Recent Innovation in the CNC Machining Industry

Recent Innovation in the CNC Machining Industry
Kitmondo 29 Jan 2020

For most manufacturing companies, living up to the client’s expectation as well as quality service delivery is all a function of the use of interactive and sophisticated machines. 

CNC machines lead the manufacturing industry

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines have taken over the manufacturing stage with its pre-programmed manufacturing method of production which involves subtraction of parts from a material. With this, CNC machines give manufacturers the ability to manufacture precise shapes and parts of any machine with no room for flaws.

Besides producing machine parts precisely, CNC machines are also digitalized to produce machine parts with the highest level of efficiency when compared to other machine parts manufacturing methods.

This and more makes CNC machines to be seen as one of the transformative technologies among the manufacturing industries.

In order to fully explain and understand the various innovations witnessed in the CNC machining industry, CNC machines employ various materials for the production and manufacture of various objects.

Typical among the materials used by CNC machines are wood, glass, metal, and recently, iced cubes have been included as materials that can be shaped into various pieces using CNC machines.

With all these materials in which CNC machines can work on, the next question you’ll like pop maybe “what are the innovations found in the CNC machining industry”. That’s very simple to answer. Ready for this? Read on.

Top innovations in the CNC machining industry

1. Machine alerts on your smartphone

Sometimes, it is important to know the status of your working machine especially when you are not close to the workshop. Besides, your machine won’t be making you any money when it’s not in use.

Most times, we only notice that the working machine has either stopped working or developed some problems in the morning when it’s about to be used for the day’s work. It could be frustrating especially when there’s a lot of production to be carried out.

This is where the new innovation in the CNC machining comes in. there has been a newly developed automation process that notifies users via email or phone on the current status of their machine even before the next day. With such automation, it is easier for a user to connect to as many machines as possible. Also, this unique feature can be built into the machines in the form of software where they serve as standards.

Another brilliant feature of this new CNC technology is its user-friendly interface which makes it easier for new users to understand and operate. It is built with a visual programming system that allows users to create G-code programs for some basic features.

2. BoXZY

While CNC machining is used in creating new parts or models by subtracting or removing materials, 3D printing does the opposite. It adopts an additive process, meaning that material is added to build or create the part. Until now, these two major machining processes have always functioned independently in different machines with each having its benefits. While 3D printing creates less waste, CNC machining is a lot faster.

However, a new breakthrough is seen in the combination of both into a single machine. Here, the complementary nature of the two methods is highly utilized.

This is known as the BoXZY. Although it is pretty new to the global market, BoXZY has started making serious waves having raised over one million dollars through a successful kickstarter campaign.

So many people and industries have already started showing interest in this new technology, and here is why;

BoXZY has a laser engraver, a CNC mill, and a 3D printer, all in one.

The BoXZY is worthwhile technology to invest in as it saves the cost of buying these named machines individually. This is massive especially when you consider the price tag for each of the machines. CNC mills alone start at over two thousand grand. That’s a whole lot of money.

3. 3D on the rocks

CNC machining is one process that has found application in a wide range of different materials from plywood to plastic to Plexiglas. Before now, it will be almost difficult to think that CNC could be used to machine ice. But, it may surprise you to learn that it truly is! That’s the extent of the innovation in the CNC machine.

One good example can be seen in Suntory, a Japanese whiskey that has decided to replace the conventional ice cube to a whole array of miniature ice masterpieces. They’ve been able to achieve masterpieces such as sharks, high heels, guitars, Michelangelo’s David and even the Statue of Liberty using a CNC machine that converts vector information into G-code and milling the ice.

Well, these beautiful sculptures instill a new sense of creativity, and anyone would want to have a taste.

4. Ultra-flexible, laser-cut plywood

For a long time in history, man has been building with wood. There are lots of reasons for this; apart from being easily accessible, wood is durable and strong. However, people don’t normally associate wood with flexibility. But with the innovative CNC laser cutter, it is now possible to etch into a sheet of plywood and creating a geometric pattern. Apart from retaining its durability and solidity, the milled wood is also flexible.

However, the machined wood with impressive patterns can be used for a wide range of purposes; it can be molded to form a placemat or a bowl and can also be used as wall art. There’s a lot to do with the machined wood, just name it!

CNC machining is enhancing manufacturing and industry 4.0

The global manufacturing industries are rapidly upgrading to 4th industry 4.0, and nothing will be left on its way.

From the innovative manufacturing process in the various manufacturing companies, it is worth the mention here that CNC machines have redefined what the manufacture of machine parts means. Innovations in CNC machining is taking the lead.

Let’s look at the top amazing benefits that come with the use of CNC machines thus;

1. Convenience

CNC machines help to reduce human error as they can operate regardless of the time of the day or day of the week. Most importantly, the incorporation of digitized manufacturing goes a long way in saving production time while increasing efficiency. It eliminates manual work and hard labor which in most cases are underpaid.

2. Prototype machining

With the introduction of the innovative CNC machining, it is easier to avoid mistakes. The new technology makes prototyping easier to attain and more affordable. It allows for the development of more comprehensive designs.

3. Sustainability

The new technology minimizes waste and the need for additional materials. This saves production time. This is what is required for the production process to be more sustainable. Also, there is no need for additional parts such as sanders or drills as both are incorporated into the CNC machine.

4. Fewer processes

The main parts required for monitoring a CNC machine are Computers and software. This eliminates the need for additional manual work, machines or tools. Information about the desired projects is simply uploaded directly into the device using the CAD model preprograms.

Expand your production with a used CNC machine

Currently, machines with CNC technology are almost everywhere; not only in large industrial establishments but also in workshops of all kinds, both small and medium industry. These versatile and powerful machines have taken over the manufacturing process in almost all areas.

As you would expect, such an innovative and high-tech CNC machine would require a bit more planning and savings to acquire a new one. Well, as scary as the thought about saving for years to acquire a new CNC machine may sound, there is always a way out. However, the best and most feasible alternative will be to consider investing in a used CNC machine. You can choose a reliable intermediary like to get you just exactly what you need to get your business running.

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