Inside the world of Lab Medical and Bioscience Equipment

Inside the world of Lab Medical and Bioscience Equipment
Kitmondo 21 Sep 2022

Lab, Medical and Bioscience offer great industrial equipment that are crucial for innovating and sustaining the research for a better and a long healthy human life. Buying LMB equipment can be a real investment for all the research companies especially considering the events of these past few years. Therefore, you should think about buying used LMB equipment ,which will not only save you money for other additional facilities but will also be easier for you to find specific machines for a very short amount of time.

In Kitmondo we have a section of used LMB equipment, several of them are part of the starlist project. Besides very specific machines that researchers worldwide offer and buy, Kitmondo team provides the assistance that you need in order to have all the details for you to find the best machine since Lab resources are well known to be limited and no one likes to make the wrong investments.

BD: Advancing the world of health

Becton and Dickson company is one of the biggest medical technological companies worldwide. They contribute to health improvement thanks to their medical discoveries, diagnostics etc. The company works on developing innovative technology and solutions helping advance clinical processes for healthcare patients.

In Kitmondo, we have a BD Fortessa Laser in excellent condition.

Used BD Fortessa Laser

Cooled multi-laser benchtop flow cytometer with the ability to acquire parameters for a large number of colours. It uses fixed-alignment lasers that transmit light through a flow cell to configurable octagon and trigon detector arrays.

These detectors collect and translate the resulting fluorescence signals into electronic signals. Cytometer electronics convert these signals into digital data. The ultimate in choice for flow cytometry, providing power, performance and consistency. This affords greater application flexibility allowing you to easily move assays from one platform to another.

The equipment comes with a workstation and Diva software. Moreover the laser has a multi-samples loading device.

Used BD Aria III Sorp 4 Lasers

Manufactured in 2014, the BD Laser has a software version Facs DIVA 9.0.1 (dongle included). The equipment is in excellent condition.

The ARIA III has been sitting inside a dedicated room with air conditioning. Patented technologies, superior multicolour performance and ease-of-use. Designed to improve resolution for side population applications and DNA cell cycle analyses. Check out the star listing lasers on Kitmondo for all the additional features.

Illumina Biotechnology company

Illumina is a world leader in genomics. They harmonize the convergence between biology and technology in order to improve medicine each day. Thanks to their hard work medicine is becoming more precise each day. They apply innovative technologies to the variation of genetics. We have a used Illumina sequencer star listed on our platform.

Used Illumina NextSeq 500

The System is a desktop sequencer with the power and flexibility to perform applications such as Whole Genome Sequencing, Exome Sequencing, Whole Transcriptome Sequencing, mRNA-Seq and methylation sequencing, among others.

In a single pass, it can sequence up to 16 exomes, up to 20 transcriptomes, up to 96 targeted panels, up to 40 gene expression profiling samples, and a complete human genome with 30x coverage. Users can choose between high or medium throughput flow cell configurations. At high throughput, up to 800 million paired reads can be generated (at 150 bp read length) to produce up to 120 GB of data in 29 hours.

The NextSeq instrument also features a touchscreen interface, automated software, and run statistics that can be monitored from any location. Sequencing systems use a well-established sequencing-by-synthesis (SBS) method in which fluorescently labelled nucleotide bases are detected as they are incorporated into DNA template strands. All four terminator-linked reversible dNTPs are present in every sequencing cycle.

This used Illumina NextSeq 500, was manufactured in 2015, it is in an excellent condition and at the moment it is removed from the working lab. To read more about the machine check out all the details that we have listed for you on their platform.