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1:1 Support

Our sales agents provide individual support for each seller thoughout the sales process


Listing equipment is completely free, we work on a success-based commission system

Time savings

We enhance your listings and vet potential leads, ensuring that you only step in when it's time for serious negotiations

How much does it cost?

Listing equipment on Kitmondo is completely free. We operate on a commission-based model, adding our commission to your net selling price. Acknowledging that large deals necessitate a unique approach, we remain flexible. Our standard commission is 7%, but we will personally reach out to understand your specific needs and mutually agree on the appropriate advertising price.

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What to consider when selling a complete manufacturing unit or production line

Provide Detailed Information: Include all relevant details about the plant and its equipment such as make, model, year of manufacture, operating hours, maintenance history, and any upgrades or modifications for the major production machinery. A comprehensive, accurate description builds trust with potential buyers.

Use High-Quality Images: Clear, well-lit photos and videos of the equipment in operation can greatly enhance your listing. Be sure to capture different angles and close-ups of key components.

Competitive Pricing: Research the market to ensure that your pricing is competitive. Remember, the right price can attract more potential buyers even though you can expect some negotiations during a due diligence.

Highlight Key Features: Emphasize any unique or standout features that set your production line or plant apart from others on the market.

Offer an Inspection: If possible, offer a trial run or site visit so potential buyers can see the equipment in operation and assess its condition. This can increase buyer confidence.

Maintain Equipment Condition: Regular maintenance and ensuring the plant or line is in good working condition can be an appealing factor for many buyers. Make sure to keep and provide records of all upkeep and repair work done.

Be Responsive: Answer inquiries quickly and provide further information as requested. Good communication can make a potential buyer feel more comfortable and confident in proceeding with a purchase.

Documentation: Have all relevant documents ready. This can include operation manuals, maintenance logs, certificates, and any legal documents pertaining to ownership and sale.

Transparency: Be honest about any potential shortcomings or issues. Buyers will appreciate the honesty and it can prevent misunderstandings in the future.

Patience is key in selling complete production lines and manufacturing plants as these are significant investments and buyers will typically take their time to make a decision.

The selling process from start to finish

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    Create your Kitmondo account in 1 minute to gain access to our sales platform. It is easy, quick, and free to create an account.

  • Create your complete plant listing

    Once your account is created, you can directly start listing offers. If you have a large number of listings to add you can have a Kitmondo sales agent list them for you at no cost.

  • Leads come in

    A Kitmondo agent will contact you to ask for a quote and any information the buyer needs when a serious buyer inquires about one of your listings.

  • Connect with the buyer

    If there is continued interest in one of your offers, your Kitmondo agent will connect you directly with the buyer.

  • Close the deal

    You invoice the buyer. When the full amount is paid, we invoice you for our commission (which is on top of your net price - the buyer pays the total amount to you.)

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