Fette P200 Rotary tablet press

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Fette P200 Tablet Press
Tablet output : 258,000 tablet/hr.
Number of station : 43 stations.
Maximum tablet diameter: 13 mm.
Max tablet thickness: 8.5mm. 
Max depth of fill: 18mm
Maximum compression force: 80 kN.
Initial compression force : 15 kN.
Type of tooling: EU Norm BB.
Height of the machine with feed hopper: 1950 mm.
Project floor area: 1130mm x 1220mm.
Operation manuals: Yes
Excellent Fully Working Condition

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The Fette P200 Rotary Tablet Press, introduced in 1988, stands as a testament to precision engineering and reliability in pharmaceutical tablet production. This machine, manufactured by Fette, a respected name in the pharmaceutical machinery industry, is designed to meet the demanding requirements of tablet manufacturing.

The key strength of the P200 lies in its versatility and performance. This press is capable of producing a wide range of tablet types, sizes, and shapes, making it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical companies with diverse product portfolios. Its robust design ensures consistent tablet quality and production output.

The press employs an array of advanced features to optimize the tablet manufacturing process. This includes precise filling systems, tooling solutions for various tablet shapes, and comprehensive monitoring and control systems. Such features enhance the efficiency of tablet production and reduce downtime during changeovers.

Furthermore, the P200 adheres to rigorous pharmaceutical industry standards and regulations. It incorporates safety features and quality control mechanisms to ensure the integrity of tablet production, making it a reliable choice for pharmaceutical companies that prioritize product quality.

Over the years, the Fette P200 has established itself as a workhorse in tablet manufacturing, characterized by its precision, flexibility, and adherence to pharmaceutical standards. It remains a valuable asset for pharmaceutical manufacturers aiming to meet the highest quality and production standards in the industry.

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Listing information

Manufacturer Fette
Model P200
Year 1988
Country UK UK
Condition Good
Main category Process and Packaging
Subcategory Tablet Press
ID P20211546