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Starlisting Used Industrial Machines on Kitmondo. What is a star product?

Kitmondo 17 Jun 2022

Earlier this year, Kitmondo started working on a new project, named The Starlisting. Star products, as the name suggests, are equ…

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Why Sell Used Industrial Equipment At Online Auctions

Kitmondo 10 Nov 2021

Are you tired of carrying inventory costs and considering selling your used industrial equipment? In case you are torn between se…

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Where To Buy Used Heavy Truck: Online Industrial Auctions

Kitmondo 27 Oct 2021

The moment you discover the opportunities available when it comes to purchasing used heavy trucks through industrial auctions, yo…

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What You Should Know About Purchasing Used Heavy Trucks

Kitmondo 13 Oct 2021

As a manufacturer or manager of industrial activities, you will at one point or the other need to own a truck. Even for home owne…

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Tips to Know Before Buying Used Industrial Machinery

Kitmondo 29 Sep 2021

Purchasing used industrial machinery is one of the toughest decisions you can make. There are a lot of factors to be scared of su…

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The Popular Culture of Heavy Equipment Online Auctions

Kitmondo 15 Sep 2021

Times are changing with technology and all things have not remained the same with auctioning of heavy equipment. Due to digitaliz…

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How to Transport Heavy Machinery Across the USA

Kitmondo 01 Sep 2021

There are some situations where it becomes necessary to transport or move heavy machinery, know what to take into consideration t…

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Effective Negotiation Skills: Buying from Second Hand Machinery Dealers

Kitmondo 18 Aug 2021

Industrial machinery and plants have a long service life. It is not uncommon for industrial equipment to be used for over 20 year…

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Best Ways to Sell Used Industrial Equipment Online: Sale by Private Treaty, Auction or Tender

Kitmondo 04 Aug 2021

Especially if you want to buy at the same time, selling your used industrial equipment and machines can be exhausting. A quick re…

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Used Machinery and Equipment Appraisal Process

Kitmondo 21 Jul 2021

The valuation process begins when the appraiser determines and closes the valuation problem when it will give you the conclusion.…

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Industrial Marketing Channels: Highly Targeted Email Marketing

Kitmondo 07 Jul 2021

Mechanical upkeep is a blend of normal housekeeping, preventive, sporadic and crisis cleaning of hardware and work territories in…

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The Latest Industrial Auction Updates from Bidderlists

Kitmondo 03 Jun 2020

Created by Bidderlists, Industrial Auction News is the industry’s leading news platform, giving prospective buyers an up-to-date,…

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Buying Vs Renting Heavy Machines: The Valuable Secret Of Buying One

Kitmondo 12 Feb 2020

While many contractors usually bask in the euphoria of how well they’ve been able to convince a client that they have the best ha…

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Recent Innovation in the CNC Machining Industry

Kitmondo 29 Jan 2020

For most manufacturing companies, living up to the client’s expectation as well as quality service delivery is all a function of …

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Buying and Selling Used Industrial Machines by Auction or Intermediary Service

Kitmondo 06 Jan 2020

When it comes to buying and selling used industrial machines and equipment, the two major strategies are at auction or the use of…

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