Why Plastics Production Companies Invest in Used Engel Injection Molding Machine

Why Plastics Production Companies Invest in Used Engel Injection Molding Machine
Kitmondo 20 Feb 2019

Just like many brands of injection molding machine manufacturers, Engel is one name in the industry that has set out to be outstandingly different. With over two decades in the manufacture of injection molding machines for plastic production companies globally, Engel injection molding machine has stood out as the most favorite among its peers. Yes, talking about the best pick for over 10,000 customers globally. 

Why Engel injection moulding machine

While Engel injection molding machine continues to rank highest in the list of injection molding machine manufacturers, you may be tempted to ask what is special about the design of injection molding machines from Engel when compared to other manufacturers who seems never to meet up with the standard of Engel injection molding machines. 

The answer to your curiosity isn’t far-fetch. Here is the simple answer. Engel injection molding machine is designed with a cutting-edge technology which gives buyers the flexibility of producing lightweight plastic materials and parts from various materials in just a single step. In addition to the quality of plastic products production, Engel injection molding machines are also designed with world-class technological input that enhances energy-efficiency and reliability.

Such innovative designs have helped Engel injection molding machine to function perfectly when purchased as a used machine despite the numbers of years it must have been used.  In reality, when considering the purchase of injection molding machine, many buyers would rather choose to invest in used Engel injection molding machine instead of spending high amount for a new injection molding machine from another brand. 

Used Engel injection moulding machines are wanted

Did you just wonder why many buyers have so much confidence in a used Engel injection molding machine than buying a new injection molding machine from another brand?  Here is the secret! The technological innovation in which the manufacturers of Engel injection molding machine brought to the stage is dazzling. This is one reason why injection molding machine buyers globally with a low budget would prefer investing in a used Engel injection molding machine. 

Want to know more about such technological innovations and the advantages of purchasing a used Engel injection molding machine? Read on to learn more.

Engel - The manufacturers of tie-bar-less injection molding machine

It took a lot of courage for the manufacturers of the Engel injection molding machine to come up with this ground-breaking technology in the manufacture of injection molding machines. With so much clamping forces of about 500 tonnes which are usually required to clamp injection molding machine molds perfectly, it was an argument that received so many criticisms. However, Engel injection molding machine manufacturers understood the fact that there is never a glory without guts, and so, critics as to a tie-bar-less machine never stopped their dream.

And now, the tie-bar-less machine innovation by Engel machine manufacturers has turned out a major transformation which has altered the long-known notion that the clamping sides in an injection molding machine must as a matter of necessity have tie bars.

See! The determination to flout the conventional/traditional way of machine designs through the tie-bar-less machines has offered technicians with a larger mold fixing surfaces and easy accessibility when the need to change mold arises.

With such flexibility in operation, which in turn offer higher productivity for plastic production companies, one can boldly ask ‘why would buyers not want to save more bucks from buying a used Engel injection molding machine which is sure to serve them satisfactorily?

Faster injection molding machine controllers

Again, another reason why plastic production companies will continue to flock around used Engel injection molding machine is that such buyers are assured of an accelerated injection molding machine workflow. How? Here is a fact!

Long ago, technicians and engineers of the injection molding machine hand-coded structured text based on test results analysis on spreadsheet, and this required an extensive hardware testing which was time-consuming and invariably expensive to implement.

Again hand-coding structured text was also found to cause a lot of damage to injection molding machines, especially when trying to test certain configurations. Furthermore, running two separate test configurations under the same condition was impossible to carry out.

And now, the breakthrough came through! With the Engel Model-Based Design, injection molding machine controllers workflow is now accelerated. This accelerated workflow is now evident in a measured input and output for pressure and temperature of melted plastics alongside the velocity of the injection molding machine components.

To sum up the results from the hard work of the Engel injection molding machine team, injection molding machine now receives an improved controller quality, accelerated test data analysis and the control of algorithm development and debugging without the use of hardware.

New generation hydraulic injection molding machine

In addition to the history of Engel injection molding machine, the Engel team revisited the hydraulic injection machines with a view to increasing the injection precision, efficiency, and ergonomics of the injection molding machines.

Visible from the hard work of the Engel injection molding machine team is the enhancement of higher process stability through the development of iQ weight control software to monitor variation in materials weight and to automatically make-up for such variation at the same injection shot.

Also, there is a higher efficiency of the Engel injection molding machine through energy saving from its eco-drive technology which puts the machine’s motors at an idle state (without using energy) when the entire unit is in a standstill.

What’s Your Production Need Then?

The above features and more are what Engel injection molding machine team of engineers are working ceaselessly to make sure that your plastic production and productivity is apt.  In addition to perfect production, you will also enjoy numerous advantages of using the plastic injection molding machine for the production of plastic parts. 

Among such advantages are:

    - High efficiency,

    - Detailed feature and complex geometry,

    - Enhanced product strength,

    - Ease of mixing different plastic materials for better results,

    - Lesser manufacturing cost from the automated process of the Engel injection molding machine.

Does your plastic production needs cut across; coinjection, coin-melt, glaze melt, foam melt, foil melt, optimal, PVC, sheet molding compounds? Just name them, and Engel injection molding machines will always do the job perfectly.

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