Explore Kitmondo's diverse selection of 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres, essential for modern woodworking excellence. These advanced machines empower craftsmen and industries to achieve intricate designs with unparalleled precision, crucial for furniture manufacturing, cabinet production, and prototyping. From complex 3D carvings to precise joinery tasks, they cater to diverse needs and budgets.


Kitmondo offers a variety of specifications priced between €35,000 and €97,000, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and cost-efficiency. Renowned brands like Biesse, Homag, SCM Group, and Masterwood guarantee reliability and top-notch performance.


While the initial investment may seem substantial, the versatility, accuracy, and efficiency of these machines make them indispensable assets for woodworking enterprises. Kitmondo provides transparent listings with detailed machine parameters, empowering informed decision-making tailored to individual needs.


Discover how Kitmondo's 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centers can elevate your woodworking projects with unmatched precision and innovation.

Thermwood C67S 5-axis cnc wood machining center

Year: 2001

X stroke 3048 mm
Z stroke 914 mm
Y stroke 1524 mm
CNC type

Vincenzo Celentano 2530 Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis Low working hours

Year: 2019

X stroke 2500 mm
Z stroke 700 mm
Y stroke 3000 mm
CNC type 5 Axis

Anderson NC-1325IP Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2004

X stroke 1900 mm
Z stroke 800 mm
Vacuum pump 250 m³/h
Y stroke 2800 mm
Tool changer positions 15
CNC type

BUSELLATO Jet Optima T5 Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2018

Tool changer positions 12
CNC type
Vacuum pump 90 m³/h

Pade Spin 5 Axis CNC Machining Center

Year: 2012

X stroke 420 mm
Z stroke 60 mm
Y stroke 280 mm
CNC type

CMS PF132-2TUCU Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2002

X stroke 5800 mm
Z stroke 770 mm
Vacuum pump 500 m³/h
Y stroke 1850 mm
Tool changer positions 32
CNC type Osai Serie 10 Winlink

Paolino Bacci Master 5 axis wood cnc machining center

Year: 2007

Z stroke 1100 mm
CNC type
Vacuum pump 250 m³/h

CNC wood machine

Year: 1994

CNC type

3,390 €

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GB United Kingdom

BALESTRINI GREAT IDEA Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2005

X stroke 1600 mm
Z stroke 700 mm
CNC type NUM
Y stroke 3000 mm
Vacuum pump 100 m³/h

Scm Accord 30 FX Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2015

X stroke 3680 mm
Z stroke 250 mm
Vacuum pump 250 m³/h
Y stroke 1680 mm
Tool changer positions 12
CNC type Xilog Maestro


Year: 2010

X stroke 6175 mm
CNC type
Y stroke 1850 mm

Biesse Rover A 1659 Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2018

X stroke 5920 mm
Z stroke 245 mm
Vacuum pump 100 m³/h
Y stroke 1580 mm
Tool changer positions 10
CNC type BIESSE BSolid

Mori Seiki NTX1000 Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2012

X stroke 380 mm
Z stroke 460 mm
CNC type MSX-711-IV Mori Seiki
Y stroke 105 mm
Tool changer positions 10

BALESTRINI IDEA 2 Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2007

X stroke 1800 mm
Z stroke 700 mm
Y stroke 1600 mm
CNC type

Hamuel Reichenbacher VIZION 1-/Sprint Wood CNC machining centre - 5 Axis

Year: 2007

X stroke 3740 mm
Z stroke 486 mm
Y stroke 1600 mm
CNC type

5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres on Kitmondo

At Kitmondo, we understand the pivotal role that 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres play in modern woodworking industries. These machines are essential for executing intricate cuts and complex designs with precision and efficiency, making them indispensable in sectors such as furniture manufacturing, cabinet production, and prototyping.

Our comprehensive catalogue highlights the prominence of 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres among woodworking machinery. These machines leverage five axes—three linear and two rotational—to operate on multiple planes, enabling craftsmen to achieve intricate, multidimensional cuts and designs with unparalleled precision and versatility.

Kitmondo offers a seamless platform for buying or selling used industrial machinery, providing professionals with a convenient and reliable marketplace. Whether you're investing in machinery or selling surplus equipment, our platform ensures a straightforward process with extensive options, detailed descriptions, and seamless connections between buyers and sellers globally.

The 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres listed on Kitmondo span a range of prices from €35,000 to €97,000, catering to diverse budgets and requirements. Each machine undergoes thorough verification to uphold our standards of quality, ensuring that buyers acquire economically advantageous and industrially proficient equipment.

For sellers, Kitmondo provides a global platform to showcase machinery to a wide audience, enhancing visibility and facilitating transactions efficiently. Our dedicated team supports sellers in effectively listing machinery, maximizing exposure and connecting with potential buyers worldwide.

Investing in used machinery via Kitmondo not only offers cost-effectiveness but also guarantees reliability and quality. These machines are pivotal in enhancing operational output and expanding capabilities in woodworking enterprises, making Kitmondo the preferred choice for professionals seeking precision and innovation.

Main Advantages of 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres

5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres have revolutionized woodworking with their capabilities:

  • Complexity and Precision: Ability to produce intricate parts with high precision.
  • Reduction in Setup Time: Diminished need for multiple setups, reducing production time.
  • Improved Surface Finishes: Ensures smoother finishes with optimal cutting angles.
  • Extended Tool Life: Prolongs tool lifespan with optimal positioning.
  • Greater Flexibility: Enables manufacturing of diverse parts without special tools.
  • Space and Cost Efficiency: Achieves multiple tasks in less space and cost-effective operations.
  • Enhanced Competitive Edge: Expands service offerings and tackles complex projects.
  • Reduced Waste: Minimizes errors and material wastage.
  • Compatibility with Modern Design Software: Seamlessly integrates with contemporary design tools.

These advantages make 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres indispensable for woodworking professionals aiming to elevate quality and efficiency.

Main Parameters of 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres

Key parameters influencing machine capability and value:

  • Working Area Dimensions: X, Y, Z travel distances.
  • Spindle Speed and Power: RPM and horsepower/kilowatts for cutting efficiency.
  • Tool Magazine Capacity and Change Time: Enhances operational versatility.
  • Accuracy and Repeatability: Precision in positioning and consistency.
  • Drive System and Controller Type: Influence speed, accuracy, and user interface.
  • Table Type and Configuration: Fixed or movable with load capacity and rotation capabilities.
  • Cooling System: Vital for prolonged operations and heat management.
  • Machine Age and Usage Hours: Impact on maintenance and performance.
  • Additional Accessories: Enhances functionality for specific tasks.

These parameters provide insights into machine suitability, aiding informed decisions for buyers and sellers on Kitmondo.

Area of Use

5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres find applications in diverse industries:

  • Furniture Manufacturing: Crafting detailed designs and engravings.
  • Cabinet and Joinery Production: Precision in cabinet making and mouldings.
  • Architectural Woodworking: Creating complex structures and decorative elements.
  • Musical Instruments: Precision in instrument crafting like guitars and pianos.
  • Prototyping and Art: Detailed prototypes and artistic installations.
  • Boat Building and Aerospace: Crafting intricate parts and prototypes.
  • Recreational Equipment: Designing sports gear and accessories.
  • Tooling and Mould Production: Precision templates and moulds for various applications.

These machines cater to specific industrial needs, enhancing productivity and creativity.

Main Manufacturers of 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres

Explore machines from renowned manufacturers known for quality and reliability:

  • Biesse: An Italian leader in woodworking machinery, renowned for the Rover series of 5-axis CNC machines.
  • Homag: German-based manufacturer offering precision CNC machining centres under the Centateq series.
  • SCM Group: Italian powerhouse producing versatile 5-axis CNC machines branded as Morbidelli.
  • Weeke: A subsidiary of Homag, providing efficient CNC solutions for woodworking tasks.
  • Masterwood: Italian manufacturer specializing in tailored 5-axis CNC machining centres.
  • Thermwood: American company known for large-scale CNC routers with broad industrial applications.
  • Anderson Group: Taiwanese origin, offering high-performance CNC machining centres for diverse needs.
  • Busellato: Part of the SCM Group, recognized for precision 5-axis CNC solutions.
  • IMA Schelling: German-Austrian collaboration delivering advanced CNC machining solutions.
  • Holz-Her: Member of the Weinig Group, offering high-quality CNC machining centres for various woodworking tasks.

Exploring machines from these manufacturers on Kitmondo ensures access to high-quality equipment tailored for industrial excellence. Each manufacturer brings unique expertise and innovation to meet diverse woodworking challenges.

Invest in Precision and Efficiency with Kitmondo's 5 Axis Wood CNC Machining Centres.