Imagesetter 3

Agfa and GLUNZ & JENSEN H-VCP-48/VR00730

Year: 2005
Location: Thailand Thailand
Machine for Plate Maker 2 brands, 2 Agfa and 1 GLUNZ & JENSEN CTP methods differ according to the construction type of the imagesetter and the li…

ECRM Stingray 63

Year: 1999
Location: Canada Canada
ECRM STINGRAY 63 Image Setter, MFG 1999, Great condition, Imagesetter With Harlequin/Mac RIP And Glunz And Jensen PRO72. 12 resolutions from 1000…

KODAK KODAK Trendsetter 800 III Quantum

Year: 2008
Location: Germany Germany
KODAK Trendsetter 800 III Quantum -Format: 813 x 1118 mm -Speed: 22 plates/h -Number of plates: 200000 Glunz & Jensen Raptor PRO 85T (2011) Glun…

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