Axon TRE150 TRACS1 S

Manufacturer Axon
Model TRE150 TRACS1 S
Year -
Country UAE UAE
Condition Good
Main category Broadcast, Film and Audio
Subcategory VTR
ID P80910027

The minimum TRACS system is based on a N+1 box infrastructure. One unit is called Recorder. This 19” 1RU case is capable of recording up to 30, 90 or 150 days, depending on which TRACS is purchased. The disk capacity determines the amount of days it can record, specified at 512Kb/s without recording VBI. When a certain amount of disk space is used, the Recorder starts deleting the oldest data.

The second unit is the request server. Through this box the user can change settings of the recorders and access recorded video. A request on the request server application software will trigger a copy of that material from the recorder to the request server and will be played from here. This procedure prevents accidental deletion and increases the data integrity. The system can be connected to the station time reference via an unbalanced SMPTE 309M time code signal. Time synchronization can also be done via an external NTP. You need 1 request server for an N-amount of recorders. Hence we call it a N+1 box solution.

Technical Details

Serial ATA disk drives

RAID status monitoring and error logs

1 video channel on 1RU frame

Composite video input for PAL, NTSC and SECAM

SD-SDI input, 270Mb + embedded audio

2 audio channels (quasi 4 channels if you record mono and play out

one of the channels)

Audio gain option

Gigabit Ethernet connection

DHCP and manual IP network settings

MPEG client clip format

LTC SMPTE309M and external NTP time sync

Free client software licenses

Hardware play out on request server via analog or digital outputs

30, 90 or 150 days of recording on 512 Kb/s (depending on which

model you have)

OSD Time, date and channel name encoded in MPEG

Innovative cooling design, featuring three 4cm high performance

thermal controlled cooling fans, with overheat indication.

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