Welcome to Kitmondo, the leading source for top-quality used industrial machinery. Our collection includes versatile cross-cut optimizing saws, expertly designed to meet the diverse needs of the woodworking industry.

Our cross-cut optimizing saws, priced between €5,000 and €20,000, are engineered for precision cutting, increased productivity, and waste reduction. Key features to look for include high cutting speeds, exceptional accuracy, advanced automation capabilities, and efficient material handling options.

Kitmondo proudly features equipment from renowned manufacturers like Weinig, Salvador, and Dimter. Each machine is meticulously tested and inspected to ensure it meets our rigorous standards for performance and durability.

Choosing pre-owned machinery from Kitmondo means you get unparalleled value without compromising on quality. Let us help you take your woodworking business to new heights of efficiency and productivity. Explore our wide selection today and find the perfect machinery to meet your industrial needs.

REINHARDT- JOULIN CONNECTION LINE (following production change)

Year: 2001

Cutting height 80 mm
Feeding table length 5000 mm
Cutting speed 120 rpm
Cutting width 800 mm
Blade diameter 500 mm
Engine power 6.3 kW

Salvador Superpush 200 Used cross-cut optimizing saw

Year: 2018

Blade diameter 550 mm
Engine power 5.5 kW

CEMIL TR550A Used cross-cut optimizing saw

Year: 1999

Cutting height 165 mm
Cutting width 397 mm
Blade diameter 550 mm
Cutting length 5150 mm
Feeding table length 4000 mm
Cutting speed 3000 rpm

Edger MZ LC 6000 CE

Year: 2009

Cutting height 130 mm
Cutting width 600 mm
Engine power 14.91424 kW
Cutting length 6200 mm
Blade diameter 500 mm

Weinig Dimter OptiCut S90 Used cross-cut optimizing saw


Cutting height 160 mm
Cutting width 360 mm
Blade diameter 500 mm
Cutting length 4500 mm
Feeding table length 5600 mm
Engine power 7.5 kW

Weinig GreCon Dimter OptiCut 101 R Used cross-cut optimizing saw

Year: 1998

Cutting height 100 mm
Cutting width 360 mm
Blade diameter 500 mm
Cutting length 3000 mm
Feeding table length 1600 mm
Engine power 6.25 kW

ORMAL - DIEFFE TT500 Used cross-cut optimizing saw

Year: 2000

Blade diameter 500 mm
Engine power 5.5 kW

STROMAB PS/50FP Used cross-cut optimizing saw

Year: 1990

Blade diameter 500 mm
Engine power 5.59284 kW

STROMAB TR500 MATRIX 4 OPTIMIZER Used cross-cut optimizing saw


Blade diameter 500 mm
Engine power 7.5 kW
Cutting speed 3000 rpm

PAUL 27 A0 Used cross-cut optimizing saw

Year: 1995

Cutting height 250 mm
Feeding table length 7600 mm
Engine power 7.5 kW
Cutting length 700 mm
Blade diameter 800 mm

SALVADOR SUPERCUT 500 Used cross-cut optimizing saw

Year: 2013

Cutting length 200 mm
Engine power 5.5 kW
Blade diameter 500 mm

OMGA TR2 Used cross-cut optimizing saw

Year: 2001

Cutting height 102 mm
Cutting width 170 mm
Blade diameter 300 mm
Cutting length 2800 mm
Feeding table length  mm
Cutting speed  rpm

STROMAB TR 500 Used cross-cut optimizing saw

Year: 2007

Cutting width 4500 mm
Engine power 7.45712 kW
Blade diameter 500 mm

Omga RN700 Used cross-cut optimizing saw

Year: 1999

Cutting height 80 mm
Blade diameter 300 mm
Cutting length 700 mm
Engine power 2.9 kW

Weinig Opticut S50 Optional serie I Optimizing Cross-Cut Saw Low working hours

Year: 2020

Cutting height 120 mm
Feeding table length 600 mm
Cutting speed 3000 rpm
Cutting width 300 mm
Blade diameter 500 mm
Engine power 5.5 kW

OMG T 720 OPT Used cross-cut optimizing saw


Cutting height 225 mm
Cutting width 145 mm
Cutting speed 4000 rpm
Cutting length 100 mm
Blade diameter 350 mm
Engine power 4.8 kW

Paul 11 MKL Used cross-cut optimizing saw

Year: 2001

Cutting height 90 mm
Feeding table length 11500 mm
Engine power 5.5 kW
Cutting width 180 mm
Blade diameter 500 mm

GreCon Dimter OPTICUT 204 R Used cross-cut optimizing saw

Year: 1998

Cutting height 100 mm
Cutting width 260 mm
Engine power 9 kW
Cutting length 4000 mm
Blade diameter 500 mm

Exploring Cross-Cut Optimizing Saws in Kitmondo's Woodworking Machinery Marketplace

At Kitmondo, we excel in connecting industry professionals with top-quality used machinery. Among our extensive inventory, the Woodworking Machines category features vital tools such as Cross-Cut Optimizing Saws. Let's dive into the details of these machines, their significance, and why Kitmondo is the go-to marketplace for buying or selling them.

What Are Cross-Cut Optimizing Saws?

Cross-cut optimizing saws are advanced woodworking machines designed to make precise cross cuts in wood, maximizing material usage and minimizing waste. Equipped with sophisticated software and sensors, these saws calculate the most efficient cutting patterns, ensuring optimal utilization of each piece of wood. They are indispensable in industries like furniture making, flooring, and construction, where precision and efficiency are critical.

Varieties of Cross-Cut Optimizing Saws

  • Automatic Cross-Cut Saws: Fully automated systems that measure, cut, and sort wood pieces based on pre-programmed specifications.
  • Semi-Automatic Cross-Cut Saws: Combine manual and automated processes, offering flexibility and control while optimizing material usage.
  • High-Speed Cross-Cut Saws: Designed for high-volume production, operating at high speeds without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Saws: Built to handle large and thick wood pieces, ideal for heavy-duty applications in construction and lumber processing.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Cross-Cut Optimizing Saws

Navigating the used industrial machinery market can be daunting, but Kitmondo makes it seamless. Here are the key benefits of purchasing from Kitmondo:

Affordability: New cross-cut optimizing saws can be a significant investment, particularly for small businesses or startups. Kitmondo offers these machines at a fraction of the cost of new ones, with prices typically ranging from €10,000 to €100,000, depending on age, brand, and condition.

Quality Assurance: Each listing on Kitmondo undergoes a meticulous evaluation process to ensure the equipment is in excellent working condition. This rigorous vetting guarantees that all machinery meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Widespread Market Reach: Whether you're looking to buy or sell, Kitmondo provides a platform that ensures convenience, reliability, and value. Embrace the future of woodworking with Kitmondo – where tradition meets innovation.

Key Benefits of Cross-Cut Optimizing Saws

Cross-cut optimizing saws offer numerous advantages that make them essential in the woodworking industry:

High Precision: These machines deliver precise cuts, essential for high-quality finishes and accurate dimensions.

Material Optimization: Advanced software algorithms maximize material usage by optimizing cutting patterns, significantly reducing waste.

Increased Efficiency: Automated systems greatly increase production speed, allowing for high-volume output with minimal manual intervention. This efficiency leads to higher productivity and lower labor costs.

Consistent Quality: Cross-cut optimizing saws ensure uniform and consistent results, minimizing variability and ensuring high-quality outcomes.

Reduced Waste: By optimizing each cut, these saws minimize waste, saving material costs and promoting sustainable practices.

Essential Parameters of Cross-Cut Optimizing Saws

When evaluating cross-cut optimizing saws, several key parameters are crucial:

  • Cutting Capacity: Maximum dimensions of wood pieces the saw can handle, including width, height, and thickness.
  • Cutting Speed: Measured in cuts per minute (CPM), influencing production rates and efficiency.
  • Accuracy: Precision of the cuts, typically measured in millimeters, affecting the quality and fit of final products.
  • Automation Level: Degree of automation, from semi-automatic to fully automatic systems, impacting ease of use and operational efficiency.
  • Software Integration: Type of software used for optimizing cuts, affecting flexibility and efficiency.
  • Power: Motor power, usually measured in kilowatts (kW) or horsepower (HP), determining the machine’s capability to handle various materials and workloads.
  • Dust Collection: Efficiency of the dust collection system, crucial for maintaining a clean and safe working environment.

Applications of Cross-Cut Optimizing Saws

Cross-cut optimizing saws are versatile and find application in various industries:

  • Furniture Manufacturing: Cutting wood components for furniture with precision and efficiency.
  • Flooring Production: Providing accurate and consistent cuts for high-quality flooring products.
  • Construction: Cutting structural components and wood panels for precise dimensions and efficient material usage.
  • Lumber Mills: Processing logs into lumber, optimizing cuts to maximize yield and minimize waste.
  • Packaging: Cutting wood pieces for packaging materials with precision and efficiency.

Leading Manufacturers of Cross-Cut Optimizing Saws

Several manufacturers are renowned for their high-quality cross-cut optimizing saws:

  • Weinig: Offers advanced saws known for their precision and reliability.
  • Dimter: Provides versatile and efficient saws for various applications.
  • Paul Maschinenfabrik: Specializes in robust and precise high-performance saws.
  • Biesse: Known for reliable and efficient machines in the woodworking industry.
  • Kallfass: Delivers advanced technology for precision and efficiency.
  • Salvador: Offers versatile and efficient optimizing saws suitable for different production environments.

When researching or purchasing cross-cut optimizing saws, consider specific models, reviews, and after-sales service from these trusted manufacturers.


Cross-cut optimizing saws are invaluable assets in the woodworking industry, providing high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for cutting and optimizing wood materials. Whether for furniture manufacturing, flooring production, construction, or lumber mills, these machines ensure superior product quality and compliance with industry standards. With Kitmondo, acquiring or selling cross-cut optimizing saws becomes a seamless and reliable process, allowing businesses to focus on producing exceptional wood products.