Boring, drilling, and dowel inserting machines are indispensable in the woodworking industry, known for their precision, efficiency, and versatility. These machines are vital in sectors like furniture manufacturing, kitchen cabinetry, door and window frame production, and musical instrument crafting, offering consistent and accurate results. They reduce material wastage and create strong, durable joints, with dowel insertion providing a seamless finish without visible screws or nails.

Kitmondo showcases a wide variety of these machines from top-tier manufacturers such as Biesse, Homag, Morbidelli, and Gannomat. Our platform ensures transparency, providing buyers with essential machine details like working dimensions, spindle speed, age, and usage. This openness, combined with Kitmondo's dedicated customer support, guarantees a smooth buying or selling experience.

With prices ranging from €6,000 to €22,000, Kitmondo offers options for various budgetary requirements. Our platform is the go-to marketplace for professionals seeking high-quality boring, drilling, and dowel inserting machines, delivering both variety and value.

Rilesa VLG 220 drilling machine Low working hours

Year: 2023

Nbr of heads 8
Engine power 2.2 kW

SCM STARTECH 27 drilling machine

Year: 2015

Nbr of heads 27
Engine power 1.5 kW

BIESSE INSIDER FT2 1300 boring machine

Year: 2001

N. 1 AUTOMATIC THROUGH-FEED BORING MACHINE Year: 2001 Electronic control NC 1000 on base PC Useful working sizes (min): 300 x 160 x 13 mm Useful working sizes (max): 3.500 x 1.300 x 60 mm 1° Workstation: • Nr. 1 Electrospindle 4 kW - ISO 30 • Nr. 2 Boring heads each one complete of nr. 20 vertical spindles (10 …

Used Homag Profiline ABH120 drilling machine

Year: 2007

Nbr of heads 4
Engine power 0 kW

SCM TOP 29 drilling machine

Year: 1991

Nbr of heads 29
Engine power 2.2 kW

PADE NS 21 drilling machine

Year: 1988

Nbr of heads 5
Engine power 8.94855 kW

MAW 3 drilling machine

Year: 2009

Nbr of heads 3
Engine power 4 kW

Besta 1001 drilling machine

Year: 2022

machines for a wooden coffee sticks and ice cream sticks

KOCH SBFD-35-B - BL25 Cutting-, Drilling, Shaping And Dowelinserting Machine

Year: 1994

Double sided machine, end-cutting, shaping, drilling and dowelinserting, as well as drilling from top and aside Workpiece length: 140 - 2500 mm. Werkpiece width: 25 - 170 mm. Werkpiece thickness: 15 - 45 mm. Fixed side at the left In- and outfeed heigth 990 mm Hopperfeed at the infeed, workpiece return towards the operator underneath the machine The workpieces are …

HOMAG WEEKE ABD050 OPTIMAT drilling machine


CNC drill and dowel insertion machine HOMAG WEEKE MOD ABD050 OPTIMAT for horizontal drilling/drilling and fixing something with dowels. Workpiece length ABD 050/12: 20 - 1,250 mm Workpiece width: 50mm - 800mm Workpiece thickness: 10mm - 60mm Equipment features High-speed plug and spindle drilling aggregate Vibratory conveyor for automatic loading of standard plugs (8 x 30/35 mm) Lateral anchorage and …

Hettich Blue Max Modular drilling machine

Year: 2012

For sale Hettich Blue Max Modular drilling machine from 2012. Machine in very good condition, from the first owner. Head 9 spindles rotatable, parallel position - row of holes or perpendicular - holes for drawer slides. Head 3 spindles for hinges with pressing function Horizontal head 5 spindles Strong 2pc workpiece clamps Extension rulers up to a length of 2400mm …

Woodworking with Kitmondo: An Insight into Boring, Drilling, and Dowel Inserting Machines

In the intricate world of woodworking, precision, and craftsmanship are paramount. The machinery used must meet these high standards, and boring, drilling, and dowel inserting machines are at the heart of producing detailed, durable wooden masterpieces. As the demand for these machines grows, finding a reliable marketplace becomes crucial, and Kitmondo excels in connecting professionals with their machinery needs.

The Machinery Unveiled:

Boring Machines: Designed to create precise holes in wood, from simple single-hole drilling to complex multi-drilling tasks, ensuring consistent spacing and perfect alignment.

Drilling Machines: Essential for creating slots for handles, hinges, and other fixtures, crucial in woodworking.

Dowel Inserting Machines: Automate the insertion of dowels, providing strength and longevity to joints, resulting in clean finishes without visible fasteners.

Kitmondo: Your Woodworking Partner

Kitmondo stands out in the used industrial machinery market, offering reliability and convenience. By choosing Kitmondo, professionals engage in a trusted relationship, not just a transaction.

Kitmondo’s extensive and varied inventory ensures that both buyers and sellers have numerous options, catering to a broad spectrum of requirements and budgets. Quality is paramount; every machine listed undergoes thorough vetting, guaranteeing efficiency and longevity.

Economically, Kitmondo offers sellers a global market without the overheads of traditional selling methods, while buyers gain access to affordable, tested machinery.

Price considerations are crucial, and Kitmondo's range for boring, drilling, and dowel inserting machines is between €6,000 to €22,000. Lower-end machines provide basic functionalities, ideal for startups, while high-end machines offer advanced features for large-scale operations.

Purchasing through Kitmondo means transparency and support. Detailed specifications and potential flaws are openly shared, ensuring informed decisions. Kitmondo’s customer support assists with queries, delivery, and post-purchase needs, making every transaction seamless.

Kitmondo is more than a marketplace; it’s a partner dedicated to quality, transparency, and support. Elevate your woodworking projects with Kitmondo, ensuring precision and artistry in every creation.

Main Advantages of Boring, Drilling, and Dowel Inserting Machines

  1. Precision and Accuracy: Exceptional precision ensures every hole and dowel is perfectly positioned.
  2. Efficiency and Speed: Automation significantly speeds up production, reducing manual labor and time.
  3. Consistency: Maintains a uniform output, ensuring each product meets exact standards.
  4. Versatility: Adjustable settings allow for various hole sizes, depths, and dowel dimensions.
  5. Reduced Waste: Precision reduces material wastage, saving costs and benefiting the environment.
  6. Enhanced Joint Strength: Dowel inserting machines ensure snug, durable joints.
  7. Streamlined Production: Ideal for large-scale manufacturing, freeing human resources for other tasks.
  8. Cost-Efficiency: Faster production, reduced waste, and fewer errors lead to significant cost savings.
  9. Safety: Automated processes minimize the risk of accidents in industrial settings.

These machines are essential tools that empower woodworking professionals to deliver top-quality products efficiently and consistently, making them indispensable in modern woodworking facilities.

Main Machine Parameters of Boring, Drilling, and Dowel Inserting Machines

  1. Working Dimensions: Maximum and minimum dimensions of the workpiece the machine can handle.
  2. Number of Spindles/Heads: Determines how many holes can be drilled simultaneously.
  3. Spindle Speed: Rotational speed of the spindle, affecting quality and material suitability.
  4. Maximum Drilling Depth: Defines the depth the machine can drill or bore.
  5. Dowel Size Range: Range of dowel sizes the machine can handle.
  6. Drive Power: Power rating of the motor, indicating capabilities and energy consumption.
  7. Type of Control System: CNC or manual control mechanisms.
  8. Feed Rate: Speed at which the machine processes the workpiece.
  9. Tool Changer: Capacity and automation of tool changing.
  10. Positioning Accuracy: Machine's ability to accurately position the tool or workpiece.
  11. Machine Weight & Dimensions: Important for transport and installation.
  12. Voltage & Power Requirements: Compatibility with local electrical systems.
  13. Age & Usage: Manufacturing year, brand, model, and operational hours.
  14. Condition & Maintenance: Recent refurbishments, upgrades, and maintenance records.
  15. Additional Features: Vacuum clamping, cooling systems, and safety features.
  16. Price: Overall cost, including additional expenses like shipping and installation.

Understanding these parameters ensures informed decisions and promotes transparency in transactions.

Area of Use

Boring, drilling, and dowel inserting machines are versatile tools used across various industries:

  • Furniture Manufacturing: Essential for creating precise and durable furniture pieces.
  • Kitchen Cabinetry: Ensures tight and accurate joints for high-quality kitchen cabinets.
  • Door and Window Frame Production: Provides precision and strength in frame construction.
  • Flooring: Ideal for modular wooden flooring and parquet, ensuring perfect interlocks.
  • Panel Processing: Creates secure wooden panels for various applications.
  • Shipbuilding: Used in luxury yachts for precise wooden interiors.
  • Toy Manufacturing: Produces durable and aesthetically pleasing wooden toys.
  • Musical Instrument Crafting: Ensures precision and quality in instruments like pianos and guitars.
  • Joinery and Workshop Applications: Suitable for custom and bespoke designs.
  • Construction: Joins wooden beams and pillars for strength and architectural purposes.
  • Automotive and Aerospace: Used for precise wooden interiors and components.

These machines are adaptable to various applications, making them valuable assets in woodworking and beyond.

Leading Manufacturers of Boring, Drilling, and Dowel Inserting Machines

  1. Biesse: Renowned Italian manufacturer of high-quality woodworking machinery.
  2. Homag: Leading German producer of comprehensive woodworking solutions.
  3. Morbidelli: Known for advanced woodworking machinery under the SCM Group.
  4. Gannomat: Specializes in woodworking machinery, particularly dowel inserting machines.
  5. Weeke: Part of the Homag Group, offering CNC processing machinery.
  6. Busellato: Key player in the woodworking machinery sector.
  7. IMA: Produces drilling and dowel inserting machines alongside edge banding machines.
  8. Vitap: Italian manufacturer known for its woodworking machines.
  9. Felder Group: Austrian company with a global presence in high-quality woodworking machines.
  10. Rilesa: Danish manufacturer specializing in woodworking machinery.
  11. Maggi Technology: Offers a range of boring machinery for woodworking.

When considering machinery from these manufacturers, research specific models, features, and reviews. Verify the machine’s condition and service records for a well-informed decision. Contact our team at Kitmondo for further details and assistance in making the right choice.