Koh Young KY-3030 VAL

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Manufacturer Koh Young
Model KY-3030 VAL
Year 2008
Country USA USA
Condition Good
Main category PCB and Semiconductor
Subcategory PCB Inspection
ID P80829093
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DOM: 2008

Product installation requirements:
Facilities: 220VAC, 1phase, 50/60Hz, 10Amp / Air: 0.4 - 0.5 Mpa
Dimms: 40 X 51 X 57 in. @ 1654 lbs


GUI Ver.3.5.2147P49 / 8/13/2012 6:50:34 PM
Vision Ver 1.2.1077P216 / 8/21/2012 12:39:32 AM
VisionTool 10.10.3 ,VPC 7.20 / 11/28/2011 9:02:54 AM
PCB Viewer 3.4.506 / 11/28/2011 9:02:52 AM
Remote Ver. 1.0.7
GerberPad Ver.
SPC plus Ver. / 8/10/2012 12:51:26 PM

True 3D Volume Measurement
The true volume of solder pastes on PCBs using Koh Young's authentic 3D profilometry method.

Basic Functions of KY-3030 Series
Paste defects detection including insufficient / excessive / missing paste, shape deformity, bridging and paste displacement

Highly Reliable and Accurate Inspection Systems

Volume repeatability : less than ±1% at 3s (on a calibration target)
Volume repeatability on average: less than ±3% at 3s (on a PCB)
Height accuracy: 2µm (on a calibration target)
GageR & R: much less than 10% at 6s (± 50% tolerance) (for around 3,600 solder pastes on real PCBs from customer site)
No Shadow Effects and No Specular Problems
With Koh Young's proprietary technology, KY-3030 series overcome the common bottleneck of 3D measurement systems.

Fast Real-time 30 Inspection
Less than 5 sec on a real PCB with 4,000 pads(160 X 102mm)

Absolute Convenience
Less than 10 min. for inspection job file programming and conditions setup.

Special Features and Advantages

Extract Solder Paste Volume Only by Bare Board Teaching
Robust Inspection against PCB Warp up to ±5mm without any Z-axis motion
Effective Feedback Sensor to Operators
Remote Monitoring & Controlling Software
Sets of the SPC (Statistical Process Control) data for SMT Process Management

Metrology Capability
Volume, Height, XY Position, Area
Defect Detection
lnsufficient / Excessive / Missing Paste, Bridging, Shape Deformity, Paste DispIacement
FOV (Field of View) Size
32 X 24 mm (1.26 x 0.94 in.)
XY Table Accuracy
Typical Load / Unload & Fiducial Find Time
4 sec
Height Accuracy
Height: ±1%
Volume: ±1%
Min. Paste Size
Rectangle: 150µm (5.9 mils)
Circle: 200µm (7.87 mils)
Max. Paste Height
400µm (15.7 mils)
Max. PCB Warp
±5mm (0.19 in.)
Min. Distance between Solders
100µm (3.93 mils) (in case of 150µm solder paste height)

Statistical Analysis
Histogram, X Bar & R Chart, X Bar & S chart, Cp & Cpk, % Gage R&R Data,SPI Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reports
Inspection Position Teaching
Supports GERBER format (274 X 274D)
Vision Algorithm
3D / SFM (Shadow Free Moire Interferometry)
Windows XP Professional
Probe Type
No Shadow Effect
2M B/W Digital Camera (1600 X 1200)
Dimensions ( W X D X H ) / Weight
1000 X 1290 X 1440 mn ( 40 X 51 X 57 in.) / 750 Kg (1,654lbs)
Max. PCB Size
VAL: 510 X 460mn(20 X 18 in.)

Type of Sample Board
Cellular Board(4 Arrays)
No. of Pads
Board Size(mm)
160 X102(6.3 X 4 in.)
High Speed Mode
5 sec
High Resolution Mode
6 sec
No Shadow Mode
8.2 sec

Type of Sample Board
Notebook Board
No. of Pads
Board Size(mm)
184 X 219 (7.2 X 8.6 in.)
High Speed Mode
12.1 sec
High Resolution Mode
14.6 sec
No Shadow Mode
19.9 sec

Type of Sample Board
Network Board
No. of Pads
Board Size(mm)
320 X 230 (12.6 X 9.1 in.)
High Speed Mode
25.3 sec
High Resolution Mode
30.1 sec
No Shadow Mode
41 sec

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