Welcome to Kitmondo, your trusted source for quality used industrial machinery. Our range includes versatile and high-performance wood milling machines, perfect for a variety of applications in the woodworking industry.

Priced between €3,000 and €30,000, our wood milling machines are ideal for shaping, grooving, and contouring wood with precision. Key features include variable speed control, robust construction, adjustable cutting depths, and compatibility with various cutting tools.

We proudly offer machinery from top manufacturers such as SCM, Biesse, and Felder. Each piece of equipment undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure exceptional performance and longevity.

Choosing pre-owned industrial machinery from Kitmondo means getting the best value for your investment without compromising on quality or performance. Trust us to elevate your woodworking operations to new heights of productivity and craftsmanship. Explore our extensive range today and let us help you find the perfect wood milling machine for your industrial needs.

FELDER Format Profil 45M x-motion Wood milling machine

Year: 2013

Table length 1160 mm
Spindle Ø 30 mm
Table width 770 mm

PAOLINO BACCI FC 8 CN Wood milling machine


X axis 2500 mm
Spindle Ø 40 mm
Z axis 370 mm

PPCNC PPN1325 Wood milling machine

Year: 2023

X axis 1300 mm
Z axis 200 mm
Y axis 2500 mm
Engine power 3 kW

CNC milling machine DOMINANT CNC ADF1208

Year: 2024

X axis 800 mm
Z axis 240 mm
Table width 810 mm
Y axis 1200 mm
Table length 1220 mm
Spindle Ø 100 mm

ATM Solution ATMS1212 milling plotter Hot deal

Year: 2018

Milling plotter 5kW head, water thermostat 1200x1200 table Control with G-code editing

PPCNC PPN1212 Wood milling machine

Year: 2023

X axis 1200 mm
Z axis 200 mm
Y axis 1200 mm

WEINIG POWERMAT 1500 Wood milling machine Low working hours

Year: 2018


SCM T130 class Wood milling machine

Year: 2002

SCM T130 class CNC spindle moulder, including numerical drive, 99 programs, new main spindle bearing, 5 spindles pneumatically exchangeable, + guide for working on the spindle, price excluding VAT.

AXYZ MILENIUM 4008 Wood milling machine Hot deal

Year: 2000

X axis 615 mm
Z axis 90 mm
Y axis 176 mm

Andreoni Media 8 Wood milling machine

Year: 2007

В работе с 2008 г. Excellent condition. с 2011 г. НЕ ЕКСПЛУАТИРОВАЛСЯ!!!! Хранится в собранном виде (готов к проверке). Working length 1300 mm The distance between the spindles is 220 mm Electronic frequency converter для всех ел. 7.5 kW engines El. motor with double spindle output in opposite directions (for 2 tools) Control panel 8 blanks can be processed simultaneously …

Laguna tools IQ pro Wood milling machine

Year: 2021

Table length 1200 mm
Table width 1200 mm

FORSUN 2030 Wood milling machine

Year: 2014

Area 2000x3000mm, 200mm Z axis, servo drives, Er32, work shift speed 0 - 15 m/min., positioning shift speed 0 - 35 m/min., approx. 1000 h of operation when cutting Plexiglas - minimal mechanical wear, incl. of one wet vacuum pump 5.5 kW, incl. one dry vacuum cleaner, incl. dust extraction, incl. tool sets, incl. set of parts (1x servo motor, …

Esense CNC Wood milling machine

Year: 2018

for the production of wooden bodies. It is already adapted for the production of wooden brushes it was switched on once a year

FRIULMAC IDRAMAT Wood milling machine

Year: 2012

FRIULMAC IDRAMAT with full automation (Kuka robot). 1. strip formatting 2. face drilling 3 CNC milling in two axes 4. CNC milling in two axes 5. flanging 6. milling along the component. Element length min-max. 250-2500 mm Width of the element 30-200 mm Thickness of the element - 12-50 mm

CM 2000 CE Wood milling machine


Milling machine for shutters CM2000 CE TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Mechanical control of working processes Staggered tenoning cycle - up to 12 holes per minute (2-sided) Depth of the internal tenon up to 0-20 mm Manual setting of machining processes Service keys TECHNICAL DATA of the CM2000 Tool clamping hole diameter mm Fi 10 RPM of main tool spindle, rpm 9600 Pinion …

Planing four-sided milling machine TOS

Year: 2024

Characteristic: New power cord and replaced blades Rebuilt - replaced bearing inverter and modified suction

Robland T 120 L Wood milling machine

Year: 2018

X axis  mm
Z axis 180 mm
Table width 705 mm
Y axis  mm
Table length 1200 mm
Spindle Ø  mm

SIN MARCA SANDING MACHINE - Wood milling machine

Year: 2001

X axis 1200 mm
Z axis 250 mm
Table width 300 mm
Y axis 1200 mm
Table length 1200 mm
Engine power 15 kW

Casolin F90 TL Wood milling machine


Table length 2700 mm
Engine power 4 kW
Table width 770 mm

Exploring Wood Milling Machines in the Kitmondo Woodworking Machinery Marketplace

At Kitmondo, we connect professionals with premium industrial machinery solutions. Our extensive selection in the Woodworking Machines category includes essential equipment like Wood Milling Machines. Let's dive into what these machines are, their significance, and why Kitmondo is your go-to marketplace for buying or selling them.

What Are Wood Milling Machines?

Wood milling machines are vital tools in woodworking, used for shaping and cutting wood with rotary cutters. They can create a variety of shapes, grooves, and profiles, making them indispensable for producing components with high precision and intricate designs.

Types of Wood Milling Machines

  1. Horizontal Milling Machines: Feature a horizontally oriented spindle, ideal for milling grooves, slots, and keyways.
  2. Vertical Milling Machines: Have a vertically oriented spindle, perfect for milling slots, drilling holes, and intricate designs.
  3. CNC Milling Machines: Automate the milling process using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) for high precision and repeatability.
  4. Router Milling Machines: Used for detailed and intricate work, such as engraving and carving.
  5. Planer-Type Milling Machines: Designed for larger, more robust tasks, suitable for milling large panels and surfaces.
  6. Universal Milling Machines: Combine horizontal and vertical milling capabilities, offering flexibility for various tasks.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Wood Milling Machines

Navigating the used industrial machinery market can be challenging, but Kitmondo simplifies the process. Here’s how:


New wood milling machines can be a significant investment, especially for small businesses or start-ups. Kitmondo offers these machines at a fraction of the cost, providing excellent value for money. Prices for used wood milling machines typically range from €2,000 to €30,000, depending on age, brand, condition, and features.

Quality Assurance

Each listing on Kitmondo undergoes a rigorous evaluation to ensure the equipment is in excellent working condition. This thorough vetting guarantees that even used machinery meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Market Reach

Wood milling machines are crucial for efficient and precise wood shaping across various industries. Kitmondo provides a reliable platform for buying and selling these machines, ensuring convenience and value. Experience the future of woodworking with Kitmondo, where tradition meets innovation.

Benefits of Wood Milling Machines

Wood milling machines offer numerous advantages, making them indispensable in woodworking:

  • High Precision: Ensure exceptional accuracy and repeatability, meeting exact specifications and quality standards.
  • Versatility: Handle a wide range of milling tasks, from simple cuts to complex shapes and intricate designs.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automate and streamline the milling process, significantly increasing production speed and reducing manual labor.
  • Cost Savings: Improve productivity and reduce material waste, lowering production costs and increasing profitability.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Allow craftsmen to create complex and detailed designs, expanding creative possibilities.

Key Features of Wood Milling Machines

When evaluating wood milling machines, consider these key parameters:

  • Working Area: The dimensions of the work area, determining the maximum size of workpieces that can be processed.
  • Spindle Speed: The range of speeds at which the spindle can rotate, affecting the machine’s ability to handle different types of wood and tasks.
  • Motor Power: The power of the machine's motor, determining its ability to handle larger and denser wood pieces.
  • Precision and Adjustability: The ability to make precise adjustments, ensuring accurate and high-quality results.
  • Tool Capacity: The number of tools the machine can hold and automatically change during operations, affecting versatility and efficiency.
  • Control System: The type of control system, influencing ease of use, programming capabilities, and integration with other production systems.

Applications of Wood Milling Machines

Wood milling machines, given their versatility and precision, are used in various areas:

  • Furniture Making: Shaping and detailing components like table legs, chair arms, and decorative elements.
  • Cabinet Making: Producing cabinets and storage units with precise cuts and intricate designs.
  • Custom Woodworking: Ideal for bespoke projects requiring unique designs and precise milling.
  • Door and Window Manufacturing: Milling components of doors and windows, ensuring tight tolerances and consistent quality.
  • Musical Instruments: Producing wooden parts for instruments, including bodies, necks, and other components.

Leading Manufacturers of Wood Milling Machines

Several renowned manufacturers are known for their quality and innovation in wood milling machines:

  • SCM Group: Offers advanced, precise, and reliable wood milling machines.
  • Biesse: Provides efficient and versatile machines for various applications.
  • Felder Group: Specializes in robust and precise wood milling machines.
  • Homag: Known for a comprehensive range of reliable and efficient machines.
  • Holz-Her: Offers advanced technology, providing high-quality machines for precision and efficiency.
  • Masterwood: Specializes in CNC solutions, offering versatile and efficient machines.


Wood milling machines are invaluable assets in the woodworking industry, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for a wide range of tasks. Whether for furniture making, cabinet making, custom woodworking, door and window manufacturing, or musical instruments, these machines ensure superior product quality and compliance with industry standards. With Kitmondo, buying or selling wood milling machines is straightforward and reliable, allowing businesses to focus on producing exceptional woodworking products.