Where To Buy Used Semiconductor Equipment?

Where To Buy Used Semiconductor Equipment?
Kitmondo 20 Mar 2019

While many buyers hit the market on a daily basis to acquire semiconductor equipment, buying the best equipment that will serve their business needs perfectly will be their top-most priority. Now, the question is where buyers could find the best semiconductor equipment on the market? Read more below.

Is it the open market?

Resulting from the need to buy the best semiconductor equipment, buyers resort to either the open market where the can deal directly with sellers to purchase semiconductor equipment. Many buyers will be confident of any equipment purchased from the open market, reasons being that they can confidently vouch for the quality of the equipment they saw and assessed before paying for. Again, while purchasing semiconductor equipment from the open market, buyers (usually seasoned engineers) will make sure that they have all the time required to maintain and fix (where necessary) the equipment they are purchasing since such equipment despite being readily available to be whisked away by the buyer may still require some finishing touches.

But as good as the open market purchase of semiconductors may be, some setback comes with it and thus making many buyers not too comfortable going into such investment. Some constraint that makes the open market a tricky place to trade in include the lack of guarantee on the workability of the equipment purchased and obsolescence management programs do not always apply.

Again, as a buyer, you are solely responsible for picking up your chosen unit to your facility, and in cases where spare parts are scarce to find, you – the buyer bears the cost of getting such parts from the OEM. This is another avenue of spending more than you possibly must have budgeted for, sure you agree with this.

Is it from the original equipment manufacturers (OEM)?

On the other hand, many buyers will prefer buying semiconductor equipment from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with the assurance that such equipment’s electronics and controls with being updated, and the entire unit’s parts will be repaired and made standard to comply with all compulsory safety requirements.

Also, there is the assurance of paying for a fully refurbished semiconductor equipment with parts that are standard and complying with safety standards, up-to-date controls and electronics added where there is the need for such.

Looks cool and enticing, right? You obviously will rush into dealing with the OEMs for semiconductor equipment. But one question remains, how much are you willing to pay for such services? Guess your budget is probably of the king-size to enjoy such services from the OEMs.

Is it from third-party?

Where many buyers may be comfortable with the above methods (OEM and the open market) for purchasing semiconductor equipment for their business, other buyers would rather prefer purchasing semiconductor equipment from third-party.

Reasons to this choice may possibly be because purchasing equipment from third-party offer some level of confidence to the buyer especially when buyers realize the fact that third-party are professionals who have know-how of the industrial world.

Such professional services and the relatively low cost of purchasing used semiconductor equipment from a reliable third party vendor like Kitmondo can, without doubt, be of added advantage to a buyer.

The best alternative to buy semiconductor equipment?

Now, there is a clear cut between the various purchasing alternatives which many buyers may be confused about, it is obvious that one question that may be popping from curious buyers like you will possibly be “what then is the best alternative when buying used semiconductor equipment”.

The answer is definitely simple, and in simple terms, buying used semiconductor equipment from trusted and reliable third-party like Kitmondo is absolutely the best alternative for you.

Why? Here are some secrets (if you prefer – benefits) about buying used equipment from a trusted marketplace for used units like us.

Lower cost of purchasing equipment

Quality semiconductor equipment can sure have a significant impact on your business’ productivity. However, quality equipment is not guaranteed by being new equipment. Rather, purchasing used semiconductor equipment at a lower cost can save thousands for other equipment. With the prices of new equipment increasing every year, buying well-maintained used semiconductor equipment can offer you several years of satisfactory service in your business.

Remember that buying used equipment implies that you are absolutely paying a lesser initial price and sales tax.

Availability of latest update

Dealing with a reliable marketplace for used equipment will sure give you more benefits. Typical of such benefit is an up-to-date configuration on used semiconductor equipment which will meet the latest safety standards while offering a higher level of productivity is one of such benefits you can enjoy with a small amount

Get your equipment in a snap of a finger

Buying new semiconductor equipment most time has to undergo the process of order placement and manufacturing. This takes time and may affect your business and productivity.

What about used semiconductor equipment? They are already available with us and awaiting your purchase, and once that is done and it is being moved to your facility or work site, you are sure to have your semiconductor equipment start paying for its purchase price ASAP.

More flexibility on equipment purchase

Would you want to wait to gather up the needed amount required to purchase new semiconductor equipment for a job that is akin to a short term contract? We believe that a firm NO! will be your response.

See, this is another reason why you need to invest a little amount in purchasing used equipment which will do the job and once the contract is completed, you can easily find another buyer with the need for such equipment to sell to.

Tested equipment

Buying used semiconductor equipment from a reliable third party vendor means that you are sure of purchasing equipment that has been running well. You have always the option to visit the equipment and test it before purchasing.

Lower cost of insurance

The cost of insuring used equipment can never be compared to a new model. Why? This is true because insurance companies will base the equipment’s premium on the cost of replacement and not on its selling price after using it for some years.

Have used semiconductor equipment to sell? We can help!

At Kitmondo, we don’t only sell quality used equipment, but we also provide a competitive platform for sellers who have some used machine and equipment to sell off. Worried about how soon your equipment can be sold? That’s no problem.

We have a special algorithm that enhances the visibility of listed used equipment which in turn creates high chances of having your used equipment sold off easily.

Being a marketplace that is known for many decades to meet the needs of used equipment buyers and sellers alike globally, we at Kitmondo are determined to give professional support to your business needs with a vast section of quality used semiconductor equipment for sale or individual parts which cut across many industries.