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Espec EWPH 3468 - 8CW (2003) Thermal Cycle Chamber

Year: 2003
Location: USA USA
Espec EWPH 3468 - 8CW (2003) Thermal Cycle Chamber Model: EWPH 3468 - 8CW Vintage: 2003 Power: 460V 3PH 60Hz Temperature Control System: B...

Oven Wilt 255KS

Year: 2008
Location: Spain Spain
Wilt Model 255KS Electric Quartz Annealing Furnace: Inside Dimensions: 74” Long x 24" High x 38" Deep Voltage: 380 Volts 50 hz Temperature Range...

Heattek 700-Degree Gas

Year: 2010
Location: USA USA
Equipped With: Hydraulic Top Loading Door Recirculating Air System Eclipse Model 50 Ah Excess Air Burning Heating System 350 Cfm Radial Bladed Exha...

Smtmax F 6

Year: 2014
Location: USA USA
SMTmax reflow oven family of high-throughput thermal processing system is widely recognized as the global standard of excellence for both printed c...

Yield Engineering YES-III HMDS

Year: -
Location: USA USA
Details: YIELD ENGINEERING YES-III VAPOR PRIME OVEN consisting of: - Model: YES-III -LP3 - HMDS Vapor Prime and Vacuum Bake Oven Fully Refurbi...

Mattson AST3000

Year: 2004
Location: Ireland Ireland
Mattson AST3000 RTP 300mm Vintage: 2004 Wafer Size: 300mm now deinstalled and located in storage.

TEL Alpha 8 S

Year: 2000
Location: Ireland Ireland
TEL Alpha 8 S Vertical Furnace LPCVD Nitride 200mm Vintage: 2000.01 Configuration 1. Main System: Main body (carrier stage) Utility Box 2. SMIF ...


Year: -
Location: Ireland Ireland
Blue M Oven CC-090I-P-NY 15C above ambient temperature to +350C Still installed, Facilities disconnected. In production up to November 2017. Oper...

Kokusai DD-812V

Year: 2011
Location: Ireland Ireland
Manufacturer: Kokusai Model: DD812V Vintage: 2011 Wafer Size: 200mm

BLUE M CR07-206B/C

Year: -
Location: Ireland Ireland
Blue M Oven CR07-206B/C Temperature range: 250C / 482F