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How to sell complete plants and whole factories

Kitmondo 16 Jun 2023

Understanding the Basics of Selling on What is and how does it work? is an online market…

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Buying your PCB and SMT machines on Kitmondo

Kitmondo 29 May 2023

In this article, we will discuss the various types of PCB equipment available on the Kitmondo marketplace, as well as the be…

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Inside the world of Lab Medical and Bioscience Equipment

Kitmondo 21 Sep 2022

Lab, Medical and Bioscience offer great industrial equipment that are crucial for innovating and sustaining the research for a be…

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The colourful universe of printing machines

Kitmondo 19 Sep 2022

In the Industrial world, printing machines are growing in numbers and in different printing techniques. Nowadays the competition …

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Streamlined Legal Services for Businesses in Czechia

Kitmondo 01 Sep 2022

We're writing this article today to share some useful information with our Kitmondo community. Our legal team, who has been a rel…

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A closer look from the perspective of the Broadcast, Film and Audio equipment: Camera and Lenses

Kitmondo 16 Aug 2022

The used broadcast equipment is a global market, currently, worth more than $4bn. Although the used market of broadcast, film …

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Inside the Process & Packaging Machinery World: Used Blister Machines

Kitmondo 09 Aug 2022

When we talk about process & packaging machinery, we are talking about the manufactured machine combination that provides us …

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Kitmondo going wwwild : 6 new languages to attract global buyers

Kitmondo 05 Jul 2022

Prague, Czech Republic, July 4th, 2022 The website of Kitmondo is now available in six new languages !!! Yes, you read it right…

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Overcoming the difficulties of selling complete plants | Kitmondo

Kitmondo 04 Jul 2022

Selling used complete plant machinery is at the least challenging, possibly extremely complex. It requires many aspects, financi…

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Starlisting Used Industrial Machines on Kitmondo. What is a star product?

Kitmondo 17 Jun 2022

Earlier this year, Kitmondo started working on a new project, named The Starlisting. Star products, as the name suggests, are equ…

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Why Sell Used Industrial Equipment At Online Auctions

Kitmondo 10 Nov 2021

Are you tired of carrying inventory costs and considering selling your used industrial equipment? In case you are torn between se…

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Where To Buy Used Heavy Truck: Online Industrial Auctions

Kitmondo 27 Oct 2021

The moment you discover the opportunities available when it comes to purchasing used heavy trucks through industrial auctions, yo…

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What You Should Know About Purchasing Used Heavy Trucks

Kitmondo 13 Oct 2021

As a manufacturer or manager of industrial activities, you will at one point or the other need to own a truck. Even for home owne…

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Tips to Know Before Buying Used Industrial Machinery

Kitmondo 29 Sep 2021

Purchasing used industrial machinery is one of the toughest decisions you can make. There are a lot of factors to be scared of su…

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The Popular Culture of Heavy Equipment Online Auctions

Kitmondo 15 Sep 2021

Times are changing with technology and all things have not remained the same with auctioning of heavy equipment. Due to digitaliz…

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