Envelope inserters, enclosers, and fulfillers available on Kitmondo are essential for industries like direct mail marketing, billing, and education, enabling efficient, high-volume mail processing. Featuring renowned manufacturers such as Pitney Bowes, Kern, and Quadient (formerly Neopost), these machines are known for their reliability and high performance. With prices ranging from €13,000 to €84,000, these machines accommodate various envelope sizes and materials, include multiple insert stations, and offer advanced programmability for tailored tasks. Their adaptability to handle multiple documents and different envelope sizes makes them ideal for diverse industry needs. Buyers on Kitmondo can explore numerous options based on capacity, speed, machine condition, brand reputation, and additional features to meet specific operational requirements. Sellers can list detailed machine parameters and areas of use to attract the right buyers. Kitmondo simplifies the buying and selling process, making it the premier marketplace for envelope processing machinery that aligns with professional needs and budgetary considerations.

Winkler + Dunnebier 102 Envelope inserter

Year: 1985

Manufacturer Winkler + Dunnebier Model 102 With this machine 5 different types of envelope are obtained. The machine is in excellent condition, it is still assembled and in operation, it can be disassembled at the customer's request. Tools for making envelopes come with the machine envelope height 105,110,125,162,176

NEOPOST DS-200 Envelope inserter

Year: 2012

Max. paper length 229 cm
Max units/min 80 /min
Max. paper width 324 cm

NEOPOST DS-1200 Envelope inserter

Year: 2013

NEOPOST 1200 inserting machine Acquisition new NOV 2013 Equipment under Quadient maintenance in operation - 20 million folds High-capacity feeder 6000 sheets per carriage equipped with camera for multicode optical reading (QR-Datamatrix-Bar code ...) + trays for additional documents 1 x 2500-sheet A4 tray 2 hybrid trays for cards and flyers Possibility of adding an in-line franking unit Production speed …

Böwe Bell+Howell Intellistar MC Letter sorting machine

Year: 2008

Max. paper length 22.9 cm
Max units/min 133 /min
Max. paper width 32.4 cm

NEOPOST DS-70 Envelope inserter

Year: 2007

Max. paper length 16.2 cm
Max. paper width 24.8 cm

Delta-TechniQ BEM-350 Envelope inserter

Year: 2016

Machine for the production of bubble envelopes. The envelopes are made of PE-free paper (Kraft or Offset). The machine is fully operational in continuous use. Manufactured in 2016. The machine is technically in very good condition. Nothing ever happened to her. All maintenance services done on time and even faster. In the set with the machine, we also sell the …

Halm EM4 4 Colour Offset Envelope Overprinting Machine

Year: 1999

Max. paper length 23 cm
Max. paper width 40 cm

Pitney Bowes DI4100 Envelope inserter

Year: 2011

Max. paper length 16.2 cm
Max units/min 166 /min
Max. paper width 22.9 cm

KAS 465 HS-6 Envelope inserter

Year: 2004

Max. paper length 22.9 cm
Max units/min 100 /min
Max. paper width 32.4 cm

MB Bäuerle autoSET B4-6 Envelope inserter

Year: 2012

Max. paper length 25 cm
Max units/min 233 /min
Max. paper width 35.3 cm

W+D 134 Window Cutting and patching Machine

Year: 1993

W+D 134 Window Cutting and patching Machine Year: 1993 Machine can be seen running. Available immediately.

W+D Classic Envelope Making Machine

Year: 2001

W+D Classic - Blank Fed Envelope Machine Year: 2001 3 Print units Doctor blade, Window unit, P&S Machine can be seen running, Available immediately.

Pitney Bowes APS (Advanced Productivity System) Envelope inserter

Year: 2012

Max. paper length 16.2 cm
Max units/min 300 /min
Max. paper width 22.9 cm

Winkler and Dunnebier – W+D W+D - 141 G Blank Fed Envelope Making Machine Envelope inserter Low working hours

Year: 1970

Max. paper length 580 cm
Max units/min 300 /min
Max. paper width 73 cm

Winkler and Dunnebier – W+D - 134 Strip and Window Patching Machine with Print and Cut Low working hours

Year: 1969

Max. paper length 560 cm
Max units/min 300 /min
Max. paper width 480 cm

Hensen Packaging Concept HPC SI 350 Envelope inserter

Year: ~ 2000

Max. paper length 325 cm
Max units/min 50 /min
Max. paper width 280 cm

Böwe Bell+Howell Criterion Envelope inserter

Year: 2019

Max. paper length 16.2 cm
Max units/min 600 /min
Max. paper width 22.9 cm

Böwe Bell+Howell Criterion Envelope inserter

Year: 2008

Max. paper length 16.2 cm
Max units/min 600 /min
Max. paper width 22.9 cm

Pitney Bowes FL83 (FX) Envelope inserter

Year: 1999

Max. paper length 22.9 cm
Max units/min 200 /min
Max. paper width 32.4 cm

Kern 3500 Envelope inserter

Year: 2007

Max. paper length 17.6 cm
Max units/min 366 /min
Max. paper width 25 cm

Envelopes Inserters, Enclosers, and Fulfillers on Kitmondo: Enhance Your Printing Operations

For professionals in the printing sector, maintaining high-quality and efficient machinery is crucial. As production needs evolve, there's a growing demand for state-of-the-art equipment that helps businesses stay competitive and meet client demands with precision and speed. Envelope inserters, enclosers, and fulfillers play a vital role in this ecosystem.

Understanding Envelope Inserters, Enclosers, and Fulfillers

  • Envelope Inserters: Automatically place documents, brochures, or other flat materials into envelopes. They range from simple desktop models for small operations to high-volume production machines capable of processing tens of thousands of envelopes per hour.
  • Envelope Enclosers: Focus on sealing envelopes after the content has been inserted, ensuring protection and confidentiality for delivery.
  • Envelope Fulfillers: Combine the features of inserters and enclosers with additional capabilities like sorting, stamping, and addressing for comprehensive mail processing.

Why Choose Kitmondo for Your Machinery Needs?

Kitmondo is a distinguished marketplace for used industrial machinery, offering high-quality envelope processing equipment. Buyers benefit from a vast inventory of machinery from top manufacturers, ensuring businesses find the perfect machine for their operations. Pre-owned machinery often comes at a fraction of the cost of new models without compromising quality or functionality, with prices ranging from €13,000 to €84,000.

For sellers, Kitmondo provides access to a global audience of potential buyers, making it easier to find the right customer. With a seamless listing and selling process and a trusted industry reputation, sellers can expect a smooth transaction experience.

The buying and selling process on Kitmondo is convenient and transparent, ensuring all listed machinery undergoes verification. This builds trust and confidence for all parties involved, allowing buyers and sellers to focus on enhancing their operations and achieving business goals.

Main Advantages of Envelope Inserters, Enclosers, and Fulfillers

  • Efficiency and Speed: Process large volumes of envelopes quickly, increasing productivity.
  • Consistency: Ensure uniform, professional mailings with automated machines.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce manual labor and associated costs, increasing overall efficiency.
  • Reduction of Human Error: Minimize errors with automated processes.
  • Versatility: Handle various envelope sizes and multiple inserts, catering to diverse projects.
  • Enhanced Customization: Program machines for specific tasks like targeted mailings.
  • Space Savings: Combine multiple functions into one machine, saving floor space.
  • Safety: Built-in safety features ensure a secure workplace.
  • Increased Productivity: Faster processing allows for more projects and increased revenue.

Main Machine Parameters

  • Capacity/Speed: Envelopes processed per hour.
  • Envelope Size Compatibility: Range of envelope sizes accommodated.
  • Number of Insert Stations: Handles multiple inserts in one cycle.
  • Material Flexibility: Manages diverse materials from thick brochures to thin leaflets.
  • Sealing Mechanism: Efficiency and reliability of envelope sealing.
  • Software & Programmability: Custom programming and data management.
  • Footprint/Size: Machine dimensions for workspace compatibility.
  • Power Requirements: Electrical needs of the machine.
  • Safety Features: Emergency stops, jam detection, protective guards.
  • Additional Features: Inline stamping, address printing, barcode reading.
  • Availability of Spare Parts: Ease of maintenance and repairs.
  • Warranty & Support: Manufacturer or seller warranties and support services.

Areas of Use

  • Direct Mail & Marketing Campaigns: Streamline mass mailings for promotions and campaigns.
  • Billing & Statement Processing: Efficiently send monthly statements and notifications.
  • Fundraising & Charities: Timely dispatch of newsletters and donation requests.
  • Subscription Services: Ensure prompt delivery of subscription materials.
  • E-Commerce & Catalogues: Efficient processing of product catalogs and promotional offers.
  • Educational Institutions: Send admission letters, updates, and communications.
  • Insurance & Healthcare: Dispatch policy documents, claims forms, and medical reports.
  • Print & Publishing Houses: Manage large-scale dispatch of printed materials.
  • Ticketing & Event Management: Send event tickets, passes, and information brochures.

Main Manufacturers

  • Pitney Bowes: Leading mail and document management solutions.
  • Quadient (formerly Neopost): Reliable and efficient mailing solutions.
  • Kern: High-performance envelope inserting systems.
  • Bell and Howell: Comprehensive mailing solutions.
  • Francotyp-Postalia (FP): Diverse mailing solutions for different operations.
  • Böwe Systec: High-speed, reliable mailing systems.
  • Müller Apparatebau: Versatile envelope inserting systems.
  • MB Bäuerle: Innovative mailing and folding solutions.
  • Ferag: Post-press and mailing solutions.
  • GUK-Falzmaschinen: Folding and mailing equipment.

When evaluating machines, consider brand reputation, specifications, age, condition, and user feedback.

Start selling or buying your used envelope processing machines on Kitmondo today!