Plastics Manufacturing Plant 7

Grill & Grossmann 2000 Litres

Year: -
Location: Bulgaria Bulgaria
The offered equipment was part of a small plant for production of epoxy and polyester resins but instalation was in operation for not more then 500...


Year: 1999
Location: Italy Italy
Simimpianti Plant for production of refrigerated truck panels / Plant for sandwich panels / Gluing plant for refrigerated trucks. With this plant,...

Entire Extrusio unknown

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Hi, I have acquired a factory full of drip irrigation extrusion equipment. I had made a loan, and the collateral was the equipment. The party filed...

Rolbatch Film recycling

Year: 2018
Location: Germany Germany
We would like to inform, that we have available in stock: PE, PP film washing line - output 500 kg/hour We can ship any time. Not later than at t...

spunbond NONWOV CHTCM200102

Year: 2015
Location: Turkey Turkey
This equipment is suitable for the production of spunbond nonwovens with a variety of colors and different properties using PP chips as main materi...

Rolbatch Sorter Electros

Year: 2018
Location: Germany Germany
Well, here again directly from the show room, we have available a sorter electrostatic second generation with corona incorporate, this sorter is ab...

Rolbatch GmbH Regranulation L

Year: 2018
Location: Germany Germany
Used in Show room, never run a single test.