Overview of Blow Molding Machines at Kitmondo

Kitmondo aims to provide valuable insights into blow molding machines, highlighting top manufacturers, areas of use, and essential machine parameters to consider.

Manufacturers: Leading manufacturers in the industry include Krones AG, Sidel Group, Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH, Bekum Maschinenfabriken GmbH, Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd., Aoki Technical Laboratory, Inc., SIPA S.p.A, and Techne Graham Packaging. These companies specialize in PET, extrusion, injection, and stretch blow molding machines, offering reliable solutions for various industries.

Applications: Blow molding machines are extensively used in the packaging industry for bottles and containers. They are also integral to automotive manufacturing, consumer goods production, industrial applications, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, cosmetics industry, food and beverage packaging, and agriculture and horticulture.

Machine Parameters: Consider critical machine parameters such as clamping force (ensures mold stability), extruder size (determines material melting and extrusion), shot size (maximum volume of plastic injected), blow molding type, mold size (compatible with desired product dimensions), heating and cooling systems, control features, energy efficiency, and after-sales support.

SIEPLA ZEUS 45 Extrusion line Low working hours

Year: 2012

Volume 0.8 L
Extruder diameter 45 mm

SIDEL SBO 6/10 Serie 1 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 1998

Volume 1.5 L
Outputs/hours 7200
Extruder diameter 38 mm

SIDEL SBO 18 Series 2 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 1999

Volume 1.3 L
Nbr of heads 18
Outputs/hours 23400

Kautex KBSH 2-60 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 2004

Volume 1.3 L
Nbr of heads 1
Extruder diameter 100 mm
Nbr of stations 1

Blow molder STRATOS 10E

Year: 2016

Used STRATOS 10E blow molding machine for the production of PET packaging with a capacity of up to 10L. SMF STRATOS 10E is adapted to the Fi38 thread. Year of production 2016. Set includes: 1. AUTOMATIC PET BOTTLE BLOWING MACHINE STRATOS 10E with a set of molds for 1 format 2. Preform feeder 3. Bottle receiver 4. Power Wizard™ 5. …

SIDEL SBO 8 Series 2 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 2004

Volume 1.5 L
Nbr of stations 8
Outputs/hours 12000

PET-MAK EGO 200 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 2010

2010 MODEL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS EGK 10 UNIT Mold eye quantity: 2 pcs Maximum bottle diameter: 55 mm Maximum bottle height: 200 mm Cover diameter 18 mm Bottle volume (*) 0.01-0.2 Lt. Maximum capacity (**) 2,000 pcs. Motors 1 kW Heaters 24 kW Service air (max 9.5 bar) 1,500 Lt/min Inflation air (max 25bar) 3,000 Lt/min Water inlet temperature 8-15 degrees …

AC ARCOR Multiblow2 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 2017

LINEAR PET BLOWING MACHINE SET with auxiliary equipment AC ARCOR - multiBlow2 - 2017 Speed: 1,5L - 6000 Cavities: 4 Formats: 0,1 - 3,0L Produced ( 0,33 L 0,5 L 1,0 L 1,5 L 2,0 L) AUXILARY EQUIPM<ENT INCLUDED: 1. Chiller - M.T.A S.p.A - TAE EVO 051 2. LOW Pressure compressor - SHAMAL 45kw "3. High Pressure compressor - …

Voith fisher Vb100 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 1985

Volume 100 L
Extruder diameter 80 mm

SIDEL SBO4/6 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 1992

Volume 2 L
Outputs/hours 4000

Putian PTB120D Blowmoulding machine

Year: 2012

Volume 60 L
Outputs/hours 250
Extruder diameter 120 mm

UNILOY COMEC MSA/S Blowmoulding machine

Year: 1991

Volume 1 L
Nbr of heads 1
Extruder diameter 48 mm
Nbr of stations 1

SIG Corpoplast BLOMAX 4 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 2006

Volume 2 L
Outputs/hours 7200
Extruder diameter 115 mm
Nbr of heads 4

YANCED YS600 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 2015

Volume 5 L
Extruder diameter 200 mm

Bekum BM 504 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 1998

Volume 12 L
Outputs/hours 100
Nbr of stations 1
Extruder diameter 120 mm
Nbr of heads 1

KHS BLOMAX 16 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 2000

Volume 3 L
Nbr of heads 16
Outputs/hours 24000

YANCED YS600 Blowmoulding machine Low working hours

Year: 2015

Volume 6 L
Nbr of heads 1
Outputs/hours 800
Nbr of stations 1

SIEPLA MINERVA 2.2 Blowmoulding machine

Year: 2016

Volume 2 L
Nbr of heads 2
Outputs/hours 2200
Nbr of stations 1

Used Mikformen TM800/3 Thermoforming Machine

Year: 2017

The 2017 Mikformen TM800/3 is a versatile plastic thermoforming machine designed for sale. With a weight of 13,000 kg, this robust and precise machine offers a compact design, measuring 11.50 meters in length, 2.75 meters in width (including the electrical cabinet), and 2.85 meters in height. It is specifically designed for plastic thermoforming processes, with a maximum sheet width of …

Elevate Your Plastic Manufacturing with Premium Used Blow Moulding Machines

At Kitmondo, we are dedicated to being your primary marketplace for top-tier used industrial machinery. In the domain of plastic processing, our selection of blow moulding machines is distinguished by its superior performance and exceptional value. Whether you're a small enterprise or a large manufacturer, our high-quality blow moulding machines can help you optimize production, increase efficiency, and achieve substantial cost savings. Discover the unique advantages and features of our blow moulding machines in the plastic sector.

Unmatched Versatility: Our blow moulding machines are engineered to address a diverse range of plastic manufacturing needs. They can produce a variety of products, including bottles, containers, drums, and automotive parts, showcasing their remarkable versatility. No matter the complexity or size of your product, our blow moulding machines provide the flexibility to deliver consistent, high-quality results.

Exceptional Performance: Purchasing a used blow moulding machine from Kitmondo means accessing advanced technology at a fraction of the original cost. These machines undergo thorough quality inspections to ensure they meet stringent industry standards. Featuring state-of-the-art components like servo-driven systems, precise control interfaces, and energy-efficient operations, our blow moulding machines deliver outstanding performance, enabling you to meet rigorous production goals effortlessly.

Cost-Effective Investment: Balancing quality and cost-efficiency is crucial. Our used blow moulding machines offer an ideal solution, allowing you to enhance your production line without substantial financial outlay. By opting for used equipment from Kitmondo, you can enjoy considerable savings compared to purchasing new machinery. Our competitive pricing structure ensures you maximize your return on investment while adhering to budget constraints.

Comprehensive Selection and Pricing: Kitmondo provides an extensive range of used blow moulding machines tailored to various needs and budgets. With prices ranging from €27,000 to €109,000, our inventory includes machines from reputable manufacturers, each meticulously inspected to ensure quality and performance. Our selection accommodates different production capacities and specifications, ensuring you find the perfect machine for your requirements. Whether for small-scale operations or large industrial productions, Kitmondo's blow moulding machines offer a cost-effective solution to boost your manufacturing capabilities.

Expert Guidance and Support: At Kitmondo, customer satisfaction is paramount. Our team of industry experts is readily available to offer detailed guidance and support throughout your purchase process. Whether you need information on specific models, technical assistance, or advice on optimizing your production, our knowledgeable professionals are here to help every step of the way.

Global Access and Secure Transactions: Our marketplace ensures secure transactions, providing a seamless and trustworthy buying experience. With our extensive global network of sellers and buyers, you have access to a diverse inventory of blow moulding machines. Kitmondo facilitates connections with sellers worldwide, expanding your options and increasing the chances of finding the ideal machine for your needs.

Advantages of Blow Moulding Machines:

  1. Cost Savings: These machines minimize material waste and enhance efficiency, offering significant cost reductions. Purchasing used equipment from Kitmondo amplifies these savings.
  2. Versatility: Capable of producing a wide range of plastic products, they allow manufacturers to adapt and diversify product offerings.
  3. Efficiency and Productivity: Advanced features such as servo-driven systems ensure high productivity and consistent quality.
  4. Customization Options: They enable the creation of unique designs and sizes, enhancing product differentiation.
  5. Scalability: Suitable for various production volumes, they offer flexibility for businesses of all sizes.
  6. Quality and Consistency: Precise control over production parameters ensures high-quality output.

Leading Manufacturers of Blow Moulding Machines:

  • Krones AG: Renowned for beverage and packaging solutions.
  • Sidel Group: Global leader in PET blow moulding equipment.
  • Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH: Specializes in automotive and industrial applications.
  • Bekum Maschinenfabriken GmbH: Expert in extrusion blow moulding technology.
  • Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd: Innovator in stretch blow moulding for PET bottles.
  • Aoki Technical Laboratory, Inc.: Noted for precision in PET and PP bottles.
  • SIPA S.p.A.: Comprehensive solutions for PET packaging.
  • Techne Graham Packaging: Focus on versatile packaging solutions.

Key Parameters of Blow Moulding Machines:

  • Clamping Force: Determines mold stability during the process.
  • Extruder Size: Affects processing capacity and output.
  • Shot Size: Maximum material injected per cycle.
  • Blow Moulding Type: Extrusion, injection, or stretch blow moulding.
  • Mould Size: Defines product dimensions.
  • Heating System: Prepares plastic for molding.
  • Cooling System: Solidifies the plastic efficiently.
  • Control System: Manages temperature, pressure, and automation.
  • Energy Efficiency: Reduces operational costs and environmental impact.

Applications Across Industries:

  • Packaging: Bottles, containers for various products.
  • Automotive: Components like fuel tanks and air ducts.
  • Consumer Goods: Toys, storage bins, household items.
  • Industrial Applications: Large containers and drums.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical: Sterile containers and medical devices.
  • Cosmetics: Custom-shaped bottles for skincare and personal care.
  • Food and Beverage: Safe packaging for consumables.
  • Agriculture and Horticulture: Durable containers for chemicals and seeds.

Choosing the Right Machine:

Consider production needs, machine type, size, quality, energy efficiency, flexibility, automation, support services, cost, and compliance with industry standards. Consulting with experts can help make an informed decision.

Enhance your plastic production capabilities with Kitmondo's extensive selection of high-quality, cost-effective blow moulding machines, tailored to meet diverse industrial needs