Meet Kitmondo's team behind the industrial machinery marketplace

In Kitmondo, we believe that the trade of used machines should benefit from the full potential of the Web: auctions should reach maximum penetration, buyers should be protected from scams and sellers should get the fair market price for their equipment.
Thomas Bordier - CEO

Our history

Since 2006, Kitmondo has connected sellers and buyers of used industrial machinery on a powerful online marketplace. Kitmondo offers its intermediary services to all types of sellers and buyers of used industrial machinery across the world. No matter a client's goal is to sell their used equipment or to find their production site's missing unit; Kitmondo is the right place to sell and buy.

In 2018, the Exapro group and some its entrepreneurial employees (Darya Horka, Robin Mallein and Thomas Bordier) took over the business activity and move its headquarters from Newcastle to Prague in the Czech Republic.

In 2021, Kitmondo joined forces with Exapro and Virtuoso Data to launch a start up valuing machinery in order to promote a fair approach to used machine pricing.

Meet the Team

Alice Arnaud
Marketplace Manager

Hana Chmelikova
Auction campaign Manager

Jan Kozlik
Offer Manager

Darya Horka

Robin Mallein

Thomas Bordier

Kitmondo's purpose

Inspired by Simon Sinek’s work with the “golden circle”, Kitmondo has replaced its old fashioned mission statement and formulated its vision and purpose in a “WHY”.

kitmondo why

Why: Power up the trade of used industrial machinery online

How: Generate Web visibility and offer personalized support to all players in the sale or purchase of used equipment

What: Connect buyers, sellers and auctioneers of used industrial machinery

A machine that is surplus or no longer a profitable asset for one business may be the missing part to a successful running production for another. We believe that equipment is meant to be reused and our goal is to help recycle used machines that have many running years ahead of them. Buyers and sellers of used machinery come together to benefit from Kitmondo's marketplace and services.

An experienced team at your service

The Kitmondo team has years of experience in the industrial field as well as in marketing, IT and customer services.

Having gained deep insight into the industrial world, the Kitmondo team is well-qualified to offer high-quality online intermediary services for the buying and selling of used equipment.

Kitmondo’s Marketing and IT teams constantly work on being highly visible online to bring the most relevant traffic to the site and match the right buyer with the most suitable unit. The sales agent serves as a resource by providing the best customer service and sharing a wealth of knowledge of past and current trends of the industrial field.

Kitmondo cares about every single comment from clients and customers. If you would like to suggest anything to our team, get in touch with us.

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