Birmingham HB-5059

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Manufacturer Birmingham
Model HB-5059
Year -
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Cut to Length Line
ID P503202433

50 Ton 59'' Bed Birmingham HB-5059 NEW PRESS BRAKE, 24'' FOMBG w/DRO, Made In Taiwan;Reference Number: 137354;New Birmingham 50 Ton x 61" Hydraulic Press Brake;Model: HB-5059 Made In Taiwan;machine is made to order - Not In Stock;Specifications;Bending Length: 59";Max Pressure (Tons): 50;Distance Between Uprights: 49";Ram Stroke: 6";Table Width: 1-1/2" Bottom Die Holder Width;Distance Between Table/Ram: 10";Oil Tank: 28 gallons;Main Motor: 5 hp;Approach Speed (in/sec): 4;Bending Speed (in/sec):.27;Return Speed (in/sec): 2.36;Power Back Gauge (in): 24 (opt);Back Gauge Motor (hp): 1/4 (opt);Throat Depth: 8";Main Features;CONSTRUCTION;The Frame is made of hight tension strength stress relieved steel;plate and rigidly bolted/welded to manufacture strong/u-transform;machine body.;WIDE GUIDEWAY;To ensure the movement of the guideblock more smoothly and;stable for high accuracy.;MECHANICAL PARALLEL DEVICE;The compulsory synchronization of the mechanical structure to;ensure the top die and bottom die are fully parallel at any position;of stroke movement.;HYDRAULIC OIL TANK & PUMP;A large tank allows the ail to run smoothly and efficiently. The high-;efficiency, low-noise pump improves the quality of the working;environment.;STROKE;Depth positioning by accurate mechanical stops inside the cylinder;to ensure every bend is to the same exact angle. Adjustable strokes;shortens machine time.;SAFETY FOOT CONTROL;Removable foot control pedal with safety protection. The upper die;beam is raised back to the top position immediately upon the;operator removing his foot from the pedal.;HYDRAULIC SYSTEM;High-efficiency hydraulic circulation system, quality solenoids and;two powerful cylinders provide maximum and stable output to;execute excellent performance. Ram downward by two-step speed;fast-speed approaching and slow-speed press bending to shorten;the cycle time. Easy setting work pressure by stepless regulator;with overload protection device to provide proper pressure.;SINGLE-SIDE MICRO ADJUSTMENT;Two micro-fine adjusting bending angles, this device provides two;directional adjustments, increase or decrease bending angle(s), to;achieve a uniform angle on both ends of the bent workpeice.;DIES;One-piece upper forming punch. One-piece 4-way bottom lower die.;Multi-size V-slot design to meet most bending applications.;MANUAL BACK GAUGE;Precision ballscrew type back gauge with readout disply and micro;adjustor. Resolution 0.004".;Hydraulic bottom die angle compensation.;Power bending angle setup.;Jog, single and auto bending modes.;Standard Equipment;24" or 32" Power ballscrew back gauge with digital counter display;and front control (optional for 22/33/38/50 ton model).;24" front operated manual ballscrew back gauge with digital;counter and micro adjustor (22/33/38/50 ton models).;24" (2) front support arms.;Powered bending angle setting device (opt: 22/33/38/50 ton;models).;Hydraulic bottom-die angle compensation (opt: 22/33/38/50 ton;models).;One top die and one 4-way bottom die (6 V's for 66 ton and over;single V for 50 tons and lower).;Control panel with all switch low voltage wired.;Removable foot pendal with safety protection housing.;Tool box with maintenance tools and leveling pads.;Optional Equipment (call for pricing);24" Power ballscrew back gauge with digital counter display and;front control (optional for 22/33/38/50 ton models only).;Powered bending angle setting device (22/33/38/50 ton models).;Hydraulic bottom-die angle compensation (opt: 22/33/38/50 ton;models).;Safety sensor protection system.;Power grease injecting system.;Large throat depth per customer's request.;Special custom die.;2 Axis CNC back gauge with German ELGO #P8822

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