Disco DFD-2S/8

Manufacturer Disco
Model DFD-2S/8
Year -
Country South Korea South Korea
Condition Good
Main category Metalworking Machinery
Subcategory Metal Saw
ID P80829100

Fully Automatic Dicing Saw Disco DFD-2S/8

? X - axis Section
Drive Method AC Servo Motor
Stroke 650mm Max
Effective Cut Stroke 220mm
Cut Speed 0.7~3000mm/sec
? Y - axis Section
Drive Method Pulse Motor
Max Programmable Stroke 220mm
Index Speed 30mm/sec
Indexing Method
Min Index Step Linear Scale Closed Loop System
Indexing Accuracy Single Pitch 0.003mm
Cumulative Pitch 0.005mm/200mm
? Z - axis Section
Drive Method Pulse Motor
Indexing Method Rotary Encorder
Max Stroke 25mm
Min Index 0.002mm
? T - axis Section
Drive Method AC Servo Motor
Rotation Angle (end to end) 150 ° max
Indexing Time 2sec/90°
Min Index Angle 1.62"
? Spindle Section (High Frequency Air Spindle)
Output 800W
RPM 3,000 ~ 60,000
? Spinner Section
Drive Method AC Direct Drive
RPM 3,000rpm MAX
Wash/dry Time 999 Seconds Max
Wash ? Rinse ? Dry Programmable
Accuracy of Table Positioning
During Rotation ± 1 °
? Alignment Section
Alignment Method CCD Camera Pattern Matching System
Microscope Single Object Magnfication
(a b Selectable)

Macro Micro
a 2.66 X 7.5 X
b 7.08 X 19.88 X

With Auto Focus Mechanism
? Handling Section
Loading/Unloading Section Cross-Flow Arm System
Number of Cassettes Used
(Detting for pitch and Number of Workpieces Can Be Changed) Number of Cassettes 1 for Each Loader/Unloader
8"F=1/4" , 26 Slots
3~6" F = 3/16" , 25 Slots
? Utilities
power Supply

(1) AC 200/220 V 3 Phase 50/60 Hz (domestic) 5 KVA
(2) AC 200 ~ 415V* 3 Phase 50/60 Hz (Overseas) 5 KVA
Transformer Necessary
? Water Pressure
Cooling Water (tap Water) 2Kg/? 1.5 Liters/Min
Cutting Water (D.I Water) 3 kg/? 5 Liters/Min
Air Pressure 5.5kgf/? ?G 440 Liters/Min
N 5.5kgf/? ?G - AT Max.
use 565 liters/min

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