Inside the Process & Packaging Machinery World: Used Blister Machines

Inside the Process & Packaging Machinery World: Used Blister Machines
Kitmondo 09 Aug 2022

When we talk about process & packaging machinery, we are talking about the manufactured machine combination that provides us with everyday products. Process machinery goes hand in hand with the packaging one. These machines are essential for one another and it is important for both to have the same automatization program according to industrialists. They protect and preserve the produced food, keeping the product safe and assuring a great safety for the consumer.

But, how do you know that you are choosing the right process and packaging machinery? The machinery needs certain criteria to be fulfilled to be compatible with the expected working conditions. In the used industrial machinery market, Process & Packaging is one of the most important machine categories. This category is one of the "best sellers” category on Kitmondo. Please check our Star Listing for the Process and Packaging category. Below I will present our used star listed blister machines.

Used Uhlmann Blister machines

The Uhlmann group is a leading global system supplier for the pharmaceutical packaging products such as blisters, bottles, cartons etc. As a leading global systems supplier for the packaging of pharmaceutical products in blisters, bottles, and cartons, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG has provided pharmaceutical companies with great solutions over the years.

Always on the working to create innovative packaging solutions the company stands out for its quality and great services.

Used Uhlmann UPS 1070 MTI Blister Machine

This used Uhlmann UPS 1070 Blister machine is in a very good condition.

Equipped with an intermittent plate sealing, a gluing and a cutting table, with 3 heating zones., an embossing station and a perforation station. It has a format range blister (W x L) min 30 x 60 mm / max 120 x 285 mm with a drawing depth max. 12 mm (PVC), 10 mm (ALU). It was fabricated in 1999, but it has an HMI Uhlmann Touch control with IPC Beckhoff C6930 and an ethernet controller Wago 852-112 new in 2016. In 2014, the machine got a new colorfill scanware LYNX-SPECTRA CL/HR. We have 3 star listing Uhlmann blister machines. To have more information about the Ulhmann UPS 1070 click here. Feel free to consult the 2 other star Uhlmann blister machines.

 Hoonga Blister machines

With more than 50 years experience, Hoonga leads in manufacturing of automatic process and packaging machines. The company is equipped with a full line of blisters, palletizers, case packers, cartoners, bundlers. This Korean company is really competitive in Europe. The company produces blister machines according to the product type: the solid product type (HM model), the liquid (LB, HM AV model) and the consumable product type(CB model).

Hoonga HMV6+ Automatic Blister Packaging Machine

This Blister machine was fabricated in 2018, but was never used. The machine is capable of packaging a wide range of solid products including tablets, capsules, soft gels, candy and gum. Hoonga V6+ is currently set up for cold forming Alu/Alu, but it can also be used for other materials such as PVC, PVC/PVDC, PVC/ACLAR, and PET. For cold formings it has a format range of Max: 280mm Wide x 145mm Index x 12mm Depth with 15 to 30 cycles per minute. When it comes to thermoforming, the machine has a format range of Max: 280mm Wide x 145mm Index x 18mm Depth with 20 to 50 cycles per minute. You can study all the details of our unused Hoonga Blister packaging machine here.

Used CAM blister machines

Another great company, actually the first Italian designer of process and packaging machines is the CAM company. CAM started his activity with cartoners back then and now they supply full complete lines for all industrial sectors including Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and Food. On Kitmondo we have a star machine, a used CAM blister packer machine.

Used CAM blister packer

The machine was built in accordance with the GMP standards. Thanks to its dimensions the blister packer can be installed easier than any other blister machine. Differently from the previous machines this machine was used in syringes. It is fully electrical upgrade by CAM, Siemens S7 PLC and Simatic touch screen HMI. Refurbished in 2017, the packer is in excellent condition. The machine can handle a wide range of forming materials. The Blister transfer, stacker and infeed is included in the offer. To know more about the star listed blister packer, feel free to click here and will have all the information you need.