Thread Rolling Machines 11

ProfiRoll Bad Düben PR 25.1 Thread Rolling Machine

Year: 1999
Location: Germany Germany
Thread rolling, thread rolling - Cold forming process Application: Manufacturing of threaded studs and threaded rods - thread pitch: max. 10 ...

WMW UPW 12,5.1 Thread Rolling Machine

Year: 1980
Location: Germany Germany
max. rollable thread length in plunge cut process = max. 125mm max. rollable thread length in continuous process = max. 8000mm - Rolling spindl...

Monnier + Zahner M544

Year: 2008
Location: USA USA
SPECIFICATIONS: Workpiece Diameter...............................................1.5 - 100 mm Workpiece Length - Maximum............................

Herr Voss 30" x 0.071"

Year: 1986
Location: USA USA
YEAR: 1986 Herr Voss Leveler -30" Maximum Width Capacity -Material Thickness: 0.028" - 0.071" @ 140,000 PSI Yield -17 Work Rolls -1.500" D...

Imcar 15/11mm

Year: 2002
Location: France France
IMCAR 6000 x 15 / 11mm 4-roller hydraulic bending and rolling machine Model: 4RH 15/11 Year: 2002 Roller diameter 370 mm Power: 16.5 kW Weight...

WWM Model AF1.1 Spooler

Year: 2001
Location: USA USA
ype AF1.1, 1000 SE, max. spool dia: 1000mm (39.37"); max. traverse: 650mm (26"); 4000 lb. cap; 4000 ft/min; 52kW motor (69.73HP) 460V-3ph-60Hz; Eur...

Foundry and Finishing Machinery from Greensand Casting

Auctioneer: Lambert Smith Hampton
Category: Metalworking Machinery
Location: USA UK
Closing date: Oct 01
Foundry and Finishing Machinery from Greensand Casting The principal plant and machinery includes: ...

3x Koch KTZ Wire Drawing Machine

Year: -
Location: USA USA
3 wires - SP - D 315 (with attached spooler); immersion type wet drawing machine; wire material: steel, high tensile or other material; inlet dia: ...

SAMP Model BOA-800, 32" Traversing Spooler

Year: -
Location: USA USA
max spool dia 800mm (32"); max traverse 500mm (20"); bore: 200mm (8"); max weight: 2640 lbs approx; Reliance 100 HP DC motor; pneumatic air caliber...

Ryazan AA255 Thread Automaton

Year: -
Location: Bulgaria Bulgaria
Threads range M12÷M20 mm Thread length 100 mm Maximum bolt length 200 mm Number of strokes per minute 55 min-1 Ram stroke 604 ...

Prutton Model 155AVB Nail Roll Threader

Year: -
Location: USA USA
wire dia. cap: .078"-.250" (1.9-6.5mm); thread length max: 3"; upperhead blank length: 4"; up to 3000 p/min.; two automatic vibratory bowl feeders;...

Ruja Model Hawk 10N Planetary Roll Threader

Year: -
Location: USA USA
wire dia. min.-max.: .062" to .312" (1.5 to 8.0mm); max. die face: 3-1/8" (79.4mm); max. part length: 5"; vibratory bowl; automatic spray paint unit

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