DÖHLER SYRUP ROOM 2×8000 l/h, like new

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Döhler syrup room for sale.
Like new, it was used only for half year.
It was stored in our store room since 2004.
We were soft drinks producer company.
We stopped our activity in 2004. We thought we will use it later again, but now we know, we don"t need it.
The equipment is in excellent condition.
You can visit us to see it personally.
With the documentation.

The equipment consisting of:

I. System of loose components dissolving: capacity: 2000 l/h
1.Dissolving tank 1×3000 l made of stainless steel 1.4301 with upper hatch, level indicator with measuring slat adopted to CIP washing, inlet outlet and injection fittings, sample cock.
2. Feeding tank-hooper
3.Dosing ball valve
4. Injection pump
All system build on frame made of stainless steel.
Frame dimensions:about L2600 mm B 2,600 mm H 2500 mm, Weight about 900 kg

II.System of dosing and counting of inverted syrup, sugar syrup and water
1. return valve of syrup piping
2. return valve of inverted syrup piping
3. return valve of water piping
4. angle pneumatic valve for syrup
5. angle pneumatic valve for inverted syrup
6. angle pneumatic valve for water
7. induction flow MDM counter
8. system of production water four pneumatic valves

III. System of liquid buffer tanks of ready koupage:
This system is, among others made of 2× dissolving tanks 3000 l made of stainless steel.with upper hatch, level indicator with measuring slat adopted to CIP washing, inlet outlet and injection fittings, sample cock.

IV. system of liquid components and concentrates supply and mixing
Consisting of:
1. screw pump for components
2, automatic deaeration system
3. 1×supply tanks volume 200 l with vertical mixing arm
4. inlet and outlet fittings
5. sieve filter 150 micrometer
All mounted on the frame of stainless steel of about 2000 mm×1200 mm, 1600

V. Mixing tanks system
3×5000 l volume made of stainless steel, equipped among others with:
1. upper hatches
2.washing heads
3. level indicators adopted to CIP washing
4. inlet outlet fittings
5. sample cocks
6 vertical mixing arms
7. inlet-outlet piping for washing with appropriate fittings
8.dividing panel
9. technical piping with valves and fittings
10. 2×syrup pumps
11. hatch ladder for tanks viewing
tanks diameter 2050 mm
overall height 2700 mm

VI. CIP washing system
For washing all equipment of syrup room (filling line has the separate CIP system)
2×tank for services volume of 2500 l each made of stainless steel
equipped among others onto:
- upper hatches
- level indicator
-inlet outlet fittings
- sample cocks
2. Water tank 150 l
3. sieve filter
4. centrifugal pump
5. 3× dosing pump for washing- sanitizing services
6. heat axcharger 500 KW with steam regulating valve and dewateration
7. control cubicle
All positioned on the frame of stainless steel, about 3800 mm, 2300 mm, 22 mm, weight 1500 kg

VII. Control cubicle for all syrup room. made of stainless steel
control of pumps, pneumatic valves, counters from control cubicle by Siemens S3 controller.
Syrup room for production: 2×8000 l/h up to 10 Brix., simple syrup 65 Supplying 2 filling lines.
To one of mixing tanks- in turn according to counters indications- there are pumped:
-preliminary water
-sugar syrup
- components from components tanks or components packing
- dissolved loose components from dissolving system
- end water
After syrup mixing it can be forwarded by beverage pasteurizer pump.
This time it is possible to prepare next tank.
Loose components dissolving:
Pre-heated water is pumped into the appropriate quantity into tank of loose components dissolving.
Component are poured into injector tank and constantly make up during dissolving.
Loose components are sucked into solution by strong circulation of the injector stream. By the injector it is possible to add to the solution also liquid components. After getting the required concentration solution pumped by the filters to one of the beverage mixing tanks and supplied by the water to required Brix.
On the pumping way it is possible to turn on the homogenizeur to homogenize some products.

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Listing information

Manufacturer Döhler
Year 2004
Country Hungary Hungary
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Filling machines - Bottling equipment
ID P01217041