wood lathes 5

Renzo Borgonova LCB600/LCB601

Year: 2006
Location: USA USA
These machines are in good working condition and can be inspected under power. Designed to produce a wide range of spiralled wood roping in a cont...

Tormadex Hidropal 1400 E

Year: -
Location: Belgium Belgium
TORMADEX HIDROPAL 1400 E Max. length: 1400 mm Max. diameter: 250 mm Hopper feed at the rear Reproductive tracer (tamplate or real modell) 2 ...

Locatelli MK 1200 SP

Year: 1974
Location: Belgium Belgium
LOCATELLI MK 1200 SP Equipment: 5 hydraulic driven supports at the back, movable over the machine width. 3 units at the top. Maximum workpiec...

Locatelli Dishmatic 3

Year: 1989
Location: Belgium Belgium
LOCATELLI DISHMATIC 3 Copying lathe for round dishes, stool seats etc Workpiece diameter max. ca. 700 mm. Motor ca. 10 kW 3 frontal and 2 tra...

Bezombes - manual copying lathe

Year: 1987
Location: Belgium Belgium
BEZOMBES Centers: 1250 mm Incl. rotary holder Template for copying at the rear

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