Do You Have Surplus Machinery? Sell Used Metalworking Machinery and Equipment

Do You Have Surplus Machinery? Sell Used Metalworking Machinery and Equipment
Kitmondo 01 May 2019

Owning and managing a business requires a constant cash flow, and your production/services remains a major channel through which the money keeps flying in – no doubt about that.  

But another means through which you can keep your business afloat with a steady cash flow is by converting your waste to wealth. Don’t bother thinking too far about how overwhelming it could be to convert your waste to wealth; we simply mean selling off your used metalworking machines, equipment, and other industrial units for money.

So, while you are purchasing new and more sophisticated equipment to get your job delivered flawlessly, your surplus, used and possibly abandoned machines can still be topping some figures into your bank account constantly.

Sounds too good right that the heap of chunk from your used machines is capable of churning out some money for you? Absolutely, if you ask us – that’s the candid truth.

In case you are trying to figure out how possible it is to have someone pay for what you consider to be your waste, we would advise that you save your brain the stress and tap into the benefits which a lot of used machines sellers have been enjoying for more than a decade through us.

We are - Online marketplace for used industrial machinery

As a marketplace and a trusted online intermediary for used and surplus machinery, over 20000 sellers of used equipment globally are beneficiaries of our swift, reliable and professional sales of used units.

Our list of sellers keeps growing daily, and we hope that you will be intrigued to join this fast growing list of ours – it’s a sure promise that you’ll be glad that you chose us.

Just like our first-time sellers who are always septic about how true it is to enjoy such amazing benefits on a platter of their used machines, we are certain that you may be thinking about how easy it is to get some cool bucks for example from your used metalworking. It is as simple as the steps below :

  1. Create a free account with us
  2. List all your used/surplus machinery
  3. Kitmondo agent contacts you for the quote and other information a serious buyer requires about any of your listings.
  4. Kitmondo agent connects you directly with the buyer to finalize the deal.
  5. You invoice the buyer for payment, after the payment, we invoice you for our moderate commission which makes up a part of the net price for your used machinery. (Note that the buyer pays the total sum to you).

Benefits of selling your used metalworking machinery

We invite you to harness the benefits of selling your used machines — even the oldest chunk in your workplace with us.

Instead of pilling up your worksite with scraps and other surplus equipment that you barely use, there are lots of benefits in selling them off.

Many of such benefits are what you know, but may find them missing in your list when considering to sell your used equipment.

You’ll make some money  - that's for sure

Obviously, this is the first and the most striking thought in every seller’s mind when considering to sell their used machines. It is actually a cool spot to start from since selling your used and surplus machine is meant to give your business financial leverage as you clear up your work site.

Creating a wider business network

Selling used, and surplus equipment is another avenue to expand your business and company’s recognition globally. This is possible as you have the opportunity to meet with potential buyers who are likely to link you up with other business opportunities that have to do with your services.

Support to others

Selling used and surplus equipment most times doesn’t mean you are in dire need of money for your business. Also, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the machines you are selling off. Most times, it means that your business has outgrown the use of some old modeled machines or you simply decide to change your machines for better efficiency and job delivery. So, by selling off used and surplus machines in your workplace, you are directly helping others to grow their business with quality machines at an affordable price – you never can tell, it might just be your little way of helping humanity.

Why choose Kitmondo to sell your used metalworking machines?

We are Kitmondo, and as an online intermediary for the sales of used equipment, our world-class services for almost two decades has been highly remarkable. Our safe, fast and reliable services when it comes to finding and getting buyers for your used machines is definitely an experience you need to have.

Here are better reasons why selling your used machines on Kitmondo is more convenient and successful than on other intermediary platforms.

Free listing of used equipment with no quantity limit

Having an account and listing your products with us is completely free. Also, where you have more than one machine to enlist with us, you can contact our sales agent who is ready to get all your equipment listed for you without a cost.

We provide a wide listing coverage

Kitmondo is one online marketplace and an intermediary for used machines where tons of buyers/sellers of used units from all around the world flood to get the best deal.

Listing your surplus metalworking machinery with us is synonymous to raising a billboard with a message to the whole world like “Hey world! I got some surplus machinery to sell.”

We provide individualistic support

Our sales agent are always available to support you by offering every information that potential and serious buyers may need at any time. For information they can’t provide at a particular time, our Kitmondo agent will contact you for such information ASAP.

We save your time and take out the stress

As a marketplace for used machines, one of our core responsibility to you is to screen potential buyers and to connect you only with the buyer that is willing to pay your expected offer. So, you don’t have to spend your precious time negotiating with every potential buyer that shows interest in any of your listing.

No hidden/exuberant charges

Selling your used and surplus machinery on Kitmondo is a commission-based system of having your used equipment sold easily. Our commission charge is highly moderate and competitive, and our commission is added to make up your net selling price tag for your used machines.

You’ll save ads cost

Sure you’ll agree with us that enlisting your used machinery and other used metalworking machinery with us is the best choice to make. When considering the amount you are likely to pay for ads on other websites, you’ll definitely attest to the fact that selling on Kitmondo is easier, safer, cost-effective and faster.

Contact us ASAP and get your surplus machinery sold off for the best deal by our professional service agents.