Extrusion lines are integral to various industries, from packaging and construction to medical and electronics. Key parameters to consider while choosing an extrusion line include the extruder type (single or twin screw), screw diameter and L/D ratio, motor power, die type, temperature control, output capacity, and associated downstream equipment.

Globally recognized brands such as KraussMaffei Berstorff, Coperion, Davis-Standard, Battenfeld-Cincinnati, Milacron, Reifenhäuser, Brückner Group, and Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH are featured at Kitmondo. Our broad range of used extrusion lines from these esteemed manufacturers offers cost savings and sustainability benefits. Single screw extruders are priced between €12,000 and €55,000, while twin screw extruders range from €24,000 to €97,000. Complete extrusion lines, incorporating all necessary components, range from €26,000 to €146,000.

Choosing the right machinery requires careful consideration of your operational needs, output capacity, energy efficiency, maintenance costs, future growth expectations, and budget. Our team at Kitmondo is ready to guide you in making a choice that delivers value and meets your unique requirements. Investing in used machinery ensures productivity, cost-effectiveness, and contributes to a more sustainable future in industrial production.

TMS 65mm Extrusion line

Year: 2002

Screw diameter 65 mm
Type Single screw
Output 120 kg/h

Prealpina T105 L/D 40 Extrusion line

Year: 1999

Screw diameter 105 mm
Output 350 kg/h

CMG 55 HTM Extrusion line

Year: 2011

Screw diameter 55 mm
Type Single screw

CMG 55/75/55LHE – SW 2200 TA Extrusion line

Year: 2018

Screw diameter 55 mm
Type Single screw
Output 275 kg/h

Weber DS 6.5 PVC profiles extruder line

Year: 1987

Screw diameter 65 mm
Type Twin screw
Output 100 kg/h

Syncro KS-CFLL65+100T Extrusion line Hot deal

Year: 2017

Screw diameter 65 mm
Type Twin screw
Output 600 kg/h

ATA Machinery AE 1100 PP bag production line

Year: 2006

For Sale: Complete PP Bag Production Line A complete PP bag production line is available for sale. This equipment is ideal for the production of high-quality PP bags for various purposes. All devices are in excellent condition and ready for immediate use. The price includes the following items: Plastic Extruder ATA Machinery AE 1100 - Quantity: 1 unit. This extruder …

Ø 900-1000 mm range u-PVC Pressure Pipe Production Line (option Ø 710-Ø800 mm)

Year: 1997

This Line is used in the production of pressurised U-PVC plastic pipes. It is currently on the production line ,actively used in production and very good condition, have not any problem. Ø 900-1000 mm range u-PVC Pressure Pipe Production Line (option Ø 710-Ø800 mm) The line includes: Description Brand Model Capacity 1. Parallel Twin screw extruder Cincinnati- ARGOS -132 2001 …

Rajoo Pentafoil RECF-2560-90/3000 5-layer extrusion line

Year: 2017

5 layers extrusion line Extruders 4x 60mm / 30D / 45 kW grooved feed barrier screw extruder 1x 90mm / 30 D / 110 kW grooved feed barrier screw extruder 20 (1+3 for each extruder) component Material conveying, gravimetric blending & GSM control system Die carriage & die-head with one die and 2 die plates (450 and 600 mm) Internal …

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AE United Arab Emirates

Mikrosan 67mm PVC profile production line Low working hours

Year: 2004

Screw diameter 67 mm
Type Twin screw
Output 500 kg/h

Extrusion line Weber DS 6.5

Year: 1987

Screw diameter 65 mm
Type Twin screw
Output 100 kg/h

CAST COEX TD3000 Extrusion line

Year: 2011

Screw diameter 70 mm
Output 600 kg/h

ПКС 65/132 Extrusion line

Year: 2019

Screw diameter 65 mm
Type Twin screw
Output 250 kg/h

China Q1500 Extrusion line Hot deal

Year: 2010

China Q1500 extrusion line I sell a line for the production of double layer babel film 1500 cm I offer a 100% working, currently operating line for the production of two-layer film 1500cm. line is currently working, is fully operational, the line of 2010, including estruder, winder, chiller, control cabinet, full operating instructions

John Brown Egan Extruder

Year: 2000

Screw diameter 114.3 mm
Type Twin screw
Output 250 kg/h

Discover Premium Used Extrusion Lines at Kitmondo

Kitmondo proudly presents an impressive selection of used industrial machinery, including high-quality plastic extrusion lines. These machines are the backbone of plastic production, offering efficient manufacturing solutions while maintaining quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Versatility and Efficiency

Extrusion is a versatile process essential for producing various plastic parts and products, from everyday items like plastic films, sheets, pipes, and profiles to specialized components in the automotive, construction, packaging, and medical industries. Our pre-owned extrusion lines are meticulously serviced and thoroughly inspected to uphold the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Key Features of Our Plastic Extrusion Lines:

  • Flexibility: Our inventory includes both single-screw and twin-screw extruders, each offering unique advantages for different materials and applications.
  • Versatility: We provide both continuous and intermittent extrusion systems suitable for a wide range of plastic materials and product specifications.
  • Efficiency: Our machines promise excellent throughput rates, ensuring high production speed and minimal waste generation.
  • Ease of Use: Designed with user-friendly interfaces, our extruders promote easy operation and minimal downtime during maintenance and part replacements.
  • Sustainable Option: By choosing our used machinery, you get a cost-effective solution and contribute to reducing industrial waste and environmental impact.

At Kitmondo, we're committed to helping you find the best fit for your business needs. We provide comprehensive information about each machine, including specifications, condition, previous usage, and real photos. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you throughout the selection, purchase, and after-sale service processes.

Advantages of Extrusion Lines in Plastic Manufacturing:

  1. High Volume Production: Efficiently handle high-volume production runs with consistent, high-quality output.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Greater material and operational efficiency with continuous production and reduced labor costs.
  3. Design Flexibility: Produce a wide range of plastic profiles with simple die changes, offering immense product design flexibility.
  4. Material Versatility: Process various plastic materials, choosing those that best suit the desired product characteristics.
  5. Integration of Additional Processes: Integrate co-extrusion, lamination, or orientation directly into the extrusion line for more complex products.
  6. Waste Reduction: Utilize recycled plastic materials and reprocess scrap, promoting sustainability.
  7. Improved Product Properties: Control plastic molecule orientation during extrusion for increased strength, clarity, and barrier properties.

Financial Considerations for Extrusion Lines:

Kitmondo offers a range of extrusion lines to suit varying budget requirements and operational needs. Our single screw extruders range from €12,000 to €55,000, while twin screw extruders range from €24,000 to €97,000. Complete extrusion lines incorporating all necessary components range from €26,000 to €146,000.

Leading Manufacturers:

  • KraussMaffei Berstorff: Renowned for extrusion technology, offering both single and twin-screw extruders.
  • Coperion: Known for compounding and extrusion systems, specializing in twin-screw extruders.
  • Davis-Standard: One of the largest global manufacturers in extrusion, specializing in single screw technology.
  • Battenfeld-Cincinnati: Specializes in energy-efficient and high-performance extrusion machinery.
  • Milacron: Offers innovative and dependable single and twin-screw extruders.
  • Reifenhäuser: Known for reliable extrusion lines, especially in film and sheet manufacturing.
  • Brückner Group: Leaders in film extrusion technology.
  • Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbH: Known for expertise in twin-screw extrusion technology.

Main Parameters of Extrusion Lines:

  1. Extruder Type: Single screw for homogenous materials, twin screw for mixing and compounding.
  2. Screw Diameter: Larger diameters allow for higher throughput.
  3. Length/Diameter (L/D) Ratio: Affects plasticizing and mixing capacity.
  4. Motor Power: Higher power for faster extrusion speeds.
  5. Die Type: Determines shape and size of output.
  6. Temperature Control: Essential for consistent product quality.
  7. Output Capacity: Measured in kilograms per hour.
  8. Downstream Equipment: Includes cooling systems, haul-offs, cutters, and winders.

Areas of Use:

  • Packaging Industry: Produces plastic films, sheets, bags, and containers.
  • Construction Industry: Creates PVC pipes and profiles.
  • Automotive Industry: Produces tubing, seals, insulation, and trim components.
  • Medical Industry: Manufactures tubing for IV lines, catheters, and medical bags.
  • Electrical and Electronics Industry: Creates insulation for electrical wiring and housing components.
  • Consumer Goods: Produces toys, sporting goods, furniture, etc.
  • Agriculture: Creates plastic films for greenhouses and irrigation pipes.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Manufactures food-grade plastic packaging and beverage tubing.

Selecting the Right Machine:

When selecting an extrusion line, consider your budget, operational requirements, output capacity, energy consumption, maintenance costs, and future growth expectations. Our dedicated team at Kitmondo is here to help guide you through this process, ensuring you find the perfect machine for your needs and budget.

Start buying or selling your used extrusion lines on Kitmondo today!