Latest Trends to Watch out for In the Packaging Industry and Machinery

Latest Trends to Watch out for In the Packaging Industry and Machinery
Kitmondo 31 Jul 2019

The packaging industry is one with significant economic growth globally. The enormous economic returns from this sector support various predictions. Typical of such predictions is the statistics from Smithers Pica organisation that the global packaging industry's market revenue will hit the $1 trillion mark by the year 2020. This gigantic growth rate in revenue generation in the packaging industry is expected to move from $839 billion recorded in 2015 to $1 trillion as proposed for 2020. 

Growth of the packaging industry 

How possible can this be, one may ask. Yes, this is an obvious question with glaring answers. This is because the packaging industry stands to be an all-encompassing sector with lots of technological input and design works which aims to give a final and breath-taking packaging to products of all types. The contribution of the packaging industry ensures that products are safe while in storage, on transit (as in shipping) and even during sales to the end-users. And for many top-ranking manufacturers, they see packaging as the face to the brand and therefore treating this aspect of product delivery as an integral and essential part of their business.

Well, before we dive deep into the dynamics and trends of the packaging industry which will give you a clearer understanding of how this target for 2020 hopes to become feasible, it will be best to take a quick look at the machines and other industrial equipment that work together to churn out such huge economic returns for the packaging industry.

Like you would already know, packaging equipment such as the Welding Bar Machines and Tray Packers comes in different forms and sizes which makes them a bit hard to purchase, especially when considering to buy a new one directly from the original equipment manufacturers. Well, as hard as this may be, which in most cases may lead to a huge economic loss to the packaging industry, many production companies have realized the need to invest in used packaging machines.

Such used packaging machinery is usually sourced from a reputable marketplace for used equipment and other industrial machinery of which Kitmondo is a leading name where many buyers of used industrial machines as well as used packaging machinery turn to for the best deal.

Trends in the packaging industry and machinery 

Like every other industry with megatrends, which in most cases involves a switch from the conventional brick-and-mortar stores to an e-commerce platform, the packaging industry on its part isn't left behind in such evolutionary changes. Below are some of the notable trends that the industry has witnessed in recent times.

Progress in flexible packaging

Worthy of mention is the latest developments going on around flexible packaging which has led to its increased popularity in recent time. Technological input towards the use of flexible packaging has made what was once restricted to hard and rigid materials to be widely accepted and used by many consumer products.

The rise in increased use and acceptance of flexible packaging materials has made the Flexible Packaging Association disclose values attributing about $135 billion of the world's entire packaging industry to the US. These figure cuts across all forms of non-rigid materials and various popular flexible packaging materials such as bags, envelopes, pouches, and wraps.

Reasons, why flexible packaging materials tend to trend recently, is obviously due to their convenience of use, ease of storage and the products stored in them gives off an attractive appeal while on the shelves. Again, another reason why flexible packaging materials gain such prominence lately is the step-up in the materials used for their production. Over the years most flexible packaging materials were made of polyvinyl chloride which is hard to decompose in the environment, but recently, these materials are now made of polyethene terephthalate, polyethene or even polypropylene which are very durable when in use but deteriorate and decompose fast when they are discarded.

Recycled packaging materials

Although something that wasn’t in full practice, recycled packaging trend is gradually coming mainstream. This trend began evolution with the 3R principles which focused on reduction, reuse and recycling. Thankfully, today, this principle has become a house-hold name where it is even serving as a model for how well a product packaging material should be designed. The ideology of recycled packaging material has become a norm in the American lifestyle.

Most outstanding in the recent trend and rise in recycled packaging material acceptance is the advocacy for sustainability, which is aimed at addressing landfills issues. Others include the mess on the aquatic environment where perishable plastic materials float aimlessly on the ocean. It is a good one that this advocacy is gain volumes, and people are playing their roles to sustain the environment by choosing recyclable packaging materials instead of non-recyclable materials.

Vintage packaging re-evolution

Here is what was regarded as old fashion coming back in vogue. Recently, many companies in the packaging industry are gradually recalling old memories and reflecting the values of yesteryears through the reintroduction of vintage packaging. Reports from some leading packaging companies such as 99 Designs claims that producing packaging materials with throwback designs helps them to give consumers a bit of the past of which such era was known for placidness and simplicity.

Most importantly, why the vintage packaging design seems to gain more popularity is in its design, which reflects an ageless quality that is always intact for many years. Secondly, vintage packaging reiterates a history of passion and tradition.

This is truly an essential part of the American culture coming back as a trend, and for the millennial generation who wished to have seen how things went then, they can now have a piece of that experience in the vintage packaging materials.

Packaging materials with digital printing

In 2019, the journey into the digital age seems to have arrived its destination. With this digital age where computers are used principally for doing many things, the packaging industry isn't left out. Among the various sectors benefiting from the crisp and sleek jobs done with the use of computers, product packaging materials benefits from the beautiful images and other graphic designs which are printed on packaging materials to suit each consumers taste and lifestyle. With such creativity and technological input with the use of computers in packaging materials, there is no sign of going back as many consumers continue to show more love for such beautifully designed product packaging.

On the part of manufacturing companies as well, there is a sign of increased acceptance of the digitalization of packaging materials. This is visible in the ease with which different companies come up with new designs of their packaging materials, some with personalized printings to match consumers demands.

Join the train and live up with the trend

Sure, you've seen it all. The industry is no more where it used to be. The packaging industry isn't ready at all to settle even in the latest trends around it. Trends keeps on unfolding, and only the trend-conscious folks will live up to demands of tomorrow.

Well, amidst the rapid changes, we at Kitmondo are always ready to partner with you to keep you up-to-date. As a well-known marketplace for used industrial equipment and machines, we different types of used packaging machines for sale. We trust that you’ll contact us to take your packaging needs to the current and next level.