Kitmondo, a trusted marketplace for used industrial machinery, offers a diverse array of vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines. These machines are essential in the food processing industry, providing efficiency, consistency, and safety while transforming produce preparation from manual labor to streamlined operations.

Our listings feature machines suited for every need, from compact models ideal for startups starting at €9,000, to premium machines with advanced features nearing €40,000. Brands like KRONEN, Turatti, and Urschel are prominently featured, ensuring robust performance and long-term durability. Each machine on Kitmondo is meticulously vetted to guarantee reliability and value, making it a smart investment for enhancing your production line.

Whether you're expanding operations, aiming for consistent output, or maximizing efficiency, Kitmondo's curated selection in this category provides cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Explore our offerings today and elevate your food processing capabilities with confidence.

Ferroli Double watersteam Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing and blanching machine

Year: 2018

Double watersteam line for washing and disinfecting fruit The lines consist of a tipper, inspection tables, washing machines and receiving tables.

Ozone A-600 Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing and blanching machine

Year: 2014

Ozonation system System related to point no. 7 Dimensions 36x36x15 inch 200 lbs

PND DE-CALYX Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing and blanching machine

Year: 2016

PND DE-CALYX stalking machine The stalking machine, DF12, is designed for stalking and slicing strawberries and radishes in halves or quarters. It is a device that reduces the manual work done when stalking by hand. The model has a merry go round feed belt (dimensions: 3700 mm x 300 mm), which allows operators to always have the product at hand …

VERHOEST MARC Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing and blanching machine

Year: 2016

A complete line for peeling and washing leeks, Turning system with conveyor - transporting leeks to the peeling machine. Peeling and washing machine - the key element of the line. First and second conveyors - located above the peeling table. Round sorting table - with rinsing system. Leeks are sorted into different grades here. Control counting system - on the …

FINIS 80 Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing and blanching machine

Year: 2012

Semi-automatic vegetable peeling machine FINIS Vegetable peeling machine type cylinder 80, manufacturer: FINIS together with conveyor belts - 2 pcs. , year of production 2012 year 2012

Vegetable and Fruit Cutting, Washing, and Blanching Machines in Food Processing: A better understanding

In the expansive realm of food production, the processing of vegetables and fruits holds a paramount position, demanding precision, efficiency, and speed. To meet these demands, cutting-edge machinery is essential, with vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines prominently featured. Understanding the significance of these machines, we aim to provide top-quality options from the used industrial machinery marketplace.

Understanding the Machinery

  • Cutting Machines: Tailored to slice, dice, or julienne fruits and vegetables into consistent sizes and shapes, ensuring uniformity and minimizing waste.

  • Washing Machines: Designed to thoroughly cleanse produce of contaminants post-cutting, employing advanced mechanisms to remove dirt, pesticides, and other impurities for a clean end product.

  • Blanching Machines: Utilizing brief boiling water immersion, blanching machines halt enzyme actions, cleanse surfaces, enhance color, and preserve nutritional integrity efficiently.

Why Choose Kitmondo?

When considering the acquisition or sale of such crucial machinery, our platform stands out as a leading resource. More than just a marketplace, Kitmondo is a trusted avenue for professionals pursuing excellence.

  • Diverse Options: Offering a wide range of machines sourced from top global brands, each accompanied by comprehensive details for informed decision-making.

  • Global Exposure: Access to an extensive international audience ensures optimal visibility and opportunities for sellers to secure the best deals.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Delving into the used machinery market allows businesses to acquire premium equipment at competitive prices, ensuring superior ROI for both buyers and sellers.

Main Advantages of Vegetable and Fruit Cutting, Washing, and Blanching Machines

  • Efficiency and Speed: Dramatically reduces processing times compared to manual methods, boosting overall productivity.

  • Consistency: Ensures uniformity in cutting, washing, and blanching processes, crucial for maintaining high product standards.

  • Safety: Minimizes direct human interaction with hazardous processes, promoting workplace safety and adherence to hygiene standards.

  • Waste Reduction: Precision cutting minimizes waste, optimizing yield and enhancing sustainability.

  • Enhanced Product Quality: Advanced washing removes contaminants, while blanching preserves natural color, flavor, and nutritional content.

  • Flexibility: Adjustable settings accommodate diverse cutting styles and processing needs.

  • Scalability: Capable of handling large produce volumes, supporting business growth without operational bottlenecks.

  • Extended Shelf Life: Blanching effectively extends the shelf life of produce, maintaining freshness and quality.

Main Machine Parameters of Vegetable and Fruit Cutting, Washing, and Blanching Machines

  • Capacity/Throughput: Determines processing volume within specific time frames, critical for operational efficiency.

  • Machine Size and Dimensions: Essential for fitting into production spaces and logistical planning.

  • Power Requirements: Understanding electrical needs ensures compatibility with facility power supplies.

  • Cutting Mechanisms: Types of cuts (slices, dices, julienne) and adjustable settings influence versatility.

  • Washing Mechanism: Cleaning methods (e.g., water jets, brushes, ultrasonic) impact wash effectiveness.

  • Blanching Time and Temperature Controls: Settings for optimal blanching ensure product quality and consistency.

  • Material of Construction: Hygienic and durable materials like stainless steel are preferred for food processing.

  • Automation and Control Features: Advanced systems allow precise operation and automation for consistent results.

  • Accessories and Attachments: Additional tools enhance machine functionality and versatility.

Understanding these parameters facilitates informed transactions when buying or selling on our marketplace or similar platforms.

Area of Use

Vegetable and fruit cutting, washing, and blanching machines are essential across various sectors due to their efficiency and automation capabilities. They prepare produce for further processing or direct consumption, catering to diverse industry needs.

Main Manufacturers of Vegetable and Fruit Cutting, Washing, and Blanching Machines

Kitmondo hosts a diverse range of manufacturers, including:

  • KRONEN GmbH: Renowned for high-performance machinery in fresh-cut, catering, and specialty sectors.

  • Turatti: Global leader focusing on food processing and handling machinery, known for innovation and efficiency.

  • FAM: Specializes in cutting solutions with machines tailored for precision and durability.

  • Nilma: Offers a diverse range of equipment for washing, cutting, and cooking vegetables, among other operations.

  • Urschel Laboratories, Inc.: A top name in food cutting technology, designing and manufacturing commercial cutting equipment.

  • Buhler: Known primarily for grain and food processing, offering equipment for vegetable and fruit processing.

  • Kiremko: Specializes in potato processing and provides machinery for various other vegetables.

  • DORNOW: Offers a range of peeling and cutting machinery for different types of produce.

  • FTNON – Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland: Provides solutions for fresh salads, vegetables, and fruits, including washing, drying, and cutting equipment.

  • Bertuzzi Food Processing: Focuses on juice extraction and provides washing and other preparatory equipment for fruits.

Exploring our platform or similar avenues provides access to these leading manufacturers, ensuring diverse options to meet specific business requirements.