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Since 2006, Kitmondo has connected sellers and buyers of used industrial machinery on a powerful online marketplace. Kitmondo offers its intermediary services all types of sellers and buyers of used industrial machinery across the world. No matter a client’s goal is to sell their used equipment or to find their production site’s missing unit; Kitmondo is the right place to sell and buy. 

What is Kitmondo?

Kitmondo is an online marketplace for trading used machinery domestically and internationally. Thanks to our sales team, we are able to offer high visibility on machines from our clients who decide to sell their used equipment with Kitmondo and at the same time bring the appropriate traffic to every piece of equipment displayed on Kitmondo.com.

Kitmondo for Buyers

At Kitmondo we want to make sure buyers get the most from our marketplace. That is why we hand-pick each listing, ensuring that it is up-to-date, high-quality, and easy to find. Kitmondo offers used equipment in a wide range of categories, from electronics to pharma equipment to metalworking machines and more.

Thanks to our user-friendly website, it is fast and easy to search for a piece of equipment that matches any purchasing requirements. Search by categories and subcategories or simply write the name of the machine or manufacturer in the search bar and choose the right selection. 

After finding the right equipment to ask about, there is no need to wait weeks or months to receive a response. Kitmondo offers a personalized approach - one to one communication benefits clients most. A Kitmondo agent will contact you as soon as he or she has the information you requested. If the unit you are inquiring about is sold, our sales agent will offer you the best alternative piece of equipment to fit your needs.

Kitmondo for Sellers

Kitmondo’s website is great for any seller of used equipment - not only for end users, but also resellers or anyone in the business of fulfilling a purchasing requirement for used machinery. Working with Kitmondo is free and saves you time - it sounds too good to be true, but the fact remains that sellers who work with Kitmondo benefit in many ways.

Rely on a professional sales agent’s support and a one-to-one partnership to find serious buyers for all advertised equipment. Kitmondo’s sellers also have a market advantage over other sellers by getting more visibility for machines. Machines on Kitmondo are easy to find online, which means more traffic to your listed equipment and a higher chance to sell.

Offering your used machines on your own website? No problem for Kitmondo - this isn’t an exclusive partnership. We will try to be the first to sell your units, but if you sell them on your own, we will just remove the offer from our website for free. 

Read more about selling here.

Kitmondo for Auctioneers

Kitmondo also cooperates with industrial auctioneers across the world. Are you interested in industrial auctions and purchasing items for great prices within a short amount of time? Check upcoming auctions of our partners here.

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How does Kitmondo work?

How do Kitmondo services work? Let’s go step by step:

  1. Sellers come to Kitmondo with the goal of selling used machinery. They either sign in or register as new clients.
  2. Sellers have two options for how to list their machines for free. With one click, they can list their machines on their own. The other option is to request the help of the sales agents who will list the machines for them. Keep in mind:  More information = higher visibility = higher traffic = more potential buyers = SOLD 
  3. When the listings are saved, they go automatically online to be found by potential customers. The high visibility of the Kitmondo website is committed to bringing high traffic to the listings.
  4. Buyers come to Kitmondo with intent of buying a used machine. When they find a suitable unit, they contact our sales department by clicking on the inquiry button.
  5. The sales agent works with all requests and contacts the seller for missing information if needed. 
  6. When the right time comes, the agent will exchange the buyer’s and seller’s contact information to initiate the inspection and finish the deal. At the same time, the sales agent is always available to assist both sides if needed.
  7. The deal closes directly between the seller and the buyer. The buyer transfers the amount for the machine and any additional services directly into the seller’s bank account.
  8. Meanwhile, a sales agent takes care of updating listings so that available machines are always on offer. 

Kitmondo’s mission

A machine that is surplus or no longer a profitable asset for one business may be the missing part to a successful running production for another. We believe that equipment is meant to be reused and our goal is to help recycle used machines that have many running years ahead of them. Buyers and sellers of used machinery come together to benefit from Kitmondo’s marketplace and services.

Who is behind Kitmondo?

The Kitmondo team has years of experience in the industrial field as well as in marketing, IT and customer services. Having gained deep insight into the industrial world, the Kitmondo team is well-qualified to offer high-quality online intermediary services for the buying and selling of used equipment.

Kitmondo’s Marketing and IT teams constantly work on being highly visible online to bring the most relevant traffic to the site and match the right buyer with the most suitable unit. The sales agent serves as a resource by providing the best customer service and sharing a wealth of knowledge of past and current trends of the industrial field.

Kitmondo cares about every single comment from clients and customers. If you would like to suggest anything to our team, get in touch with us.

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