For high-quality used industrial machinery, Kitmondo is your go-to marketplace. Our extensive selection of pre-owned spraying equipment is perfect for industries such as construction, furniture manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace. These machines deliver exceptional efficiency, speed, and consistency, making them a cost-effective solution for enhancing your operations.


Our inventory spans a broad price range from €9,000 to €50,000, catering to businesses of all sizes. Budget-friendly models starting at €9,000 offer reliable performance for smaller or less frequent operations, while our premium models, priced up to €50,000, come equipped with advanced features for high-volume spraying tasks.


Every machine we offer meets rigorous quality standards, ensuring reliable performance regardless of price. Featuring equipment from renowned manufacturers like Graco, Wagner, Kremlin Rexson, and others, you're investing in proven reliability and performance. At Kitmondo, we're dedicated to providing you with the right machine at the right price, helping you achieve the best value for your investment. Discover our range today and take your business to the next level.

SORBINI 1274 Spraying machine

Year: 2009

Working width 1250 mm

Paint robot dry wall tunnel EPISTOLIO 2FC IMPIANTI R 2006 6AX

Year: 2014

Complete paint line : - EPISTOLIO paint robot programmed by hand movement SELF-LEARNING - Automated dry paint wall including drying tunnel

Makor Robospray Twin Spraying machine

Year: 2015

Working width 3300 mm
Working length 6700 mm

RICHFRUITS CHINY MF Spraying machine Low working hours

Year: 2019

Nbr of Spreaders 16
Working length 92000 mm
Power 300 kW
Working width 1300 mm
Production speed 10 m/min

CEFLA ROC 3 D Spraying machine

Year: 2001

Nbr of Spreaders 6
Power 23.5 kW
Working width 1500 mm

BARBERAN BRB-2-1400-RR Spraying machine

Year: 2002

Working width 1400 mm
Power 3 kW

BARBERAN BRB 2 1400 T Spraying machine

Year: 2002

Working width 1400 mm
Power 37 kW

BARBERAN BRB2 -1400 T Spraying machine

Year: 2000

Working width 1400 mm
Power 3.35 kW

POL 1300 Spraying machine

Year: 2000

Working width 1300 mm
Working length 3000 mm

GIARDINA DUALTECH Spraying machine

Year: 2007

Nbr of Spreaders 4
Power 9.4 kW



Working width 1330 mm
Power 3.35 kW

BARBERAN BRB 2-1400-T Spraying machine

Year: 2002

Working width 1400 mm
Power 7 kW

Cefla Easy W Spraying machine


Spray painting line for straight or shaped panels with hot air drying system Line consisting of the following machines: Carpet conveyor Sorbini brushing machine with brush and rotary blowers for panel cleaning Cefla EASY W spraying machine - with antistatic bar at inlet - Magelis touch screen control - internal dust cleaning system with water system - No. 2 units …

BARBERAN BRB2 1400 T Spraying machine

Year: 2000

Working width 1400 mm
Power 37 kW

BARBERAN RX1-1300 Spraying machine

Year: 1993

Working width 1300 mm
Power 1.11 kW

MAURIMACCHINE 90º Spraying machine

Year: 2000

Working width 250 mm
Power 5.5 kW

Used Colombera OC-ES20R Spraying machine

Year: 2002

Working width 190 mm
Power 16 kW
Working length 4000 mm

Cefla IBOTIC RU2WB Spraying machine

Year: 2012

Working length 3500 mm
Power 45 kW

BARBERAN IBP-DC-1300 Spraying machine


Working width 1300 mm
Power 0.75 kW

Spraying Machines at Kitmondo

A spraying machine is an essential tool used for applying substances like paint, ink, and varnish across various surfaces. Known for their precision and consistent application, these machines are invaluable in industries ranging from furniture manufacturing to automotive production.

Advantages of Spraying Machines

  1. Consistency: Spraying machines deliver a uniform finish, ensuring consistent thickness and application speed, something manual methods cannot match. This leads to a high-quality finish every time.

  2. Efficiency: They significantly save time and reduce labor costs, boosting overall productivity.

At Kitmondo, we take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of used spraying machines tailored to your specific needs.

Wide Range of Options

Our catalogue spans a price range from €9,000 to €50,000, making us an ideal choice for businesses of various sizes and capacities. The cost of a used spraying machine can vary based on several factors, including manufacturer, model, condition, specifications, and year of manufacture. This range allows us to cater to different business needs and budgets.

Every machine listed at Kitmondo undergoes thorough inspection and verification to meet our high standards of quality and reliability. You can be confident that your investment will withstand the test of time and add significant value to your operations.

When choosing a machine, consider not just the price, but also the specifications, condition, and suitability for your specific tasks. We encourage you to explore our selection of used spraying machines and contact our knowledgeable team to help you make an informed decision. At Kitmondo, we're committed to helping you find the right machine at the right price.

Benefits of Buying Used Spraying Machines

  1. Efficiency and Speed: Spraying machines can cover large surface areas quickly, enhancing operational speed compared to manual methods.

  2. Uniform Application: These machines ensure a consistent coating, resulting in a high-quality finish.

  3. Cost-Effective: They reduce labor costs and minimize waste, leading to more efficient material use and lower overall expenses.

  4. Versatility: Spraying machines can handle various materials and adapt to different viscosities and application techniques, making them useful across multiple industries.

  5. Safety: By limiting direct contact with potentially harmful substances, spraying machines create a safer working environment.

  6. Reduced Manual Effort: These machines take on the physically demanding aspects of painting, reducing worker strain and increasing productivity.

Main Parameters of Spraying Machines

  1. Pressure Rating: Defines the maximum pressure the machine can handle, measured in PSI.

  2. Flow Rate: Indicates the volume of material the machine can spray, measured in GPM or LPM.

  3. Spray Pattern Control: The machine's ability to change the spray shape, allowing adaptation to different surfaces and application requirements.

  4. Hose Length: Determines the operator's mobility. Longer hoses offer greater flexibility but may require more pressure.

  5. Material Compatibility: Compatibility with different materials, such as paints, stains, and varnishes.

  6. Tip Size: Influences the spray pattern's width and density. Larger tips allow greater material flow but less control.

  7. Power Source: Machines can be electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic, affecting portability, noise level, and performance.

  8. Tank Capacity: Determines how often the machine needs refilling. Larger tanks allow for longer uninterrupted work periods.

Areas of Use

Spraying machines are versatile and used in many industries, including:

  1. Automotive: For painting vehicles with a uniform, high-quality finish.
  2. Aerospace: For applying paints and protective coatings to aircraft parts.
  3. Furniture Manufacturing: For varnishing wood and applying finishes to metal pieces.
  4. Construction: For painting walls, applying protective coatings, and marking roads.
  5. Manufacturing: For applying coatings and finishes to various products.
  6. Shipbuilding: For painting and coating ships, where efficiency is crucial.
  7. Agriculture: For distributing pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.
  8. Powder Coating: For applying powder before heating to create a hard, protective finish.

Leading Manufacturers

Kitmondo features high-quality spraying machines from top manufacturers worldwide. Some of the leading brands include:

  1. Graco: Renowned for its airless spray equipment used in various industrial applications.
  2. Wagner: Offers a range of spray machines suitable for operations of all scales, including airless, HVLP, and air-assisted models.
  3. Kremlin Rexson: Known for its industrial spray systems used in the wood and metal industries.
  4. Nordson: Provides solutions for liquid painting, powder coating, and sealant applications.
  5. Binks: Manufactures manual and automatic spray guns, pumps, and pressure tanks.
  6. Sames Kremlin: Offers comprehensive solutions for applying paints, coatings, sealants, and adhesives.
  7. IMA Schelling: Specializes in automatic spray coating machines for the wood industry.
  8. SATA: Provides spray guns for automotive refinishing and various industrial applications.

Why Buy at Kitmondo?

Choosing to purchase a used machine from Kitmondo is a sustainable choice. We don't just sell you a machine; we offer a partnership. Our team provides expert advice to ensure you make an informed decision suited to your business needs. Whether you're a small startup seeking an affordable solution or an established business looking for advanced features, Kitmondo has you covered. We are committed to offering value, quality, and service, ensuring your investment drives your business forward.