Kitmondo, a reputable platform specializing in used industrial machinery, presents a diverse selection of Automatic Roll-Fed Machines tailored for the plastics and rubber sectors. These machines are pivotal in various industries, automating material roll feeding to enhance production efficiency and consistency. Known for their versatility, they serve applications in food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and consumer goods.


Kitmondo offers a broad price range for these machines, starting from €24,000 up to €68,000, catering to both startups seeking cost-effective solutions and large-scale operations requiring high-performance equipment. Transparent listings provide detailed machine specifications, empowering buyers to make informed purchasing decisions and strategic investments.


Leading manufacturers such as Illig, Kiefel, and MULTIVAC underscore the quality and reliability of the available equipment on Kitmondo. Professionals benefit from accessing top-tier machinery and the cost-saving advantages of purchasing quality used equipment without compromising performance. Kitmondo serves as a reliable bridge between industry demand and high-quality solutions, enabling businesses to achieve optimal efficiency with Automatic Roll-Fed Machines.

Illig SB74 C4 Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine

Year: 1983

Max sheet length 505 mm
Total power requirement 11.2 kW
Max sheet width 755 mm

Mold for thermoforming for Cup 10 cavities diameter 95

Year: 2018

Max sheet length 78 mm
Forming depth 45 mm
Max sheet width 40 mm

Mold for thermoforming for Cup coffee cavities 15

Year: 2018

Max sheet length 78 mm
Forming depth 45 mm
Max sheet width 40 mm

used thermoforming moulds B.G

Year: 2018

Max sheet length 80 mm
Forming depth 95 mm
Max sheet width 100 mm

Mold for thermoforming for Cup 15 cavities diameter 75mm

Year: 2018

Max sheet length 78 mm
Forming depth 45 mm
Max sheet width 42 mm

Mold for thermoforming Cup 18 cavities diameter 68mm

Year: 2018

Max sheet length 78 mm
Forming depth 45 mm
Max sheet width 40 mm

Mold for thermoforming for Cup 12 cavities diameter 95mm

Year: 2018

Max sheet length 78 mm
Forming depth 45 mm
Max sheet width 40 mm

Illig RV 53 Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine

Year: 1991

Max sheet length 500 mm
Forming depth 100 mm
Max sheet width 350 mm
Total power requirement 23.3 kW

Viara Futura 1400 Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine

Year: 2010

Max sheet length 5000 mm
Total power requirement 6 kW
Max sheet width 1400 mm

CmsPlast Villa 2000 - BR/5 20 Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine

Year: 2006

Max sheet length 2000 mm
Forming depth 800 mm
Max sheet width 1200 mm
Total power requirement 107 kW

ILLIG Reifenbiinser 70KB Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine Hot deal

Year: 1992

The line is composed as follows; Main extruder D120 Reifenbiinser Coextruder A D40 Reifenbiinser Coextruder B D40 Reifenbiinser Reifenbiinser calender Illig thermoforming machine RDM70 KB Mill

ILLIG 37/10 RDM Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine Hot deal

Year: 1982

Max sheet width 495 mm
Total power requirement 18 kW
Forming depth 100 mm

HAMER TVP12 Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine

Year: 2022

Fully automatic vacuum-pressure thermoforming machine for dental aligners with infeed carousel for 3D models. Features Designed to automate all production processes for the manufacture of dental aligners Work surface 92 x 87 (mm) Coil feeding, enabling considerable material savings. Foil pull by mechanical grippers for maximum reliability. Film heating allowing the use of different types of plastic and film thicknesses. …

Illig SB74 C 9 Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine Exaprime


Max sheet length 770 mm
Forming depth 100 mm
Max sheet width 450 mm
Total power requirement 11.2 kW

John Brown Thermoformer C-2104 and Trim press T-100

Year: 1998

John Brown thermoformer and trim press for Polystyrene (PS) or Polypropylene (PP) in fully working condition, thermoformer C-2104 series 10557 with tim press T-100 series 10558. Roll fed with hydraulic mold press and trim. Strong and robust thermoforming machine in perfect operating condition. Videos of production available. Molds also available for industry standard plates and trays of varying sizes for …

OMG OMF/PVE 50-PN-M Tray forming machine

Year: 2005

Max sheet length 770 mm
Forming depth 120 mm
Max sheet width 650 mm

WM Meico FC 600E Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine

Year: 2006

Max sheet length 620 mm
Max sheet width 430 mm

ILLIG ILLIG SB 74e9 Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine

Year: 2007

Thermoforming molding machine for processing plastics. Automatic line. This ILLIG SB 74E-9 vacuum forming and punching machine for plastics was manufactured in 2007 in Germany. The machine has a working surface of 505 x 775 mm.

Aigle Coagulation Line and Matex Coating Line

Year: 1997

- Aigle Two Heads Coagulation Line - Rectification tower - four-head MATEX coating line - three Gas Burners - paste preparing equipment - Aigle Pre Dryer all of this equipment was only used once for testing then it has never been used since then

Kiefel KMV 50 D Thermoforming - Automatic Roll-Fed Machine

Year: 2002

Max sheet length 500 mm
Forming depth 120 mm
Max sheet width 350 mm

A Comprehensive Guide to Automatic Roll-Fed Machines in the Plastics and Rubber Industry: The Kitmondo Advantage

The plastics and rubber industry is dynamic and constantly evolving, with a growing need for advanced machinery that can enhance product output and quality. Among the standout technologies in this sector are Automatic Roll-Fed Machines. This guide explores the key features and benefits of these machines and explains why Kitmondo is the preferred marketplace for buying and selling them.

What is an Automatic Roll-Fed Machine?

Despite its complex name, the function of an Automatic Roll-Fed Machine is straightforward. This equipment is pivotal in the plastics and rubber sector, used to form, cut, and stack plastic products from a continuous roll. In essence, a roll of plastic material is automatically fed into the machine, which then undergoes processes like heating, forming, and trimming, resulting in finished products ready for the next stage or for shipping. The automation of these processes ensures seamless production with minimal manual intervention, enhancing both efficiency and consistency in product output.

Why Choose Kitmondo for Buying and Selling?

When it comes to investing in or selling such machinery, Kitmondo stands out as a premier choice. Kitmondo provides a global marketplace for used industrial machinery, connecting buyers and sellers from around the world. This extensive reach means buyers can find machines that meet their specific needs and budget, while sellers can reach a broad audience.

Kitmondo also offers quality assurance. The platform understands the intricacies of industrial machinery and ensures that all listings are genuine and in working condition, providing peace of mind for both buyers and sellers. The transparent listing system on Kitmondo provides detailed machine specifications, high-quality images, and seller ratings, enabling professionals to compare different options and find the best value for their investment. With Kitmondo's global reach, there's always an opportunity to find a machine that meets both technical requirements and budget constraints.

The financial benefits are significant as well. Prices for Automatic Roll-Fed Machines on Kitmondo can vary widely based on factors such as age, condition, brand, and features. By opting for used machinery, professionals can achieve substantial savings compared to purchasing new equipment. Kitmondo lists machines with prices ranging from €24,000 to €68,000, providing options for various budgets. Additionally, selling surplus machinery can free up capital for other business needs.

The Advantages of Automatic Roll-Fed Machines

Automatic Roll-Fed Machines offer numerous benefits, making them essential in the plastics and rubber industry. Here are the primary advantages:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Automatic material feeding ensures continuous operation without frequent stops, resulting in a consistent production flow and higher output.
  • Reduced Manual Intervention: Automation reduces the need for manual operations, lowering labor costs and minimizing human errors for a more reliable production process.
  • Consistent Product Quality: The automated process ensures uniformity in each product, maintaining high quality standards and meeting client specifications.
  • Optimal Material Utilization: Precise controls minimize material wastage, leading to cost savings over time.
  • Production Flexibility: Modern machines allow easy configuration changes, enabling the production of different products or designs without major adjustments.
  • Compact Design: These machines often have a compact footprint, saving valuable floor space in manufacturing facilities.
  • Safety: Built-in safety features and reduced manual intervention decrease the risk of workplace accidents.
  • Cost Efficiency: Despite the initial investment, long-term benefits like reduced wastage, lower labor costs, and high productivity ensure a quicker return on investment.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed to integrate with other production line equipment, ensuring a smooth manufacturing process.
  • Energy Efficiency: Modern machines are designed for optimal energy use, reducing operational costs.

Key Machine Parameters

Understanding the key parameters of Automatic Roll-Fed Machines is crucial for making informed decisions:

  • Feed Width: Maximum roll width the machine can accommodate.
  • Cycle Speed: Forming speed, usually measured in cycles per minute.
  • Forming Area: Maximum product size the machine can form.
  • Forming Depth: Maximum depth for forming products, important for items like deep containers.
  • Material Thickness Range: Range of material thickness the machine can handle.
  • Heating System Capacity: Efficiency and number of heating zones for machines using thermal processes.
  • Trimming Force: Force exerted during the trimming process, if the machine includes trimming features.
  • Stacking Capability: Number of products that can be automatically stacked before clearing is needed.
  • Power Consumption: Electrical power required for operation.
  • Control System: Type of control system used, such as PLC-based or touch screen interface.
  • Machine Dimensions and Weight: Important for installation and transportation considerations.
  • Cooling System Capacity: Efficiency of cooling formed products to retain their shape.
  • Vacuum/Pressure System: Capacity and efficiency of the system used in the forming process.

Areas of Use

Automatic Roll-Fed Machines are versatile, finding applications across various industries:

  • Packaging Industry: Producing clamshell packaging, blister packs, and tray packs for consumer goods, electronics, and food items.
  • Food & Beverage: Creating hygienic containers like cups, lids, trays, and boxes.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical: Producing sterile medical trays, pill blisters, and other packaging.
  • Automotive: Forming interior parts and custom components with precision.
  • Electronics: Making packaging or component trays for safe and organized storage.
  • Agriculture: Producing durable seedling trays and other agricultural items.
  • Consumer Goods: Creating plastic products like storage containers, toys, and household items.
  • Cosmetics: Producing custom packaging solutions for cosmetic products.
  • Aerospace & Defence: Manufacturing specific components or protective packaging with high precision.
  • Sustainability & Recycling: Adapting to work with recycled materials or producing biodegradable items.

Leading Manufacturers

Several reputable manufacturers produce high-quality Automatic Roll-Fed Machines:

  • Illig Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG: A German leader in the thermoforming industry.
  • Kiefel GmbH: Another top German company offering advanced plastics processing machinery.
  • GN Thermoforming Equipment: A Canadian innovator in thermoforming solutions.
  • WM Thermoforming Machines SA: Swiss manufacturer of various thermoforming machines.
  • Brown Machine Group: A US-based company with a long history in thermoforming equipment.
  • MULTIVAC: German company known for packaging solutions and thermoforming machinery.
  • Thermoforming Systems LLC (TSL): US provider of high-quality thermoforming machines.
  • Gabler Thermoform: German company known for cutting-edge roll-fed machines.
  • Formech: UK-based company offering a range of thermoforming solutions.
  • MAAC Machinery: US manufacturer of a wide range of thermoforming equipment.

For those in the market for an Automatic Roll-Fed Machine or researching options, reaching out to these manufacturers or contacting Kitmondo's support team is advisable. This ensures a firsthand look at machinery, detailed specifications, and the best fit for operational needs.