Kitmondo, a premier marketplace for used industrial machinery, features a carefully curated selection of PCB selective soldering machines that blend innovation with cost-effectiveness. Sourced from top manufacturers like Ersa, Pillarhouse, and Juki, these machines ensure precision, high-quality soldering, and robust durability. With prices ranging from €15,000 to €100,000, Kitmondo serves businesses of all sizes, striking the perfect balance between affordability and quality.

Selective soldering machines play a crucial role in the electronics industry by soldering specific components on printed circuit boards without affecting the surrounding areas. These machines are ideal for through-hole components, delivering precise and reliable solder joints while minimizing thermal stress on the PCB.

At Kitmondo, customers benefit from competitive pricing and the ability to thoroughly evaluate essential machine parameters, ensuring well-informed purchasing decisions tailored to their specific needs. Explore Kitmondo’s extensive collection and elevate your electronics manufacturing capabilities with advanced and efficient selective soldering machines. Enhance your production precision and reliability with Kitmondo’s superior solutions.

Ersa EcoSelect 2

Year: 2010

Max PCB width (mm) 400 mm
Min PCB width (mm) 63.5 mm
Max PCB length (mm) 500 mm
Min PCB length (mm) 125 mm

Selective soldering unit InterSelect IS-T-300S and nitrogen generator Inmatec 29184

Year: 2016

Selective soldering unit InterSelect IS-T-300S and nitrogen generator Inmatec 29184 The system IS-T-300 InterSelect, along with nitrogen generator 29184 Inmatec offer proven technology and quality from Germany. Special care was taken that process-quality-related modules from the high-end Inline systems such as solder pot, MicroDrop Fluxer and axis system could be used in this small system. The IS-T-300 has a soldering …

ATN VARIO soldering robot VA10

Year: 2017

Max PCB width (mm) 200 mm
Min PCB width (mm) 60 mm
Max PCB length (mm) 400 mm
Min PCB length (mm) 100 mm

ERSA 3/45 PCB Reflow oven

Year: 2015

Year 2015 - Precision spray fluxer, + option: 2nd spray head, + Visualization of the spray positions with CAD assistant - Flux level monitoring - Infrared pre-heating below, consisting of 8 short-wave quartz radiators, + Option: convection - PC control, Windows 7 Professional, UPS for PC - Exhaust air monitoring - Product visualization - Dip solder pot XL for product-specific …

ERSA VERSAFLOW HIGHSPEED Selective soldering machine

Year: 2006

Please ask for further information. ERSA Versaflow Highspeed is a powerful, high speed Printed Circuit Board (PCB) soldering machine designed specifically for the electronics industry. It is able to produce very accurate and reliable results, with its advanced design and user-friendly operation. Versaflow Highspeed is an automated soldering equipment which consists of a base, platform, and an ordering system. The …

Versaflow 40/50 Selective soldering machine

Year: 2005

Max PCB width (mm)  mm
Min PCB width (mm)  mm
Max PCB length (mm)  mm
Min PCB length (mm)  mm

ERSA ECOCELL Selective soldering machine

Year: 2010

ERSA ECOCELL Selective soldering machine Available is a 2010 selective soldering unit in working condition. Lead free with 2 pots.

ERSA 3/45, selective soldering oven

Year: 2017

Conveyor: max width 406mm, automatic width adj., roller conveyor at solder module, Smema inline interface Fluxer: 130 micro drop spray head. Test function Preheating: Bottom IR, Top convection Soldering: 2 solder pots with Z variable, Process camera, Automatic nozzle cleaner, Automatic wire feeder Bottom side clearance of 75mm. (standard machine has 60mm) Installed at 1.3.2017. Machine available from Q3, 2024

ERSA VERSAFLOW 40/50 Selective soldering machine

Year: 2001

Max PCB width (mm)  mm
Min PCB width (mm)  mm
Max PCB length (mm)  mm
Min PCB length (mm)  mm

Ersa Versaflow PCB Reflow oven


Versaflow with dip and one selective solderpot. The solderpot is renewed a couple of years back. The machine is vwell maintained by us and is in full working condition

2022 Pillarhouse Jade MK2 Selective Soldering Machine EX DEMO, LIKE NEW

Year: 2022

Integral Machine Mounted Monitor and PC Inerted Nitrogen System Auto Solder Top-up (Wire Feed) & Solder Level Detect Single Titanium Drop Jet Fluxer - 200 Micron Internal Fume Extraction Colour Programming Camera Universally Adjustable Tooling Carriers 508mm (X) x 457mm (Y) (20” x 18”) Maximum PCB Handling Size Manual Fiducial Correction System PillarPAD Offline Programming Package Thermal Nozzle Calibration System …

2022 Pillarhouse PG40 Nitrogen Generator EX DEMO, LIKE NEW

Year: 2022

PillarGEN 40 Nitrogen output: 40 litres Nitrogen per minute @ 50 ppm average (99.995%). Latest Nitrogen Generation design technology offers compact size coupled with ultra-quiet operating noise output (less than 70 dB). PillarGEN 40 - 1155mm high x 968mm wide x 700mm deep.

Malcolm TD-3V offline Selective soldering machine


Machine is complete with pc, English manual and calibration jig. Please find attached datasheet.

Nordson Select 103IL Selective soldering machine

Year: 2019

Make: Nordson Select Model: 103IL Vintage: 2019 Description: Selective Solder Details: Lead-Free, Titanium Solder Pot and Pump Assembly Windows 10 Pro Operating System SWAK OS Software Version: Dual Monitors Dual Process Witness Cameras Dual Selective Nozzle Conveyor Direction: Left to Right Flux Jet Precision Drop-Jet Dispenser Top-Side Infrared Preheater with Closed-Loop Control Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning System 9mm & …

ERSA ECOSELECT-2 Selective Soldering System

Year: 2012

Dimensions (basic machine): Length:2,300 mm [91"] Width:1,730 mm [68"] Height:1,612 mm [63" Weight:approx. 900 kg [1,984 lbs] Paint:RAL 7035 / 7016 Conveyor system:Pin-and-chain conveyor for PCB transport Conveyor angle:0° fix PCB width (Single Track):63.5 - 406 mm [2.5 - 16" PCB length:127 - 508 mm [5 – 20"] PCB top-side clearance: 60 - 120 mm [2 - 5"] (basic machine) …

Inertec cube 460 Selective soldering machine

Year: 2020

For sale: Used Inertec cube 460 selective soldering machine in excellent condition. Manufactured in 2020, this machine is like new and currently under power. Suitable for PCB selective soldering. Ideal equipment for industrial applications. Contact for more details.

Metcal APR-5000 Selective soldering machine

Year: 2015

Metcal Array Package Rework System with PC and hot air nozzles.

Exploring the Role of Selective Soldering Machines in the Kitmondo Electronics Marketplace

At Kitmondo, we pride ourselves on connecting professionals with premium industrial machinery solutions. Among our extensive offerings in the Electronics category, Selective Soldering Machines stand out as essential tools for manufacturing high-quality Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Let’s dive into what these machines are, why they matter, and how Kitmondo can help you buy or sell them effectively.

What are Selective Soldering Machines?

Selective soldering machines are vital for assembling PCBs, particularly for through-hole components. These machines precisely apply solder to specific areas of a PCB, ensuring adjacent components or sections remain unaffected. This precision is crucial in today’s electronics manufacturing, where complex boards often integrate both surface-mount and through-hole technologies.

Types of Selective Soldering Machines

  1. Dip Soldering Machines: Utilize a solder pot to dip only selected areas of the PCB into the solder, controlled by masking or selective application techniques.
  2. Mini-Wave Soldering Machines: Employ a focused wave of molten solder to target specific components on the PCB, offering high precision and minimal thermal stress.
  3. Laser Soldering Machines: Use laser beams for selective heating and soldering, providing exceptional precision and control.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Selective Soldering Machines

Navigating the used industrial machinery market can be daunting, but Kitmondo makes it easier. Here’s how we add value for buyers and sellers:

Cost-Effectiveness: New selective soldering machines can be costly, especially for small businesses and startups. Kitmondo offers high-quality used machines at a fraction of the cost, with prices typically ranging from €20,000 to €100,000, depending on factors like age, brand, condition, and features.

Quality Assurance: Each listing on Kitmondo undergoes rigorous evaluation to ensure the equipment is in excellent working condition and ready for its next operational phase. Our thorough vetting process ensures that even used machinery meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Market Reach: Selective soldering machines are essential for precise and efficient PCB assembly. Kitmondo provides a platform that guarantees convenience, reliability, and value, making it the go-to marketplace for buying and selling these critical machines.

Key Benefits of Selective Soldering Machines

Selective soldering machines offer numerous advantages that make them indispensable in electronics manufacturing:

High Precision: These machines ensure precise soldering of specific PCB areas, essential for complex assemblies and high-reliability applications.

Increased Efficiency: Automated selective soldering significantly boosts production speed, allowing for high-volume output with minimal manual intervention, translating to higher productivity and lower labor costs.

Versatility: Modern selective soldering machines can handle various board types and components, making them valuable across multiple electronics manufacturing sectors.

Reduced Thermal Stress: By focusing heat only where needed, these machines minimize thermal stress on the PCB and nearby components, reducing the risk of damage and improving reliability.

Consistency: They provide consistent, repeatable soldering quality, ensuring uniformity and high-quality results across production runs.

Key Parameters of Selective Soldering Machines

When selecting a selective soldering machine, consider these critical parameters to ensure it meets your needs:

  • Soldering Method: The type of selective soldering method (dip, mini-wave, or laser) impacts precision and suitability for different applications.
  • Flux Application: The method and accuracy of flux application, crucial for achieving high-quality solder joints and preventing defects.
  • Preheating Capability: The ability to preheat the PCB can enhance soldering quality and reduce thermal shock.
  • Solder Pot Capacity: The size and capacity of the solder pot determine the machine’s suitability for different production volumes.
  • Nozzle Size and Type: The size and type of soldering nozzles affect the precision and speed of the soldering process.
  • Automation Level: The degree of automation (manual to fully automatic) influences ease of use and operational efficiency.
  • Conveyor System: The type of conveyor system for transporting PCBs through the machine impacts production speed and handling.
  • Control System: The software and interface for programming and controlling the machine affect flexibility, ease of use, and integration with other assembly line systems.

Applications of Selective Soldering Machines

Selective soldering machines are versatile and essential across various industries:

  • Consumer Electronics: Used for assembling PCBs in devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers, ensuring high precision and reliability.
  • Automotive Industry: Crucial for creating PCBs in applications like engine control units, infotainment systems, and safety components.
  • Telecommunications: Applied in producing PCBs for communication devices and infrastructure, maintaining signal integrity and reliability.
  • Aerospace and Defense: Essential for producing high-precision PCBs used in aerospace and defense electronics, where reliability and performance are critical.
  • Medical Devices: Used in manufacturing PCBs for medical equipment, ensuring compliance with stringent quality and safety standards.
  • Industrial Equipment: Applied in various industrial electronics applications, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments.

Leading Manufacturers of Selective Soldering Machines

Several renowned manufacturers are known for their quality and innovation in selective soldering machines:

  • ERSA GmbH: A leader in soldering equipment, known for precision and reliability.
  • JUKI Automation Systems: Offers high-quality SMT equipment, including efficient and versatile selective soldering machines.
  • Nordson SELECT: Specializes in innovative selective soldering solutions for precision and high-volume production.
  • Pillarhouse International: Provides advanced selective soldering technology, designed for precision and efficiency.
  • Kurtz Ersa: Known for robust and versatile selective soldering machines, offering reliable solutions for various applications.
  • SEHO Systems GmbH: Specializes in high-performance selective soldering machines, offering efficient and precise solutions.

When purchasing or researching selective soldering machines, explore these manufacturers’ specific models, reviews, and after-sales service. Each brand offers unique strengths, specialties, and technological innovations tailored to different soldering needs.


Selective soldering machines are invaluable in the electronics manufacturing industry, providing high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for precise soldering on PCBs. Whether for consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, or aerospace applications, these machines ensure superior product quality and compliance with industry standards. Kitmondo simplifies the process of acquiring or selling selective soldering machines, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best – producing exceptional electronic products.