Streamlined Legal Services for Businesses in Czechia

Streamlined Legal Services for Businesses in Czechia
Kitmondo 01 Sep 2022

We're writing this article today to share some useful information with our Kitmondo community. Our legal team, who has been a reliable partner in our operations, has introduced a new range of services that we believe could be beneficial for many businesses in Czechia.

These legal services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of different stages of your business growth, all under transparent conditions. Here are the details:

Starting a Business: This package, priced at 16,990 CZK (excluding VAT), provides guidance in choosing a legal form for your business and supports its establishment.

Expanding My Business: For those looking to broaden their business scope, this kit assists with the inclusion of additional entities like employees, self-employed individuals, or other suppliers. It costs 24,990 CZK (excluding VAT).

Launching/Operating a Service: This package provides the necessary documentation for operating a digital service, priced at 29,990 CZK (excluding VAT).

Custom Product Development: If you're involved in the development of customized products, this legal package priced at 39,990 CZK (excluding VAT) may prove helpful.

Building a Brand: For basic protection of your product or company brand, this service starts from 10,000 CZK (excluding VAT).

In addition to these packages, they have also introduced 'Legal as a Service'. This model offers daily legal support for a fixed monthly fee, which includes priority processing, allocated capacity, and a discounted flat rate. As an example of the potential savings, a 10-hour subscription could save you 5000 CZK per month. The service covers a range of legal areas, such as contracts, GDPR protection, and intellectual property protection.

Should you need a service not included in these packages, you have the option to contact them directly and discuss your specific needs.

We have found their legal services to be consistently reliable, practical, and efficient. We believe that businesses in Czechia could benefit from their comprehensive and cost-effective legal packages. For further inquiries or to engage their services, please reach out to them directly.

See more details on their Website Legalkit