Heidelberg versus Komori? That is the Question!

Heidelberg versus Komori? That is the Question!
Kitmondo 07 Aug 2019

As the years flip over, demands on lithographers from clients heighten and so the need for more sophisticated machines with high throughput. While the need for a high performance remains the focus of every pressman, quality in service delivery is another aspect that can't be traded for anything. With such a high and delicate requirement to meet, lithographers always need machines with such features in a single unit. 

Komori and Heidelberg printing presses

While in search of a printing press that comes with almost all the specifications that lithographers need for their printing jobs to come out clean and professional, so many brands of printing press machines have been tested to see which one will give the desired results. Among the various printing press machine brands, two brands; Komori and Heidelberg printing presses have been on the front row and making major strides in the industry. Besides giving remarkable results to lithographers, these brands have been in serious competition in the industry.

Well, when it comes to investing in a printing press machine, irrespective of which brand that fits most for your production needs, many lithographers will always choose to invest the wise way. Yes, we mean buying used printing press only from a reliable and trusted marketplace for used industrial equipment and machines. And for the record, most pressmen find Kitmondo as a worthy online intermediary for used Heidelberg printing press and used Komori printing press.

Why Kitmondo when buying used printing press?

The reason why we are seen to be a favourite choice for many pressmen is evident in the quality of their service delivery. With this, more than 50,000 buyers of used equipment globally are beneficiaries. Besides a professional service delivery, Kitmondo is a one-stop marketplace that deals only on premium used industrial machines. And used printing presses of different brands are no exception.

Komori vs Heidelberg: choosing the right printing press machine 

Sure, you will attest to the truth that Japan-made Komori printing press machine, as well as the German-made Heidelberg printing press machine, are two machines with lots of technological input. However, these machines have become the topic of discussion recently. And many lithographers wants to know what is the difference between these machines, and what they need to consider when investing in either of these machines.

Without much ado, here are some distinctive features that you may find interesting about Komori and Heidelberg printing press machines.


Here is usually the first aspect many machine buyers will look out for when considering to invest in a piece of used printing press machine. So, in terms of price tag, Japan-made Komori printing press is priced higher than its German-made counterpart – Heidelberg. However, this isn't a final determinant of how good a machine will be as this is only a reflection of the manufacturing cost. Speaking about used printing machines, the price depends on many aspects such as the year of manufacturing, condition of the machine, running hours and others.

Colour retention/dot production

Lithographic activities revolve around colour quality, and this tends to be one of the areas of interest to pressmen when considering to invest in a printing press machine. So, when looking at the two printing press machines in view, Heidelberg is known to have a better colour holding capacity than Komori. But when it comes to dot printing, Komori printing press tends to get the attention of lithographers. However, dot production by a printing press machine is a function of blankets/plates, paper, and ink. Komori machines have been tried severally, and this has made many to the conclusion that its dot production ability is apt.

Production at high speed

Speed is another core aspect to factor when considering printing press machines. Well, this is usually based on your production needs and demands from clients. So, when it comes to high-speed production and delivery, Komori printing press machine outshines its Heidelberg. This is so since Komori printing press machine is designed for a high product throughput within the shortest time frame. Recent Komori boast of a production speed of 300 sheets per minute or 18,000 sheets per hour on its latest Lithrone GX40P Perfector which prints up to 8 colours comfortably.

Uptime and dependability

When it comes to the aspect of a machine's dependability, many lithographers will argue that it depends on how a machine is maintained. Well, this is true and worthy of mention. But in terms of the ongoing comparison between Komori and Heidelberg printing press machines, Heidelberg is more dependable. This, therefore, means that the Heidelberg printing press machine will serve you faithfully for a long period before any issues requiring repairs will arise.

General view on printing press machine

From the look of things, individual needs for a printing press machine differs markedly from one company to another. With this, it may be difficult to point to a particular brand of a printing press machine as being all-in-all for any printing job.

As you already know, there are tons of printing press machine brands in the market. Some typical examples are Komori, Roland 700, AB Dick, Heidelberg, Ryobi, Hamada etc. are only but a fraction of these machines in the market. Interestingly, each of these machines has its unique strength and weakness for different printing jobs. For some, printing on coated paper, ¼ size or smaller paper or even printing multi-colour images are some unique areas where they differ from each other. Nevertheless, the bottom line remains that you need to know what your printing job requires to make the best choice.

What's your choice, let's supply it

Here you've seen it all about the most common difference between Komori and Heidelberg printing press machines. You now have the choice to make about which of these fits best for you.

While you are considering which of these machines to invest in, don't forget that at Kitmondo we stock various brands of used printing press machines. As a renowned marketplace for used industrial units, kindly contact us for the best deal on any brand of used printing press machine.