Welcome to Kitmondo, your premier destination for quality used industrial machinery. Our range includes versatile and high-performance wood CNC machining centers, ideal for producing doors and windows in the woodworking industry.

Priced between €30,000 and €200,000, our CNC machining centers excel in precision cutting, milling, drilling, and shaping wood components for doors and windows. Key features include high-speed operation, multi-axis capabilities, user-friendly software, and robust construction.

We proudly offer machinery from top manufacturers such as Homag, Biesse, and SCM. Each piece of equipment undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure exceptional performance and longevity.

Choosing pre-owned industrial machinery from Kitmondo means getting the best value for your investment without compromising on quality or performance. Trust us to elevate your woodworking operations to new heights of productivity and quality. Explore our extensive range today and let us help you find the perfect CNC machining center for your industrial needs.

CNC milling door center DOMINANT CNC ADFMK

Year: 2024

X stroke 350 mm
Z stroke 150 mm
Tool changer positions 2
Y stroke 2400 mm
Axis nbr 3
Vacuum pump 120 m³/h

CMS TRIAX 4.50S TCU63-RR Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2002

X stroke 5000 mm
Z stroke 280 mm
Tool changer positions 56
Y stroke 1800 mm
Axis nbr 4
CNC type Fanuc 180-iMA con pc integrato

Masterwood Project 5000L Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2010

X stroke 5200 mm
Z stroke 175 mm
Vacuum pump 250 m³/h
Y stroke 1660 mm
Tool changer positions 10
CNC type

Reichenbacher Vision 2 Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 1997

X stroke 6140 mm
Z stroke 320 mm
Y stroke 1600 mm
CNC type

SCM RECORD 130NT Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2001

X stroke 4330 mm
Z stroke 300 mm
Tool changer positions 48
Y stroke 1720 mm
Axis nbr 4
Vacuum pump 100 m³/h

Saomad Titanium Wood CNC machining centre Low working hours

Year: 2010

X stroke 320 mm
Z stroke 40 mm
CNC type
Y stroke 50 mm
Axis nbr 3

Stemas Cnc Wood CNC machining centre

Year: 2011

X stroke 4000 mm
Z stroke 180 mm
Tool changer positions 10
Y stroke 800 mm
Axis nbr 4
CNC type

Comprehensive Guide to CNC Machining Centres for Doors and Windows on Kitmondo

At Kitmondo, we specialize in connecting industry professionals with premium industrial machinery. Among our extensive inventory, our Woodworking Machines category features key equipment such as CNC Machining Centres for Doors and Windows. Discover the capabilities of these machines, their significance in the woodworking industry, and why Kitmondo is your top choice for buying or selling these essential tools.

What Are CNC Machining Centres for Doors and Windows?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining centres for doors and windows are advanced woodworking machines that automate the production of wooden doors and windows. These machines utilize computer-controlled tools to cut, shape, and finish wooden components with high precision, ensuring accuracy and consistency. They are vital in the woodworking sector for creating detailed designs and maintaining exact dimensions in door and window manufacturing.

Varieties of CNC Machining Centres

  1. 3-Axis CNC Machines: Ideal for basic door and window components, offering movement along X, Y, and Z axes.
  2. 4-Axis CNC Machines: Incorporate an additional rotational axis for more complex shaping and finishing tasks.
  3. 5-Axis CNC Machines: Provide full movement along five axes, suitable for creating intricate designs and complex geometries.
  4. Flatbed CNC Routers: Perfect for cutting and shaping large panels, commonly used in door and window production.
  5. Nested-Based CNC Machines: Optimize material use by nesting multiple parts in a single sheet, minimizing waste.
  6. Vertical CNC Machines: Designed for vertical workpieces, ideal for specific door and window manufacturing processes.

Why Choose Kitmondo for CNC Machining Centres?

Navigating the market for used industrial machinery can be daunting, but Kitmondo makes it simple. Here’s why choosing Kitmondo is beneficial:

Cost-Effective Solutions

Purchasing new CNC machining centres can be costly, particularly for smaller businesses or start-ups. Kitmondo offers these machines at significantly reduced prices, providing excellent value for money. Used CNC machining centres typically range from €15,000 to €200,000 on our platform, depending on factors such as age, brand, condition, and features.

Quality Assurance

Every machine listed on Kitmondo undergoes a stringent evaluation to ensure it’s in excellent working condition. This rigorous process guarantees that our used machinery meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Broad Market Reach

CNC machining centres are essential for precise and efficient production across various industries. Kitmondo provides a trusted platform for buying and selling these machines, ensuring convenience, reliability, and value. Join Kitmondo and explore the future of woodworking with our innovative solutions.

Advantages of CNC Machining Centres for Doors and Windows

CNC machining centres offer numerous benefits that make them indispensable in the woodworking industry:

  • Precision: These machines deliver exceptional accuracy and repeatability, ensuring every component meets exact specifications.
  • Efficiency: Automating complex tasks significantly speeds up production, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing throughput.
  • Versatility: Capable of handling various wood types and producing a wide range of designs, these machines are invaluable for diverse projects.
  • Consistency: Automation ensures consistent quality across all components, reducing variability and enhancing the overall product standard.
  • Cost Savings: Improved productivity and reduced material waste lower production costs and boost profitability.

Key Features of CNC Machining Centres

When evaluating CNC machining centres, consider these critical parameters:

  • Working Area: The maximum size of workpieces the machine can process.
  • Number of Axes: More axes (3, 4, 5) allow for more complex shapes and designs.
  • Spindle Speed: The rotational speed affects cutting speed and surface quality.
  • Tool Capacity: The number of tools the machine can hold and change automatically during operations.
  • Control System: The CNC control system's type influences ease of use, programming capabilities, and system integration.
  • Power: The motor’s power rating determines its capability to handle various wood types and tasks.

Applications of CNC Machining Centres

CNC machining centres are versatile and essential for high-quality wood processing. Here are some primary applications:

  • Door Manufacturing: Producing door frames, panels, and decorative elements with precision.
  • Window Manufacturing: Creating window frames, sashes, and other components with tight tolerances.
  • Custom Woodworking: Perfect for unique door and window projects requiring specific designs and dimensions.
  • Mass Production: Ideal for large-scale production runs, ensuring efficiency and consistency.
  • Furniture Manufacturing: Producing furniture components that complement door and window designs.

Leading CNC Machining Centre Manufacturers

Several top manufacturers are known for their quality and innovation in CNC machining centres. Here are a few:

  • Biesse: Offers advanced CNC machining centres renowned for precision and reliability.
  • SCM Group: Provides versatile CNC machining centres for various applications.
  • Homag: Specializes in robust and precise CNC machining centres.
  • Weinig: Known for a comprehensive range of reliable CNC machining centres.
  • Felder Group: Supplies high-quality CNC machining centres designed for efficient wood processing.
  • Masterwood: Offers versatile and efficient CNC machining centres suitable for diverse production environments.


CNC machining centres are crucial assets in the woodworking industry, providing high-quality, cost-effective, and efficient solutions for door and window production. Whether for door manufacturing, window manufacturing, custom projects, mass production, or furniture making, these machines ensure superior product quality and industry-standard compliance. With Kitmondo’s support, buying or selling CNC machining centres becomes a seamless and reliable process, allowing businesses to focus on creating exceptional wooden doors and windows.