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We make it easy and safe to sell any type of used machinery online, connecting our sellers with qualified buyers only.
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Why Sell with Kitmondo?

1:1 Support

Our sales agents provide individual support for each seller thoughout the sales process


Listing equipment is completely free, we work on a success-based commission system

Time savings

Listing, advertising, finding buyers - we do all the heavy-lifting, as the seller you just close deals

How much does it cost?

Listing equipment on Kitmondo is completely free. We work on a commission-based system, in which the commission is added on top of your net selling price.

Commission Scale

Your net price Commission
5,000 and less 500
5,001 to 50,000 10%
50,001 to 100,000 9%
100,001 to 150,000 8%
150,001 and more 7%

Commission calculator

Enter your price to see the final price including our commission.

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The selling process from start to finish

  • Sign up for free

    Create your Kitmondo account in 1 minute to gain access to our sales platform. It is easy, quick, and free to create an account.

  • List your equipment

    Once your account is created, you can directly start listing machines. If you have a large number of listings to add you can have a Kitmondo sales agent list them for you at no cost.

  • Leads come in

    A Kitmondo agent will contact you to ask for a quote and any information the buyer needs when a serious buyer inquires about one of your listings.

  • Connect with the buyer

    If there is continued interest in a machine, your Kitmondo agent will connect you directly with the buyer.

  • Close the deal

    You invoice the buyer. When the full amount is paid, we invoice you for our commission (which is on top of your net price - the buyer pays the total amount to you.)

If you have questions regarding our selling process, we'd love to hear from you.
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