Editing Equipment 17

Telecine sdc 2000 Thompson-Philips Spirit

Year: 2007
Location: Slovenia Slovenia
Telecine SDC 2000 Philips Thompson Spirit -Kodak film scaning gate lens 35mm -Kodak telecine calibration system 1002-v The telecine is full ope…

Pandora Pogle Evolution PBX50000 colour grading panels

Year: 2008
Location: Slovenia Slovenia
Pandora Pogle Evolution PBX50000 colour grading panels includes: - Tablet Controller Panel - SCC Panel - Operations Panel - HUB - Workstati…

Production Bot ® Switch 8 with Control Surface Kit

Year: 2020
Location: USA USA
PRODUCTION BOT Switch 8 Portable Live Production Switcher The Switch 8 Portable Live Production Switcher from PRODUCTION BOT provides eight video …

SGO Mistika

Year: 2014
Location: Slovenia Slovenia
SGO MISTIKA Permanent license for version 8.5.16. SOFTWARE: 1. Basic license 2. Unlimited Resolution license 3. DI (Color grading) Module license 4.…

Noritsu QSS 3301 price drop

Year: 2006
Location: Lithuania Lithuania
Photo business stop. For sale good working condition : Noritsu QSS 3301 L-1300 QSF - T15 No.22090012 Fuji FP230BII No.220N125 Many spare p…

ARDIS DDP Ethernet SAN Storage Server - 16DA 16 TB

Year: 2015
Location: Australia Australia
Modular ethernet SAN Storage server with the file system & meta data management built in. Can be utilised for video & Audio. 16 drive bays current…

Renderfarm 25 x CPU i7

Year: -
Location: Poland Poland
Renderfarm: 25 computers used in animation studio. FARMER01 I7 3770k 16GB RAM (2x8) DDR3-1333 Kingston 99U5471-040.A00LF Gigabyte GA-H61M-S1 WD 3…

Facilis Terrablock 24EX- 48TB Avid/Premiere Pro Editing shared server

Year: 2012
Location: USA USA
Facilis Terrablock is the gold standard shared-storage solution for film and video editorial-- perfect for anything, up to and including your toughes…

Servers for sale price drop

Year: 2017
Location: Greece Greece
Supermicro 7047GR-TRF with the X9DRG-QF motherboard   Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 family; QPI up to 8GT/s Up to 512GB DDR3 1600MHz ECC Registe…

Autodesk Flame Flame, Smoke, A

Year: 2012
Location: Italy Italy
Selling entire post-production equipment because of ceased activity with hardware, monitors, converters, extenders all perfectly working which includ…

NEWTEK Tricaster 8000

Year: 2016
Location: UK UK
Newtek Tricaster 8000 with Large CP. Excellent condition

Grass Valley Sirius 840 Enterprise Router

Year: 2021
Location: UK UK
Used 576 x 576 3G Router in a 27 RU chassis Grass Valley Sirius 840 The enterprise level Sirius 800 series of routers offer multiformat, expandable…

Autodesk Smoke 2010.1

Year: 2010
Location: USA USA
2 flight cases with wheels included.

1 inch Video Editing Equipment and Tapes Available

Year: -
Location: USA USA
One video editing machine and approximately 80 1 inch tapes available that are no longer being used in our Orange County studio. The machine include…

Sony MVS-8000A

Year: -
Location: UK UK
SONY MVS-8000A (used) Vision Mixer 4 M/E Very High Spec

AVID Unity 16TB price drop

Year: 2010
Location: Spain Spain
Includes: Avid Unity Media Engine 16TB AVID P/N 7180-30042-01rA Avid Dongle for 6 seats 2x ATTO FC41ES FC Cards 1x Qlogic SanBox 1400 (10 ports) …


Year: 2015
Location: USA USA
Brand new AVID ISIS5000 expansion chassis with 16 1tb drives and AVID assurance contract, Force 10 switch and Ethernet cables included

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