Explore the vital role of cooling tunnels across industries like food and pharmaceuticals, ensuring efficient product cooling. Kitmondo offers a diverse selection of these machines, a trusted marketplace for used industrial equipment. Prices range from €21,000 to €70,000, accommodating various business needs.

When browsing Kitmondo's listings, consider critical parameters such as tunnel dimensions, cooling methods, conveyor speed, and power requirements. Machine details including brand, age, and maintenance history provide valuable insights into quality and longevity. Brands like Sollich, GEA, and Haas are featured, promising reliability and performance.

Whether you're in confectionery or pharmaceuticals, Kitmondo's extensive inventory ensures finding the right cooling tunnel. Sellers benefit from transparently listed machine details, facilitating connections with targeted buyers. Kitmondo guarantees quality, transparency, and value, making it the ideal platform for successful transactions in the industrial marketplace

Mega Cooling tunnel

Year: 2016

Band/belt width 650 mm
Refrigerant type
Output 3000 kg/h

CES CES-LT-LIN-5mX0.66-PODB-E Liquid Nitrogen Ultra Low Temperature Tunnel Belt Freezer

Year: 2006

Band/belt width 645 mm
Refrigerant type Liquid Nitrogen
Output 600 kg/h

JBT FoodTech Frigoscandia A20 Cooling tunnel Hot deal

Year: 2011

Output 2000 kg/h
Refrigerant type Freon R404A

JBT FFA40 R TRACK Cooling tunnel

Year: 2011

Output 3500 kg/h
Refrigerant type NH3, ammonia

CRYOLINE MT 1250 Cooling tunnel

Year: 2016

Band/belt width 1250 mm
Refrigerant type N2/Stikstof

Kaak cooling tower

Year: 2007

Band/belt width 1075 mm
Refrigerant type

Sollich KS-620 Cooling tunnel


Band/belt width 450 mm
Refrigerant type
Output 400 kg/h

Kaak double spiral proofer

Year: 1987

Band/belt width 800 mm
Refrigerant type

AERO SMA-6 Flow Freezer

Year: 1999

Band/belt width 915 mm
Refrigerant type
Output 2300 kg/h

PACKO TUNNEL Cryogenization tunnel


Band/belt width 1100 mm
Refrigerant type Nitrógeno

GEA spiral freezer

Year: 2014

Band/belt width 1200 mm
Refrigerant type

ICS North - West Cooling tunnel

Year: 2011

Band/belt width 830 mm
Refrigerant type
Output 700 kg/h

Air Products IQF 1220.15/3070 Cooling tunnel


Band/belt width 1220 mm
Refrigerant type Nitrogen
Output 5000 kg/h

Triphase double spiral freezer

Year: 1993

Band/belt width 660 mm
Refrigerant type

Exploring Cooling Tunnels in Food Processing with Kitmondo

In the dynamic field of food processing, machinery plays a crucial role. Cooling tunnels are essential for achieving optimal product temperatures post-production. Kitmondo understands their importance, offering a reliable platform for buying and selling used industrial machinery, including cooling tunnels. Let's delve into the intricacies of cooling tunnels and discover what sets Kitmondo apart.

Cooling tunnels are specialized equipment critical in swiftly lowering product temperatures in the food processing industry. This is crucial for ensuring proper product setting, extending shelf life, and maintaining product safety. Typically, products pass through a controlled temperature environment on a conveyor belt, ensuring uniform cooling as they progress.

The design and capabilities of cooling tunnels vary based on the type of food product, desired final temperatures, and required cooling speeds. They use various methods such as chilled air, refrigeration, or cooling liquids tailored to specific needs.

Why Choose Kitmondo?

Kitmondo offers a wide array of cooling tunnels tailored to diverse food processing requirements. Our comprehensive listings undergo rigorous inspections to ensure transparency and reliability in every transaction. From pricing to detailed machinery specifications, all information is clearly presented for both buyers and sellers.

Choosing used machinery isn't just about cost savings; it's also about resource optimization. Kitmondo strikes this balance by offering competitively priced options without compromising quality. The price range for used cooling tunnels on Kitmondo typically varies from €21,000 to €70,000, catering to different budget and performance needs.

Kitmondo's global reach ensures a broad selection for buyers and extensive exposure for sellers, facilitating efficient transactions worldwide.

Whether you're in the market to buy or sell a cooling tunnel, Kitmondo is your trusted partner, bridging the gap between supply and demand in the industrial machinery sector. With a commitment to quality, trust, and seamless transactions, Kitmondo empowers professionals across the food processing industry to operate efficiently and effectively.

Key Advantages of Cooling Tunnels

  • Uniform Cooling: Ensures consistent cooling throughout, vital for maintaining product quality.
  • Increased Efficiency: Facilitates higher production rates with continuous processing capabilities.
  • Space Optimization: Efficiently utilizes factory space compared to traditional cooling methods.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: Preserves product shape, texture, and taste integrity.
  • Versatility: Customizable to accommodate different products and cooling requirements.
  • Energy Efficiency: Optimizes energy consumption with efficient cooling technologies.
  • Safety and Hygiene: Minimizes contamination risks by reducing product exposure.
  • Reduced Manual Handling: Automates processes to reduce errors and contamination risks.
  • Scalability: Supports scalable production needs without compromising quality.
  • Production Flexibility: Allows quick adjustments for different product batches.

Main Parameters of Cooling Tunnels

  • Size: Dimensions influencing product compatibility.
  • Cooling Method & Capacity: Details on cooling mechanisms and temperature ranges.
  • Conveyor Type & Speed: Specifications influencing cooling efficiency.
  • Power Requirements: Electrical specifications and energy efficiency.
  • Maintenance History: Service records impacting machine reliability.
  • Condition & Features: Current state and additional functionalities.

Understanding the Specific Application Areas

  • Food and Beverage: Essential for confectionery and bakery products.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Maintains temperature-sensitive product integrity.
  • Chemicals: Supports precise cooling in chemical processing.
  • Plastics and Resins: Aids in setting and curing processes.
  • Metalworking: Prevents structural weaknesses in metal products.
  • Cosmetics: Ensures proper molding and setting in cosmetic production.

Recognized Manufacturers of Cooling Tunnels

  • Sollich: Specialist in confectionery equipment.
  • GEA: Offers a range of food processing solutions.
  • Haas: Provides comprehensive confectionery production lines.
  • Bosch: Known for packaging and processing equipment.
  • Aasted: Focuses on chocolate and bakery solutions.
  • Rieckermann: Offers industrial processing solutions.
  • Frigoscandia: Specializes in freezing and cooling solutions.
  • Savage Bros. Co.: Confectionery equipment manufacturer.
  • Nestlé: Occasionally sells used machinery on the market.
  • Teknoice: Expert in ice cream production equipment.

Familiarizing yourself with these brands ensures informed purchasing decisions and reliable machinery investments on Kitmondo.