At Kitmondo, discover our exceptional inventory of pre-owned Wide Belt Sanders, renowned for delivering professional-grade finishes in plastic processing. Featuring robust construction, flexible sanding belts, adjustable speeds, and efficient dust extraction systems, our sanders are designed to elevate operational excellence.

These versatile machines are indispensable across woodworking, metalworking, plastics, composites, and more. Key technical parameters such as belt dimensions, motor power, sanding speeds, dust extraction capabilities, and overall machine dimensions and weight ensure optimal performance.

Leading brands like Biesse, Timesavers, Weber, Viet, SCM, and Heesemann are prominently featured for their quality and reliability. Our pre-owned Wide Belt Sanders are competitively priced between 9,000 and 27,000 EUR, offering significant savings while maintaining high performance standards.

Opt for Kitmondo's Wide Belt Sanders to streamline your manufacturing processes, achieve superior product finishes, and embrace sustainable production practices. Your satisfaction and success drive our commitment to excellence.

SCM GROUP WŁOCHY DMC 1350 M2/M2/I Wide belt sander

Year: 1998

Working width 1350 mm
Type Bottom+Top
Total installed power 115 kW
Max thickness 200 mm
Nbr of units 4

Viet S1 221 Wide belt sander

Year: 2006

Working width 1100 mm
Nbr of units 2


Year: 2009

Working width 1350 mm
Type Top
Total installed power 63 kW
Max thickness 160 mm
Nbr of units 3

STEMAS Double Sided -Oscillating Sanding Machine with *Loader

Year: ~ 2000

Working width 2000 mm
Max thickness 25 mm

HEESEMANN MFA Impression Wide belt sander

Year: 2010

Working width 1350 mm
Total installed power 25 kW
Max thickness 150 mm

DMC TC 1350 RK Wide belt sander

Year: 2000

We are looking to sell a GALIBRATING SANDER that works: BRAND DMC MODEL TC 1350RK YEAR 2000 WEIGHT 3300KG The reason for the sale is that the machine is much too industrial for our small structure.

SCM Sandya 30 Wide belt sander

Year: 2000

Working width 1300 mm
Total installed power 40 kW
Max thickness 120 mm
Nbr of units 3

SCM Levigatrice-aut Wide belt sander

Year: 2015

Working width 1300 mm
Type Top
Max thickness 110 mm

Levigaltecnia SRRRN 1120 Wide belt sander Hot deal


Working width 1100 mm
Type Top
Max thickness 159 mm
Nbr of units 3

SBF 3W-586 Wide belt sander

Year: 1997

Working width 1100 mm
Type Top
Total installed power 24 kW
Max thickness 160 mm
Nbr of units 3

Ernst FG2L / B wide-belt sander

Year: 1999

Working width 1250 mm
Max thickness 150 mm

Costa 36 CC Wide belt sander


Working width 1150 mm
Nbr of units 2
Max thickness 150 mm
Total installed power 11.18568 kW

Used Costa M CC 1150 Wide belt sander

Year: 1999

Working width 1150 mm
Type Top
Total installed power 40 kW
Max thickness 0 mm
Nbr of units 2

SCM DMC– System T2C structuring wide belt sander

Year: 2017

Working units: 1x structuring unit PLANETARY (patent SCM) 1x structuring brush (abralon, tynex) 1x rotating blowers for panels cleaning Working width: 1.350 mm Working table: fixed height H=900mm from floor Vacuum holding: YES (ventilator 4kW) Supporting tables: 5 idle rollers at infeed 5 idle rollers at outfeed Possibility of the machine in-line: YES Control panel: LCD touch screen State of …

BÜTFERING CLASSIC 111/C Wide belt sander

Year: 1999

Working width 1110 mm
Total installed power 11 kW
Max thickness 150 mm

Talleres March LIJS114 Wide belt sander

Year: 2000

Working width 1400 mm
Total installed power 33 kW

Heesemann LSM 6 Wide belt sander Good value

Year: 1993

Working width 1350 mm
Max thickness 150 mm

Heesemann MFA 6 Wide belt sander

Year: 2000

Working width 1350 mm
Nbr of units 2
Max thickness 130 mm

Presentation of Wide Belt Sander at Kitmondo

Welcome to Kitmondo, where we recognize the critical importance of achieving flawless finishes in manufacturing. Our commitment is to empower professionals worldwide with top-tier used industrial machinery. Today, we're excited to highlight a standout piece from our expansive inventory: a premium pre-owned Wide Belt Sander, expertly suited for plastic processing.

  • Machine Overview:

    • Purpose: Essential for businesses working with plastic materials, ensuring impeccable, professional-grade finishes.
    • Performance: Promises durability, reliability, and outstanding performance at a cost-effective price point.
    • Technical Specifications:
      • Powerful Motor: Robust motor ensures swift material removal with pinpoint precision.
      • Versatile Sanding Belts: Wide belts accommodate various grades and sizes for efficient production.
      • Adjustable Speed: Tailors sanding speed for different materials and desired finishes, offering flexibility and control.
      • Effective Dust Extraction System: Integrated system maintains a clean, safe workspace, enhancing machine longevity.
      • Durable Construction: Built tough to withstand heavy-duty tasks with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Benefits:

    • Investment: Enhances finishing quality, productivity, and operational excellence.
    • Sustainability: Supports sustainable manufacturing practices through machinery reuse.
  • Support:

    • Service: Kitmondo ensures secure transactions and offers expert customer support for seamless transactions and equipment selection.

Invest in Quality with Wide Belt Sander: Affordable Pricing at Kitmondo

Investing in a Wide Belt Sander can significantly boost productivity and efficiency in your manufacturing processes. Here are the myriad advantages this versatile machinery offers:

  • Advantages:

    • Superior Finishes: Delivers smooth, uniform finishes across plastics, enhancing product quality and brand reputation.
    • Enhanced Efficiency: Wide sanding belts cover substantial areas swiftly, improving throughput and operational efficiency.
    • Flexibility: Adjustable belts cater to diverse finish options, from coarse to ultra-fine, meeting varied production needs.
    • Variable Speed Control: Customizes sanding speeds for optimal results based on material characteristics and finishing preferences.
    • Safe, Clean Operation: Built-in dust extraction systems ensure a clean workspace, promoting safety and extending machine lifespan.
    • Long-lasting Performance: Designed for durability under demanding conditions, offering long-term operational benefits.
    • Cost-effectiveness: Kitmondo offers pre-owned models priced between 9,000 and 27,000 EUR, delivering savings without compromising quality.
    • Expert Support: Access to dedicated customer service for expert guidance on equipment selection and transaction facilitation.
  • Selection Criteria:

    • Key Parameters: Assessing sanding belt dimensions, motor power, speed controls, feed speeds, multi-sanding units, dust extraction, machine dimensions, power requirements, and noise levels ensures optimal equipment alignment with operational needs.

Exploring the Applications of Wide Belt Sanders

Wide Belt Sanders are versatile machines employed across diverse industries for various applications, primarily focused on surface smoothing and finishing. Here's where they shine brightest:


    • Woodworking: Refining and finishing wood surfaces for furniture, doors, flooring, and panels.
    • Metalworking: Removing burrs and smoothing metal components for painting, coating, or specific finishes.
    • Plastics: Polishing and refining plastic surfaces for further processing or final product use.
    • Composite Materials: Fabricating and finishing composite materials like carbon fibre or fibreglass in automotive and aerospace applications.
    • Rubber: Smoothing surfaces and enhancing rubber product quality and performance.
    • Leather: Refining and finishing leather products for superior quality and aesthetic appeal.
    • Construction: Refining building materials such as doors, windows, and flooring for durability and optimal finish.
    • Automotive: Perfecting bodywork components before painting or coating processes.
  • Consultation: Engages Kitmondo experts for tailored machinery solutions based on industry-specific needs and production objectives.

Leading Manufacturers of Wide Belt Sanders

Discover esteemed brands recognized for excellence in Wide Belt Sanders:

Brand Recognition:

    • Biesse: Advanced woodworking machinery known for precision, durability, and innovative technology.
    • Timesavers: Over seventy years of delivering robust, dependable sanding solutions across industries.
    • Weber: German efficiency in producing reliable Wide Belt Sanders across wood, metal, and plastic industries.
    • Viet: High-precision sanding machinery within the Biesse Group, offering versatile solutions.
    • SCM: Italy-based innovation and customer satisfaction in a comprehensive range of sanding machines.
    • Heesemann: German precision and durability in high-performance sanding machines.
  • Considerations: Evaluate brand reputation, industrial needs, and operational preferences to select the optimal Wide Belt Sander solution for your business.