9. Safety Features: Emergency stop buttons, overload protection, and safety interlocks.
  10. Cleaning and Maintenance: Ease of disassembly and cleaning.
  11. Control System and Interface: Modern interfaces like touch-screens and PLC systems.
  12. Condition and Age: Machine’s age, usage history, and maintenance record.
  13. Brand and Manufacturer: Reputation and after-sales support.
  14. Price: Value for money considering features, condition, and brand.
  15. Additional Features: Integrated quality control systems, tamping systems, or vacuum cleaning mechanisms.

Areas of Use:

  1. Pharmaceuticals: For encapsulating medications.
  2. Nutraceuticals: For vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other supplements.
  3. Cosmetics: For oral consumption products like skin supplements.
  4. Research and Development (R&D): For producing capsules for trials and testing.
  5. Veterinary Medicine: For animal medications.
  6. Food and Beverages: For specialty food products and controlled release of flavors.
  7. Specialty Chemicals: For precise dosages of chemicals.
  8. Dental: For post-procedure care and specific treatments.
  9. Agriculture: For slow-release agrochemicals or growth supplements.

Leading Manufacturers of Capsule Fillers:

  1. Bosch: Known for high-quality processing and packaging technology.
  2. IMA: Innovative pharmaceutical equipment, including capsule fillers.
  3. MG2: Offers both continuous and intermittent motion capsule fillers.
  4. Fette: Renowned for tablet presses and high-quality capsule filling machinery.
  5. AFS: Provides a wide range of machines to suit various production needs.
  6. Parke-Davis: Known for both pharmaceutical products and equipment.
  7. Pam: High-quality machinery for the pharmaceutical industry.
  8. Zanasi: Known for durable and reliable capsule filling machines.
  9. Torpac: Offers equipment suitable for both small-scale and larger operations.
  10. Schaefer Technologies: Produces semi-automatic and fully automatic systems.