Welcome to Kitmondo, your go-to source for high-quality used industrial machinery. Our collection features versatile and high-performance wire drawing machines, perfect for various applications in the metal pressing and forging industry.

Priced between €15,000 and €100,000, our wire drawing machines are engineered to transform metal rods into precise, high-quality wire. Key features include adjustable drawing speeds, precision dies, durable construction, and state-of-the-art automation capabilities.

We proudly offer machinery from renowned manufacturers such as Schumag, Mario Frigerio, and NIEHOFF. Each piece of equipment is meticulously tested and inspected to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and longevity.

Choosing pre-owned industrial machinery from Kitmondo means maximizing your investment without compromising on quality or efficiency. Trust us to boost your wire production operations to new levels of productivity and excellence. Explore our diverse range today and let us assist you in finding the perfect wire drawing machine for your industrial needs.

Double discontinuous tube drawing line, refurbished 2019 Low working hours

Year: 1969

Wire diameter 6 mm
Power 4.1 kW
Max. speed 20 m/min

Double discontinuous tube drawing line, refurbished 2019 Low working hours

Year: 1969

Wire diameter 6 mm
Power 4.1 kW
Max. speed 20 m/min

ÁP-Technology CLF-2023 PT-01 Forest fence / Wire mesh machine

Year: 2023

Parameters: Production capacity: 75-190 M/Hr - depends of wire placing and size. Space requirement: 9mx14m Weigth: 4 Ton Power requirement: 400V,3X 25A Power consumption: 2,5Kw/h Vertical wire size: 2.0; 2.2; 2.5 mm Horizontal wire size: 2.2-2.5 mm Knot wire size: 1.8-2.2 mm Motion system: PLC, SERVO MOTORS, SIEMENS ELECTRONICAL SYSTEM GUARANTEE, AND EMPLOYEE TRAINING.


Year: 2000

Wire diameter 300 mm
Max. speed 30 m/min

Changzhou AiBang LJ 350 Wire drawing machine

Year: 2023

Max. speed 22 m/min
Power 380 kW


Year: 2012

DOUBLE VERTICAL SPOOLER MODEL BVD112 Wire diameter 2.1 ÷ 2.3 mm Tensile strength max. 2,000 N/mm2 Technical characteristics Spool's Dimensions Single type flange Flange 1,120 mm Barrel 560 mm Working width 710 mm Max. width 850 mm Bore 155 mm Weight of the wire 2.0 ton Machine speed max . 15.0 m/s Compressed air 500÷700 kPa Drive AC motor nominal …

Arboga Vertical Wire Drawing Machine

Year: 2009

Arboga Vertical Wire Drawing Machine Single head Head cooling system

Wafios FTU3.3-98 CNC Wire Bending Machine

Year: 1994

Wafios FTU3.3-98 CNC Wire Bending Machine 7 axis 3D wire bending possibility All tools from 1.5 mm up to 8 mm available

Used Schumag Aachen KZRP 0 Wire drawing machine

Year: 1963

Bar puller Schumag KZRP 0 Dimension range 2 - 6 mm Speed 50 m/min max. With: - Pre-straightener - 2 drawing slides - straightener - flying shear - ripo - outfeed table - switch cabinet - E-plans and operating instructions

NEUMAG/ Saurer Drawing Line 9-10 Wire drawing machine

Year: 2007

Output capacity 1000 kg/h Running hours From year 2007, it is new was not used Machine manuals (YES/NO) Yes Tension stand Neumag 2 Pcs -Type 70067032 Storage sunflower wheel Neumag 2 Pcs -Type 70067020

TEIJIN Seico Co. LTD TF40 drawing line

Year: 1970

Output capacity 1000 kg/h Running hours From year 1971 CE certified? CE? (YES/NO) No Machine manuals (YES/NO) Partly

Wafios machines for nails


We are selling 2 machines Wafios for selling , and one machine from Ukraina ! All of them are ready for working Some details of them : Wafios N120 Technical details Dimensions of producing : 4.0cm-12cm Output : 400/500 nail/min Wafios N70 Technical details Dimensions of producing : 4.0cm-7.0cm Output : 350/400 nail/min Ukraine : Technical details Dimensions of producing …

Беларусь SP 5000-2-IH Wire drawing machine


Cross wedge rolling mill SP 5000-2-IH is for sale. New, never used! Technological equipment designed for the production of billets using the method of hot cross-wedge rolling. Cross-wedge rolling is used for the production of finished parts, products for subsequent turning, for pre-forming blanks for subsequent stamping for rolling various parts. Maximum productivity 180 parts/hour. The installed power of the …

EHT RG steel wool machine

Year: 2000

is manufacturing steel wool, chopped steel wool and from the remaining flat wire, it manufactures steel fibers segment. data sheet available

MORONI TMS-656/C Wire drawing machine

Year: 1980

6 STEPS WIRE DRAWING MACHINE very good condition inspection under power is possible video available

Wafios BM30 Wire Bending Machine

Year: 2018

Wafios BM30 Wire Bending Machine Machine is in very good condition Technical document has been added to product page!

Progress EBA S12 Reinforcing wire drawing machine


Wire diameter 12 mm
Power 15 kW
Max. speed 144 m/min


Year: 1960

Max. speed 40 m/min
Power 30 kW

Exploring Wire Drawing Machines in the Kitmondo Metal Presses/Forging Machinery Marketplace

At Kitmondo, we connect professionals with top-tier industrial machinery solutions. Our diverse range of Metal and Sheet Metal Machines includes vital equipment such as Wire Drawing Machines. Let’s delve into what these machines are, their significance, and why Kitmondo is your go-to marketplace for buying or selling them.

What Are Wire Drawing Machines?

Wire drawing machines are specialized metalworking tools designed to reduce the diameter of metal wire through a series of dies or drawing steps. This process, known as wire drawing, increases the wire's length while decreasing its cross-sectional area. Essential in various industries, including construction, automotive, electronics, and telecommunications, these machines produce wire of different sizes and specifications.

Types of Wire Drawing Machines

  1. Single-Block Wire Drawing Machines: Utilize a single die to reduce wire diameter, ideal for low-volume production and thicker wires.
  2. Multi-Block Wire Drawing Machines: Feature multiple dies in sequence, enabling continuous reduction of wire diameter for high-volume production.
  3. Wet Wire Drawing Machines: Use lubricants or coolants to reduce friction and heat, enhancing wire quality.
  4. Dry Wire Drawing Machines: Operate without lubricants, suitable for applications where lubrication isn't required.
  5. Straight Line Wire Drawing Machines: Pull wire through dies in a straight line, perfect for high-speed production of fine wires.
  6. Rotary Wire Drawing Machines: Use a rotating mechanism for drawing wire, offering high precision and surface finish.
  7. Tandem Wire Drawing Machines: Combine multiple drawing steps into one machine, increasing efficiency and production speed.

The Kitmondo Advantage: Buying & Selling Wire Drawing Machines

Navigating the market for used industrial machinery can be complex, but Kitmondo simplifies the process with several key benefits for buyers and sellers.


Purchasing new wire drawing machines can be a substantial financial burden, especially for small businesses or start-ups. Kitmondo offers these machines at a fraction of the cost of new ones, ensuring exceptional value. Prices for used wire drawing machines on our platform typically range from €10,000 to €150,000, depending on age, brand, condition, and features.

Quality Assurance

Every listing on Kitmondo undergoes a thorough evaluation to ensure the equipment is in excellent working condition. This rigorous vetting process guarantees that even used machinery meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Market Reach

Wire drawing machines are crucial for precise and efficient wire production across various industries. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Kitmondo offers a platform that ensures convenience, reliability, and value. Join us and step into the future of wire production with Kitmondo – where tradition meets innovation.

Key Benefits of Wire Drawing Machines

Wire drawing machines offer numerous advantages, making them indispensable in the metalworking industry. Here are the primary benefits:

  • High Efficiency: Enable high-speed production, significantly boosting productivity and reducing manual labor.
  • Precision: Ensure precise control over wire diameter and surface finish, producing high-quality wires.
  • Versatility: Can handle various metals, including steel, aluminum, copper, and alloys, making them essential for diverse applications.
  • Durability: Built for continuous operation, offering long-term reliability and performance.
  • Cost Savings: Improve productivity and reduce material waste, lowering production costs and increasing profitability.

Essential Features of Wire Drawing Machines

When evaluating wire drawing machines, consider the following key parameters to ensure they meet your specific requirements:

  • Drawing Speed: Measured in meters per minute (MPM), influencing production rates and efficiency.
  • Number of Blocks: The number of drawing steps or blocks, determining its capability to reduce wire diameter in a single pass.
  • Wire Diameter Range: The range of wire diameters the machine can handle, affecting its versatility.
  • Lubrication System: Wet or dry lubrication system impacting the wire's quality and finish.
  • Power Supply: Type and capacity required to operate the machine, affecting compatibility with workshop equipment.
  • Automation Level: Degree of automation from manual to fully automated systems, impacting ease of use and integration into production lines.

Applications of Wire Drawing Machines

Wire drawing machines, due to their versatility and capacity for high-quality wire production, find application in numerous areas:

  • Construction Industry: Producing wires and cables for electrical wiring and reinforcement.
  • Automotive Industry: Manufacturing various automotive wires and cables, ensuring high strength and durability.
  • Electronics and Telecommunications: Producing fine wires for electronic components and communication cables.
  • Manufacturing and Engineering: Producing wires for machinery, equipment, and industrial applications.
  • Jewelry Making: Creating fine wires for jewelry, requiring high precision and surface finish.

Leading Manufacturers of Wire Drawing Machines

Several top manufacturers are renowned for their quality and innovation in wire drawing machinery. Here are some prominent names:

  • Mario Frigerio (MARIO FRIGERIO SPA): Known for precision and reliability.
  • Koch: Provides efficient and versatile wire drawing machines.
  • Niehoff: Specializes in robust and precise machinery.
  • GCR Eurodraw: Offers a comprehensive range of reliable equipment.
  • SAMP: Provides high-quality machines designed for precision and efficiency.
  • Henrich Maschinenfabrik: Specializes in versatile wire processing machinery.


Wire drawing machines are vital assets in the metalworking industry, offering high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for producing various wires. Whether for construction, automotive, electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, or jewelry making, these machines ensure superior product quality and compliance with industry standards. With Kitmondo’s support, buying or selling wire drawing machines becomes a seamless and reliable process, enabling businesses to focus on their core activities – producing exceptional wires and cables.