Moulder Jarome Moulder Jarome

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Manufacturer Moulder Jarome
Model Moulder Jarome
Year -
Country Poland Poland
Condition Good
Main category Woodworking
Subcategory Moulder
ID P51229013

Moulder Jarome DSBA 40


- Max planing width:

* Unilaterally without rack adjustable 400mm
* Four-and three-strip adjustable from 320mm

- Minimum thickness of the workpiece:

* Unilaterally without rack adjustable 3mm
* Four-and trzystronnie with adjustable 15mm strip

- Maximum thickness of the workpiece:

* Unilaterally 250mm
* Four-and trzystronnie 100mm

- The smallest material length 350mm
- Maximum allowance for planing:

* From the bottom to the edging 5mm
* From the top of the planer 5mm
- Material feed rate: 4,6,8,10m / min 0.7; 0.13; 0.19M / s
- Knife cutting speed shafts 29m / s
- Tools spindle speed of 5000 rev / min
- The largest diameter of 150mm spindles tools
- Vertical spindles diameter of 30 mm fi

- Engine power planer 4kW
- Main engine power 4kW
- Engine power feed 1.1 kW
- Lifting motor power 0,75kW
- Motors power spindles 2 x 4kW

- 100mm diameter ssaw
- Speed ??of air suction 20 24 m / s
- Demand for air extraction 3000m3 / h


- Length 3010mm
- Width 1300mm
- Height 1400mm

- Machine weight 1790kg
- Documentation manuals

Moulder consists of four independently driven, ie machining units.

1. Planing - of the machining element from below.
2. thicknesser - of the machining the top item on predetermined thickness.
3. Two vertical heads - procession element of the sides profiled, relatively straight line in zalezosci than assumed at no heads.

In addition, the machine tool is equipped with an auxiliary device, such as:

1.Urzadzenie feeders
2 adjuster planer table / top - down /
3. adjuster thicknessing / up - down /
4. The upper pressing device
5. The pressure device side
6. The safety device - / guard, przeciwodrzutniki, brakes /.
7. device to connect to the network central dedusting.
8. The cutter unit so mechanically and electrically.

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