Chemical Plant 9

Italimpianti plant

Year: 2012
Location: Australia Australia
Complete gold and silver refinery. It includes the following specific equipment; Induction melting furnace FIM/15TPU Grain Production Tanks RPG/E...

Cali roger Treatment system

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Waste water treatment.tanks .,filter press ,ion -exchange

Nitrogen Plant new

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Used nitrogen plant made in 1985 and shut down circa 2011. Plant was designed for use in the electronics industry so purity is measured in Parts Pe...

Carbon Dioxide Recovery Plant, 1650 Kg/Hour new

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Used CO2 carbon dioxide recovery plant with capacity 1650 kgs/hour of food grade CO2. Includes dryer and purifier only. Also actiators and control ...

Maleic Anhydride Plant, 3600 Tons/Year new

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Used maleic anhydride plant 3600 TPY technology col F chimie France, built 1987. Benzane is oxidized by air/oxygen in tube reactor over a catalyst....

Lurgi-Fagen -0

Year: 2009
Location: USA USA
ASSETS ONLY for complete Ethanol Plant - capacity 38 MGY (million gallons per year). [The plant cannot stay in place and be run as an ethanol plant...

Howe Baker -0

Year: 1992
Location: USA USA
Howe Baker hydrogen gas generating plant. Capacity 83,000 scfh (2 million scfd). PSA system with 4 psa columns, Includes reformer, waste gas steam ...

Hydro Chem 30,000 scfh

Year: 1977
Location: USA USA
Hydro Chem hydrogen generating gas plant, pressure swing adsorption type. Capacity is 30,000 SCFH. Reformer designed with 8 tubes (6 installed and ...

Alfa Laval Nozzle Centrifu

Year: 2000
Location: Germany Germany
Designation: Nozzle Centrifuge Manufacturer : Alfa Laval Type: STSX217S-31 C Construction year : 2000 Technical details : max. throughput capacity ...

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