Online Auction - 2015 Year End Clearance Auction of Lab and Pharma Equipment

Auctioneer EquipNet
Closing date Dec. 10, 2015
Location USA USA
Category Lab, Medical and Bioscience
ID LAB0120
Status Closed

EquipNet are hosting a 2015 year end clearance of a range of laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment. This auction will include lab, analytical and bio processing equipment.

Some of the featured items for this lab equipment auction include:

- Edwards Lyoflex 08 Lyophilizer
- Canfield Scientific GFM 3D Skin Measurement System
- ThermoQuest TRACE GC MS System
- Waters Alliance HPLC System
- H-E-L CrystalScan Automated Crystalization Screening System
- Becton Dickinson FACScalibur Flow Cytometer
- BMG Labtech NEPHELOstar Laser Based Microplate Nephelometer
- Millipore Milli-Q Gradient Water Purification System
- Beckman Coulter ORCA Robotic Microplate Handler System Components
- IEC HN-SII Centrifuge
- Abec 125L Stainless Steel Portable Mixing Tank
- Eppendorf 5417R Centrifuge
- Tuttnauer Brinkmann 2540M Benchtop Autoclave
- Agilent 16451B Dielectric Test Fixture
- Nova Biomedical BioProfile 100 Plus Automated Chemistry Analyzer
- Wallac Trilux 1450 Microbeta Liquid Scintallation Counter

In order to inspect any of the equipment for this auction you must contact EquipNet.

This lab auction features equipment based in several locations, check the individual lot information for more details.

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