I-pulse F2-82M

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Manufacturer I-Pulse
Model F2-82M
Year 2017
Country China China
Condition Good
Main category PCB and Semiconductor
Subcategory PCB Assembly Equipment
ID P80905015

LG4-M2A00-530 F2-82M motorised I-pulse SMT Tape feeders
we also supply the below parts:
Part Number Description
LG4-M2A00-02 I-PULSE F2-82-0603: Tape Feeder 8mm x 2mm pitch for 0201 (7" Reel)

LG4-M2A00-03 I-PULSE F1-82-1005: Tape Feeder 8mm x 2mm pitch for 0402 (7" Reel)

LG4-M3A00-01 I-PULSE F1-84 series: Tape Feeder 8mm x 4mm pitch (7" Reel)

LG4-M4A00-01 I-PULSE F1-12 series: Tape Feeder 12mm (7" - 15" Reel)

LG4-M5A00-02 I-PULSE F1-16 series: Tape Feeder 16mm (7" - 15" Reel)

LG4-M6A00-03 I-PULSE F1-24 series: Tape Feeder 24mm (7" - 15" Reel)

LG4-M7A00-02 I-PULSE F1-32 series: Tape Feeder 32mm (7" - 15" Reel)

LG4-M8A00-01 I-PULSE F1-44 series: Tape Feeder 44mm (7" - 15" Reel)

LG4-M1A00-110 I-PULSE F2 F2-8×2mm feeder

LG4-M1A00-110 I-PULSE F2 F2-8×4mm feeder

LG4-M4A00-120 I-PULSE F2 F2-12mm feeder

LG4-M5A00-120 I-PULSE F2 F2-16mm feeder

LG4-M6A00-120 I-PULSE F2 F2-24mm feeder

LG4-M7A00-120 I-PULSE F2 F2-32mm feeder

LG4-M8A00-120 I-PULSE F2 F2-44mm feeder

LG4-M9A00-120 I-PULSE F2 F2-56mm feeder

KLK-MC100-000 I-Pulse F3 8mm feeder

KLK-MC200-000 I-Pulse F3 12mm feeder

KLK-MC300-000 I-Pulse F3 16mm feeder

KLK-MC400-000 I-Pulse F3 24mm feeder

KLK-MC500-000 I-Pulse F3 32mm feeder

KLK-MC600-000 I-Pulse F3 44mm feeder

KLK-MC700-000 I-Pulse F3 56mm feeder

KLK-MC800-000 I-Pulse F3 72mm feeder

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