Kitmondo going wwwild : 6 new languages to attract global buyers

Kitmondo going wwwild : 6 new languages to attract global buyers
Kitmondo 05 Jul 2022

Prague, Czech Republic, July 4th, 2022

The website of Kitmondo is now available in six new languages !!!

Yes, you read it right, six new languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Greek. Starting from today, if English isn't your strongest point, Kitmondo provides its services in your native language for both buyers and sellers. Kitmondo thus increased its online visibility to address further the global market. Our new languages will not only help our current clients, but will also attract new international buyers and sellers worldwide. We are growing day by day and this is just the beginning of our international projects.

When visiting our website, you can see a flag and two capital letters on the top right corner. Feel free to switch the language of your preference and Voilà ! You can now add your used industrial machines, or visit the categories of your interest to find the equipment you are looking for, or just make inquiries. And all of this, in a language that you understand. Since the release of the new languages, on April 13th, we have already observed good results. Just for the month of May 2022, Kitmondo has reached a lot more traffic coming from Spanish speaking countries compared to a month before. Spanish speaking countries have already exceeded French for the month of May 2022. Compared to last year, the traffic is already increasing for each other language section, which means that more international customers are visiting us.

About Kitmondo

Since 2006, Kitmondo has connected sellers and buyers of used industrial machinery on a powerful online marketplace. Kitmondo offers its intermediary services to all types of sellers and buyers of used industrial machinery across the world. No matter a client's goal is to sell their used equipment or to find their production site's missing unit; Kitmondo is the right place to sell and buy. In 2018, the Exapro group and some of its entrepreneurial employees took over the business activity and moved its headquarters from Newcastle to Prague in the Czech Republic.

In 2021, Kitmondo joined forces with Exapro and Virtuoso Data to launch, a start up valuing machinery in order to promote a fair approach to used machine pricing.

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