Welcome to Kitmondo, your trusted source for high-quality used industrial machinery. Our selection includes versatile and high-performance winders, perfect for various applications in the textile spinning industry.

Priced between €5,000 and €30,000, our winders are designed to efficiently wind yarn onto bobbins, cones, or spools, ensuring consistent tension and quality. Key features include high-speed operation, precision winding, tension control, and advanced automation capabilities.

We proudly feature machinery from leading manufacturers such as Schlafhorst, Murata, and Savio. Each piece of equipment undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to guarantee exceptional performance and longevity.

Choosing pre-owned industrial machinery from Kitmondo means getting the best value for your investment without compromising on quality. Trust us to elevate your textile spinning business to new levels of productivity. Explore our extensive range today and let us assist you in finding the perfect winder for your industrial needs.

SSM DP-W Winder

Year: 1998

Nbr of spindles 50


Year: 1996

Nbr of spindles 24
Ø of rings 6 mm


Year: 1995

Nbr of spindles 24
Ø of rings 6 mm

Winding Murata 7-II

Year: 1994

Nbr of spindles 50

Murata 7-5 winders

Year: 1996

Nbr of spindles 40

SMEW NFR-DS Winder Hot deal

Year: 2019

smew manual baler model nfr ds composed 70 heads with comtameters progammable head by head conocita 4.20 cylinder 85 nearly 2 turns machine divisible into 4 different speeds

ZInser Drawing Machine 517


Zinser 517 no. of spindles 156 Dismantled, complete - warehouse Single independent motor on each spindle Electronic control panel, PLC controler, inverters on the motors installed Yarn break sensor with cutters 3 machines avaliable

SSM PWX-W Yarn winding machine

Year: 2020

SSM PWX-W Yarn winding machine Machine is from 2020 but it was installed in 2021 Machine is in very good working condition


Year: 2008

Rite spooler 15 heads per tube diameter 56 mm length 230 mm with automatic lifting

Jwell FDY JWELL -2014 Winder Hot deal

Year: 2014

Polyester FDY machine, 3 extruder, 12 winder, 25 tone/ day , made 2014 , 150 - 600 deniers

2 SCHLAFHORST Autoconer 338 type 148 D

Year: 2000

2 SCHLAFHORST Autoconer 338 type 148 D, year 08-2000, 40 spindles each, take/up traverse 6", cylindrical bobbins and cones with conicity 4º20' thermo splicer, LOEPFE electronic clearers, each winder with 2 automatic spinning spools feeding devices which permits to process 2 different yarn types automatic package doffing, Informator, travel blower

Schlafhorst 238-147 Winder

Year: 1995

Nbr of spindles 60
Ø of rings 152.4 mm

Schlafhorst 238-147 Winder

Year: 1996

Nbr of spindles 30
Ø of rings 152.4 mm

Mayer Coner RC10 NG Winder

Year: 1991

Nbr of spindles 12

Stähle (Hirschburger) SE150ED Winder

Year: 1996

Nbr of spindles 24
Ø of rings 152.4 mm

Karl Mayer RCX10NG Winder

Year: 1988

Nbr of spindles 18
Ø of rings 350 mm

Exploring Winding Machines in the Kitmondo Textile Machinery Marketplace

At Kitmondo, we specialize in connecting professionals with high-quality industrial machinery solutions. Our extensive range of offerings in the Textile Machines category includes essential equipment such as Winding Machines. Let's delve into what these machines are, their significance, and why Kitmondo is the premier marketplace for buying or selling them.

What are Winding Machines?

Winding machines, also known as winders, are crucial in the textile industry for winding yarn or thread onto bobbins, spools, or cones. These machines ensure yarn is evenly and tightly wound, which is essential for subsequent processes like weaving, knitting, and sewing. Proper winding is a key step in yarn preparation, impacting the quality and efficiency of textile production.

Types of Winding Machines

  1. Automatic Winders: Fully automated, handling the entire winding process with minimal manual intervention, increasing efficiency.
  2. Precision Winders: Ensure high precision in winding, maintaining uniform tension and density across the package.
  3. Random Winders: Distribute yarn randomly, typically used for less critical applications.
  4. Conical Winders: Wind yarn onto conical spools, ideal for specific weaving and knitting machines.
  5. Parallel Winders: Wind yarn parallel to the spool's axis, suitable for smooth and uniform packages.
  6. Drum Winders: Use a rotating drum to wind yarn, ensuring consistent tension and speed.
  7. Soft Package Winders: Create loosely wound packages, facilitating easier dyeing and improving dyeing process efficiency.
  8. Hank to Cone Winders: Convert yarn from hanks to cones for easier handling and processing.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Winding Machines

Navigating the used industrial machinery market can be challenging, but Kitmondo simplifies the process. Key benefits for buyers and sellers include:


New winding machines can be a significant investment, especially for small businesses or start-ups. Kitmondo offers these machines at a fraction of the cost of new ones, with prices typically ranging from €5,000 to €50,000, ensuring exceptional value.

Quality Assurance

Every listing on Kitmondo undergoes thorough evaluation to ensure the equipment is in excellent working condition, meeting high standards of quality and reliability.

Market Reach

Winding machines are vital for efficient and precise yarn preparation in the textile industry. Kitmondo provides a reliable platform for buyers and sellers, ensuring convenience and value.

Advantages of Winding Machines

Winding machines are indispensable in the textile industry due to their numerous benefits:

High Efficiency

These machines enable high-speed yarn winding, significantly increasing output and reducing production costs.

Consistent Quality

Winding machines provide uniform and consistent yarn packages, ensuring high-quality outcomes in the final textile products.


Modern winding machines can handle various types of yarn, including cotton, wool, synthetic, and blended fibers, making them invaluable for diverse textile projects.

Improved Yarn Properties

Winding machines enhance yarn tension, density, and overall quality, improving subsequent textile processes.

Reduced Waste

By efficiently winding yarn, these machines help minimize material waste and improve cost-efficiency.

Key Parameters of Winding Machines

When evaluating or understanding winding machines, several key parameters are essential:

  • Winding Speed: Typically measured in meters per minute (MPM), influencing production rates and efficiency.
  • Package Size: The maximum size of yarn packages the machine can produce, determining its suitability for different applications.
  • Tension Control: Consistent tension during winding affects yarn package quality and uniformity.
  • Yarn Count Range: The range of yarn thickness (count) the machine can handle, affecting its versatility.
  • Automation Features: Programmable controls, automatic doffing, and real-time monitoring improve efficiency and reduce manual intervention.
  • Energy Consumption: The amount of energy the machine consumes, affecting operational costs and sustainability.

Applications of Winding Machines

Winding machines, given their versatility and capacity for high-quality yarn preparation, find application in various areas:

Yarn Manufacturing

Used for winding yarn into packages suitable for further processing, ensuring consistent quality and performance in the final textile products.

Fabric Production

Essential for preparing yarn for weaving or knitting into fabrics for clothing, home textiles, and industrial applications.

Dyeing and Finishing

Applied in winding yarn into dye packages, ensuring efficient and uniform dyeing processes.

Technical Textiles

Used for winding yarns for technical textiles, including geotextiles, medical textiles, and automotive textiles, ensuring reliability and performance.

Specialty Yarns

Ideal for winding specialty and effect yarns, offering versatility and creativity in textile design.

Leading Manufacturers of Winding Machines

  1. Murata Machinery, Ltd. (Muratec): Known for precision and reliability in winding machines.
  2. Savio Macchine Tessili: Renowned for high-quality, efficient winding machines.
  3. Schlafhorst (Saurer Group): Specializes in robust and precise winding machines.
  4. TMT Machinery, Inc.: Provides reliable and efficient winding machines for various applications.
  5. Rieter: Offers advanced winding technology for precision and efficiency.
  6. Qingdao Hongda Textile Machinery: Specializes in versatile and efficient spinning and winding machinery.


Winding machines are invaluable assets in the textile industry, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for yarn preparation. Whether for yarn manufacturing, fabric production, dyeing and finishing, or specialty yarns, these machines ensure superior product quality and compliance with industry standards. With Kitmondo's support, acquiring or selling winding machines becomes a seamless and reliable process, allowing businesses to focus on producing exceptional textile products.