Where To Buy Used Heavy Truck: Online Industrial Auctions

Where To Buy Used Heavy Truck: Online Industrial Auctions
Kitmondo 27 Oct 2021

The moment you discover the opportunities available when it comes to purchasing used heavy trucks through industrial auctions, you won’t want to consider any other options again. Without meaning to be patronizing, you can enjoy the best through industrial auction without restriction, delay, hassles or pressure. Before you settle down to bidding, you should be aware of the types of heavy trucks available. There are different types of trucks available at in-person and online truck auctions. They are presented below.

Used trucks

Generally, you will find this at every truck auction. What you should also know is that the truck must have had at least one previous user and what distinguishes one from the other are factors which include years, brand, model and color.

Salvage, wrecked, or insurance trucks

You will also come across trucks with salvage titles. That is, the trucks are either wrecked or have become insurance write offs. Mind you, having a salvage title does not mean a heavy truck cannot be purchased. The title may simply be as a result of fire incidents, flood or theft. What will be required at most will be replacement of damaged parts and reworking. You can easily check the VIN to ascertain why the truck has a salvage title.

Almost new trucks

It is not every used heavy truck that has been in the hands of a previous user. Some may be as a result of inventory clearing by a dealer. Although this instance may be rare, it is still possible to buy used heavy trucks.

Bill of sale trucks

You may come across used heavy trucks with a bill of sale only. What this means is that the truck does not come with its certificate of title. Although the process can be time consuming, there is no cause for alarm if you are getting such truck from a trustworthy auctioneer; all you have to do is obtain the certificate of title.

First, let us consider some of the benefits of buying used heavy truck via industrial auction.

Availability of numerous brand options

In industrial auctions, there are unrestricted opportunities to assess different brand of heavy truck. We have always partnered with the best industrial auctioneers and through our platform, you can enjoy unreserved access to available used heavy trucks.

No unnecessary pressure from seller or auctioneer

Unlike the unnecessary pressure that is usually passed through in the hands of private sellers who are eager to push out a faulty used heavy truck, you can be rest assured that this does not happen in industrial auctions. The process is not hastened unnecessarily at the expense of the buyer. With any of our trusted partners, you can take as much time as you want. What matters is doing everything that can be done to make it worth your confidence and preference. Hence, you can even bring your expert mechanic along to check and test-run the truck after you must have made your choice online.

You are highly protected

Any auction platform that is concerned about its own integrity will do all that needs to be done in order to have the buyers protected. There have been many experiences shared by people who have bought used heavy trucks from private sellers. You may have heard or read about them. Although most of the negative testimonies usually turn out to have been overblown out of proportion, it cannot be denied that some of them are true. That is why at Kitmondo, we have chosen to partner and make our platforms available only to the best. More than anything, you can be rest assured of warranty and due certification.

You get road-worthy truck

At industrial auctions, used heavy trucks have been inspected by the auctioneers before being enlisted for auctioning. With the advancement of technology, industrial auctions have been the most useful source of standard used heavy trucks.

Considering bidding for a used heavy truck, here is how

Every online industrial auction has due processes that must be followed and completed before being able to bid. Usually, you will be required to put a deposit on your account created on the platform. Note that this amount depends on your budget and how much you are willing to spend. Let’s say you need to have your stipulated budget. Thus; it is important for you to determine your budget before entering a bidding process. In the same vein, you must make up your mind to stick to the amount you have decided upon and never make the mistake of revealing too much. Meanwhile, in-person auctions do not require the same deposit process. In fact, putting a deposit is not needed.

Also, before bidding on any truck, endeavor to do proper routine checks. Utilize every opportunity presented to you to do this.

As you work towards purchasing used heavy trucks at an industrial auction, you should take your time to inspect the interior and exterior parts of the truck. Utilize your five senses to do this and let your eyes pay attention to every part. In case you don’t trust your own expertise enough, we advise that you go through the process through the help of an expert mechanic. Note the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) – it allows you to know a lot about the truck’s history. Also, know your budget before bidding and evaluate the worth of the truck. Having an expert mechanic or car dealer with you makes the aforementioned easier.