Hitachi SK-HD2200

Manufacturer Hitachi
Model SK-HD2200
Year -
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category Broadcast, Film and Audio
Subcategory Cameras & Lenses
ID P50731074

The NEW SK-HD2200 is Hitachi’s top-of-the-line HDTV Studio, and OB camera. The hard-body version SK-HD2200 is complemented by the portable, hand-held version model SK-HD1200.
Outstanding images are acquired by three (R,G,B) 2.3 million pixel UAIT (Ultra-Advanced) 1080-line progressive CCDs. Hitachi’s implementation of the most advanced digital processing technology available assure low-noise, high dynamic range pictures. The HD signal generated by the new sensors, processed by 38-bit Hitachi DSP’s, transported via our digital fiber optic system and output as SMPTE-424M SDI are 3Gbps throughout. The utmost attention to picture fidelity has been painstakingly implemented in this new camera series assuring the best return-on-investment qualities of any HDTV production camera system on the market.
Reasons to buy!
NEW 2/3-inch, 1080/60p, progressively scanned, (Ultra-Advanced) UAIT-CCDs.
1,100TVL standard resolution
>60dB signal to noise ratio (1080/60p without noise reduction)
38-bit per pixel per R,G,B channel Hitachi 40nm digital processing technology
3Gbps HD-SDI signal handling from end-to-end.
Switchable between progressive and interlaced signal processing, transport and outputs.
Multi-format global design outputs signals applicable to most TV broadcast and production standards.
Transparent signal transmission and camera power is achieved by the use of SMPTE-311M hybrid optical fiber cable with up to 3Km (~9,842ft.) of operation distance.
The camera system can operate with SMPTE-311M hybrid fiber cable or common-off-the-shelf single-mode (with external camera head power). SM fiber can be used up to 10Km (~33,000ft.) without external adapters, accessories or modifications.
The camera system can use an optical routing system to connect multiple camera heads to any number of CCUs thus, simplifying and lowering the cost of large camera systems’ interconnect.
NEW control panels (SU-1000 and RU-1500 series) can control a camera in a group of 128 when connected via the TCP/IP camera control network.
NEW camera control unit (CCU) CU-1200 and existing models can be addressed and controlled via a common TCP/IP data network.
Dual 1080/60i camera head operation allows 2 camera heads to be connected to/ controlled by 1 CCU. Both camera head outputs are independently provided at the output of the CCU. (3D production applications).
Dual 5-position motorized filter wheel is provided as standard.
Low power 32W consumption (camera head + lens + optical cable adapter)
2-piece dockable design improves maintenance and equipment availability.
Choice of 3 different joystick or rotary-type and with LCD-display operation panels
Prompter and talent monitor power and video outputs available at the camera head.
Independent HD-SDI VF output for crane or Jib installations.
VF Focus assist (VF Area marker, Focus indicator and gauge)
Ergonomic VF mount and mechanical design.
Compatibility with all Fujinon Precision Focus lenses.
Digital optical extender function
2 independent CCU Return signals, inputs can be HD (HD-SDI single or dual link) or SD, analog or digital selectable
Full automatic setup using Gray Scale.
Digital registration or lens’ lateral chromatic aberration adjustment.
Direct data transfer from SU or SD memory cards used at camera head and control panels.
HD signal linear masking & 12-vector color painting.
Independent control of HD & SDTV detail
Ultra Gamma (Selectable Gamma table with 7 presets).
Black stretch/ black press.
Preset Masking (6 settings: DEFAULT, ITU-709, SMPTE-240M, SMPT-WIDE, NTSC, EBU).
2 channels Flesh-tone masking and multiple memories Flesh-tone detail correction settings.
Knee saturation and Knee detail functions.
Real-time and offline diagnostic system with character display superimposed on PIX video output.
Accepts Analog VBS/BBS or HD Tri-level sync as genlock.

Imaging DeviceProgressive Scan ( 3X - RGB ) 2/3-inch, 16:9, 2.3 M Pixel. Ultra-Advanced, micro-lens IT-CCD,
Effective Pixels1,920 (H) X 1,080 (V)
Sensitivity1080p:F8 @2000lx, 3200K, 89.9% reflectance
1080i :F10 @2000lx, 3200K, 89.9% reflectance
Signal-to-noise60dB (typical)
ResolutionHorizontal: 1100 TV Lines, Vertical: 1000 lines (at center)
Depth of modulation1080p:55% ( typical ) ( 800TV Lines at center, 27.5 MHz )
1080i :60% ( typical ) ( 800TV Lines at center, 27.5 MHz )
Digital Signal Processing38-bit maximum, switchable between 1080/60p and 1080/60i
Power consumptionCamera head 24 W Head only ( without VF, lens )
Operating temperature-10ºC to +45ºC, 14ºF to 113ºF
Dimensions261 (W) x 405 (H) x 395 (D) mm
Mass18kg, 39lbs. (Camera head w/o VF)

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