Welcome to Exapro, your destination for quality used industrial machinery. Our range includes versatile and high-performance spring machines, including multislide, formers, and coilers, perfect for various applications in the metalworking industry.

Priced between €15,000 and €80,000, our spring machines are ideal for producing precise and consistent springs. Key features include high-speed operation, precision forming, versatile tooling options, and advanced automation capabilities.

We proudly feature machinery from top manufacturers such as Wafios, Itaya, and Simco. Every piece of equipment undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure top performance and longevity.

With Exapro, choosing pre-owned industrial machinery means getting the best value for your investment without compromising on quality or performance. Trust us to empower your spring manufacturing business to reach new heights of productivity. Explore our wide range today and let us help you make the best choice for your industrial needs.

Spuhl PA-393 Spring machine

Year: 2006

A machine for mounting pocket bands (pocket springs) by means of an adhesive application. Automatic web downloading option from three independent sources. It is possible to mount the web one after the other in a straight line or with a transverse offset. Machine controlled from the operator panel. Automatic counting and cutting the web. It has an automatic glue application …

Spuhl c-313 Spring machine

Year: 2008

Nbr of slides 6
Nbr of strokes/min 85

LIAN ROU LR-PS-VF pocket mattress spring machine

Year: 2007

Wire diameter 4 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 55

LIAN ROU LR-PS-VF pocket mattress spring machine

Year: 2006

Wire diameter 4 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 55

Wafios SLF 4 ZIG-ZAG spring machine

Year: 1974

We have a complete line of Wafios SLF 4 for sale for the production of ZIG-ZAG springs They are one of the most efficient and long-lasting devices for the production of ZIG-ZAG springs. All devices have been inspected. Clearances have been removed, some bearings have been replaced, V-belts, current protections, etc. The offered machines are operational and ready to work. …

Spuhl F110 SW Spring machine

Year: 1990

Wire diameter 3.3 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 90

Spuhl FPC-100 Spring machine

Year: 2019

For sale used Coiller Spuhl machine for the production of pocket springs for mattresses and sofas. The machine was used to produce springs for Ikea HÖVÅG/HYLLESTAD mattresses. The machine twists the wire and makes the pocket-loading wire into the pockets without any problems. The machine does not have an assembler, it is not complete, it only makes garlands, no gluing. …

OKUNO MSC-15 Spring machine

Year: 1998

AUTOMATIC FOR TAPE SPRINGS (SPIRAL, TORSION) used min. in the seat belts. OKUNO manufacturer and machine number, which is the production date 00130398 ... machine production year 1998.

MEP SINTAX Line 25 rebar cutting/bending plant

Year: 2005

Rebar cutting/bending plant The Machine is Fully Fledged. It comes with an 8 slot mobile rebar storage area, machine main body with Automatic Feeding & Alignment System (Magnetic Grip), double bending unit. The machine has new rolling system. Fully in working condition and still is on daily operation. 10900 moto/h. Automated processing center rebar through electronic programming for producing large …

İtalyan Bto-236 Spring machine

Year: 2000

Nbr of slides 8
Wire diameter 6 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 30
Capacity in tons 2500 T
Feed length 3 mm

Spuhl F65 SW - complete machines for bonell springs making

Year: 1982

Nbr of slides 0
Nbr of strokes/min 50
Wire diameter 2.5 mm

Okuno MSC-15 Spring machine

Year: 1998

Capacity in tons 0.1 T
Feed length 10000 mm
Wire diameter 0.3 mm

Bihler RM 35 Spring machine


Nbr of slides 5
Wire diameter 3 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 250
Capacity in tons 7 T
Feed length 170 mm

italyan bobbio Spring machine

Year: 1980

Nbr of slides 8
Wire diameter 4 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 60
Capacity in tons 200 T
Feed length 500 mm

Silicon MOT01-300 Coiler


Technical data: Fully automatic coiler SILICON+ MOT01-300 loop sensor Remote control console wireless Automatic and manual working mode Speed fine tuning potentiometer Synchronized easily with punching line Coilers motorized, with central expansion Coilers run both directions, forward and reverse with loop sensors control Speed from 0.1 RPM to 28 rpm Motor with gear reducers Capacity max. load 1 ton Strip …

Used Hack SM 25 Spring machine

Year: 1972

Spring coiling machine for the production of compression springs and tension spring bodies. Processing range: wire thickness 0.4mm - 2.5mm Accessories: wire guides, rollers, pins, mandrels & knives Completeness cannot be guaranteed, some tools may be worn out

italyan bobbio Spring machine

Year: 1980

Nbr of slides 4
Wire diameter 2 mm
Nbr of strokes/min 25
Capacity in tons 200 T
Feed length 200 mm

Rockwell Multi Slide Metal Forming Multiform Machine With Various Tooling


BAIRD (ROCKWELL) #28 MULTISLIDE SLIDE Maximum Wire Diameter......3/32" Standard Width Coil Stock..........3/4" Roll Straightener Size........No. 2 Maximum Feed Length.......6" (7 1/4" w/o feed stops) Operating Speed............200 rpms Standard Stroke With Cams Front Slide.........1" Rear Slide.............7/8" Side Slides..........1 5/8" Vertical Motion......5/8" Opening in Bed............4 3/4" x 4 1/2" Diameter of Cam Shafts.............1 9/16" Floor Space........54" x 44" Weight........1010 lbs.

8,740 €

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Unveiling Multislide, Formers, and Coilers in the Kitmondo Metal Machine Tools Marketplace

At Kitmondo, we facilitate connections between professionals and top-tier industrial machinery solutions. Among our extensive offerings in the Metal Machine Tools category, we feature essential equipment such as Multislide, Formers, and Coilers. Let’s delve into the functionalities, significance, and benefits of these machines, and why Kitmondo is the prime marketplace for buying or selling them.

What are Multislide, Formers, and Coilers?

Spring machines like Multislide, Formers, and Coilers are specialized tools used for producing various types of springs and wire forms. These machines automate the processes of coiling, bending, and shaping metal wire, ensuring precision and efficiency in manufacturing.

Types of Spring Machines

  • Multislide Machines: Also known as fourslide machines, these are used for intricate bending and forming operations. They utilize multiple slides moving in a horizontal plane to create complex shapes from wire or strip metal.
  • Formers: These machines shape wire into specific designs, ideal for producing custom springs and wire components with precise configurations.
  • Coilers: Specialize in coiling wire into cylindrical shapes, such as compression, extension, and torsion springs, and can handle a wide range of wire diameters and coil sizes.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Spring Machines

Navigating the market for used industrial machinery can be daunting, but Kitmondo simplifies the process. For those looking to purchase, the advantages are numerous.


New spring machines represent a significant financial investment, especially for small businesses or startups. Kitmondo offers these machines at a fraction of the cost of new ones, ensuring excellent value. On our platform, used spring machines typically range between €10,000 and €100,000, depending on factors such as age, brand, condition, and features.

Quality Assurance

At Kitmondo, every listing is meticulously evaluated to ensure the equipment is in excellent working condition and ready for its next operational chapter. This rigorous vetting process guarantees that even used machinery meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Market Reach

Spring machines are essential for efficient and precise spring and wire form production across various industries. Whether you're looking to invest in or sell these machines, Kitmondo offers a platform that ensures convenience, reliability, and value. Embrace the future of metalworking with Kitmondo – where tradition meets innovation.

Key Benefits of Spring Machines

Spring machines offer numerous advantages, making them indispensable in the metalworking industry:

  • High Precision: Ensure accurate coiling, bending, and shaping of wire, crucial for producing high-quality springs and wire forms with consistent dimensions.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automated spring machines significantly boost production speed, allowing for high-volume output with minimal manual intervention, leading to higher productivity and reduced labor costs.
  • Versatility: Modern spring machines can handle various types of wire and produce a wide range of spring and wire forms, making them valuable for diverse manufacturing projects.
  • Consistent Quality: Provide uniform and consistent results, reducing variability and ensuring high-quality outcomes across production batches.
  • Reduced Waste: Efficiently shape and coil wire, minimizing material waste and improving cost-efficiency.

Key Machine Parameters of Spring Machines

When evaluating spring machines, several critical parameters ensure they meet specific requirements:

  • Wire Diameter Range: The range of wire diameters the machine can handle, determining its suitability for different applications.
  • Maximum Coil Length: The maximum length of the coil the machine can produce, affecting its versatility for various spring types.
  • Forming Speed: The speed at which the machine can form or coil wire, typically measured in parts per minute (PPM), influencing production rates and efficiency.
  • Axis Control: The number of axes the machine can control simultaneously, impacting its ability to produce complex shapes.
  • Automation Features: The presence of automated features such as programmable controls, automated feeding, and real-time monitoring, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual intervention.
  • Tooling Options: Availability of interchangeable tooling and dies, affecting the machine’s flexibility to produce different types of springs and wire forms.

Applications of Spring Machines

Spring machines are versatile and essential across various industries:

  • Automotive Industry: Producing various springs and wire forms for vehicles, including suspension springs, seat springs, and engine components.
  • Aerospace Industry: Manufacturing precision springs and wire forms for aircraft components, ensuring reliability and performance.
  • Electronics: Producing small and intricate springs for electronic devices, including connectors, switches, and circuit boards.
  • Medical Devices: Creating high-precision springs and wire forms for medical devices, complying with stringent industry standards.
  • Industrial Machinery: Producing springs and wire forms for various industrial machines and equipment, providing durability and performance.
  • Consumer Products: Manufacturing springs and wire forms for everyday consumer products, including household appliances, toys, and tools.

Leading Manufacturers of Spring Machines

Several renowned manufacturers in the metalworking machinery industry are known for their quality and innovation:

  • Wafios: Leading provider of metalworking machinery, offering advanced spring machines known for precision and reliability.
  • Itaya: Renowned for high-quality industrial machines, providing efficient and versatile spring machines for various applications.
  • Simco: Specializes in spring machinery, offering robust and precise machines designed for high-performance operations.
  • Orimec: Known for a comprehensive range of spring machines, providing reliable and efficient equipment for diverse industries.
  • Herdon: Offers advanced spring technology, providing high-quality machines designed for precision and efficiency in metalworking.
  • Enfield: Specializes in spring and wire form machinery, offering versatile and efficient machines suitable for different production environments.


Spring machines, including multislide, formers, and coilers, are invaluable in the metalworking industry, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for producing springs and wire forms. Whether for the automotive, aerospace, electronics, or consumer products industries, these machines ensure superior product quality and compliance with industry standards. With Kitmondo, acquiring or selling spring machines becomes straightforward and reliable, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best – producing exceptional metal products.